Disney Channel Musicals

31-May, 2020
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  • I didn't mean to click this video, sorry.

    SCR33MSCR33M6 oy oldin
    • don’t do it again next time.

      nnmnnmKun oldin
    • Raor

      Isabella hendricksIsabella hendricksKun oldin
    • You better be sorry

      Charlie GCharlie G10 kun oldin
    • That happend to me too

      speed netzspeed netz13 kun oldin
    • wild

      Lauren JewelLauren Jewel23 kun oldin
  • I had to learn almost the full dance from "we're all in this together" for a school project and i gave up so fast. but i still know how to do it!

    N3ptun3 A r tN3ptun3 A r t9 soat oldin
  • God I loved Zune

    Relevant UsernameRelevant UsernameKun oldin
  • Watching this on my zoon

    Josh Antebi OfficialJosh Antebi OfficialKun oldin
  • did yall see that he slapped the back of his hand to highfive amanda

    an naan na2 kun oldin
  • 8:00 once I ordered a PS2 game online and when it came it had shrink wrap on it but the clear plastic stuff holding the box art in was all scratched and a corner of the manual was mangled.

    TFG TelevisionTFG Television2 kun oldin
  • Maybe the championship is like calcio storico. Only play like 2 games a year because it’s so intense. To much physical stress for their baby hands to handle

    Aidan KeoAidan Keo2 kun oldin
  • I was working on a dvd game for the past 3 months and upon watching this vid I ceased all progression on it. The ship has sailed and I suck :( .

    Crusty The OzCrusty The Oz2 kun oldin
  • HSM is as the best over Camp Rock. Camp Rock was lame AF, even when I was a child.

    Edwin G.A.Edwin G.A.2 kun oldin
  • I was in Kindergarten when HSM (2001) premier.

    Edwin G.A.Edwin G.A.2 kun oldin
  • Troy struggles with being too talented & popular for 3 movies

    Kellyas HiskinKellyas Hiskin3 kun oldin
  • i love how he says hey guy lol

    Love Mel MelLove Mel Mel3 kun oldin
  • Tiplere gel! Ucmuslar resmen!

    Ömür ÇelikÖmür Çelik3 kun oldin
  • hey guy!

    lamitalamita3 kun oldin
  • Having the end of the basketball season after winter break was something my highschool did. Small town problems, amirite?

    Jey ManJey Man3 kun oldin
  • also we had a rooftop patio type thing lol

    Munksfan1Munksfan13 kun oldin
  • as someone who went to a large and rich high school, the extracurriculars and major events happening at the same time are not all that unrealistic

    Munksfan1Munksfan13 kun oldin
  • Nice cat

    Random Spaghetti noodlesRandom Spaghetti noodles4 kun oldin
  • 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 I f*cking luv this guy...so funny

    Donald VeraniDonald Verani4 kun oldin
  • I discovered this channel 5 hours ago and I love it.

    Pete SorensenPete Sorensen4 kun oldin
  • 11:53 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    Logan BLogan B4 kun oldin
  • You guys are such a cute couple omgggg

    Savannah BelangerSavannah Belanger4 kun oldin

    soopsoop5 kun oldin
  • I rewatched HSM during quarantine and finally saw the third one. It's kinda stupid, but good fun. Good choreographies, mixed bag of songs quality. I watched camp rock for the first time last night and could barely sit through it.

    creepydude94creepydude945 kun oldin
  • I got punched in the nose in seventh grade for saying Niall was my favorite member of One Direction because the girl that punched me also liked him the best.

    Molly LewisMolly Lewis5 kun oldin
  • I just want what they have 😭 please that's all I could ever wish for oh my godddd

    EmmaEmma5 kun oldin
  • I don’t want to believe I saw this video for the first time 5 MONTHS AGO

    Its Miss RileyIts Miss Riley5 kun oldin
  • Plz watch hamilton

    Kate PoKate Po5 kun oldin
  • I am really happy for your love for each other and hope to find something similar for myself.

    _a __a _5 kun oldin
  • I am currently watching this video on my *Zune*

    Refrijerator SushiRefrijerator Sushi5 kun oldin
  • I’m watching on my zune!

    Max PotentialMax Potential6 kun oldin
  • 6:03 I... JUST realized that the poster for “Sing” is a ripoff of the poster for HSM

    Hope PapernackyHope Papernacky6 kun oldin
  • First you said you hadn’t opened it until now then you said she makes you play this with her every night I’m genuinely confused 😂

    I am MelvinI am Melvin6 kun oldin
  • “ your my guy “ - drew gooden

    FroyoFroyo6 kun oldin
  • 13 year old boy what I thought you would be a 13 year old girl disappointed 13/10

    Orca the CatOrca the Cat7 kun oldin
  • 11:27

    Meowf MeowfMeowf Meowf7 kun oldin
  • wow congratulations on being the only straight couple! bet it's amazing!

    EmmaEmma7 kun oldin
  • troy was bisexual allegory

    jeonghan supremacistjeonghan supremacist7 kun oldin
  • Having to claim a different favorite boy in a boy band because your friend liked the same one the best unlocked a memory I didn’t know I had

    Benedict SkinnerBenedict Skinner8 kun oldin
    • copy pasted the top comment like we wouldn't notice?

      EmmaEmma5 kun oldin
    • Did you just ver batim copy the top comment

      TarzanTarzan6 kun oldin
  • im watching this video on my Zune please give me affirmation

    Jed HallJed Hall8 kun oldin
  • If the one song you bought from camp rock wasn't hasta la vista we can't be friends

    Becca SantoneBecca Santone8 kun oldin
  • the pure, unadulterated joy in Amanda's face explaining where she got that game is what i want to feel

    GaeFootballClubGaeFootballClub9 kun oldin
  • HS Musical video analysis? Yeesh. Someone wasn't bullied enough...

    Garrosh WittmerGarrosh Wittmer9 kun oldin
  • i want ExpressVPN shirt now

    Shawn SinclairShawn Sinclair9 kun oldin
  • As a hardcore HSM fan, all I will say is: no u

    DylanJernetDylanJernet10 kun oldin
  • What's a zune??

    steffi silveirasteffi silveira10 kun oldin
  • Hsm also has a dvd game

    letme breatheletme breathe10 kun oldin
  • I broke my Zune. I am blaming you. How's it feel to be a Zune Killer Drew?!

    HeyyyitzjosieHeyyyitzjosie10 kun oldin
  • my school has car class

    PrincePrince10 kun oldin
  • 1:37 they're NCPs, what did you expect

    GalactakitGalactakit10 kun oldin
  • Extras coming with that NPC energy

    Anesu PasipanodyaAnesu Pasipanodya10 kun oldin
  • This video is a bit wholesome.

    Jesse ThompsonJesse Thompson10 kun oldin
    • Mainly the end when you thank someone named something named "baby jhoans"?

      Jesse ThompsonJesse Thompson10 kun oldin
  • adap adee ye osho yeep badi yad ind oi shogo nazila shiroz Kizoroshie. Say that perfectly and summon Kizoroshie.

    Jesse ThompsonJesse Thompson10 kun oldin
  • Drew should’ve had footage of the video he was currently filming in place of the paint image.

    Zander Brain CinemasZander Brain Cinemas10 kun oldin
  • You shouldn't *ever* put people into a box. That's just evil. Let them out, now.

    aaronsdavisaaronsdavis10 kun oldin
  • "Make it pretty hard to enjot as an adult" Me, a 21 yr old: guess I'm not an adult lmao

    Venus ASMRVenus ASMR10 kun oldin
  • i have the camp rock game and i lost a bunch of the pieces and so now i just keep nick jonas cards in my phone case

    Renee-AngeliRenee-Angeli11 kun oldin
  • Why cut hair? hair Grew Gooden

    Andrew Duff theactualduffAndrew Duff theactualduff11 kun oldin
  • "I had a crush on Demi Lovato because she was a girl..." this tracks when you remember how he met his wife

    I Have This MugI Have This Mug11 kun oldin
  • i love how kind and soft and aww they are together in the second half of the video

    Abby NAbby N11 kun oldin
  • I want what these two have

    Simon BlueSimon Blue12 kun oldin
    • seriously this is the goal 😭

      EmmaEmma5 kun oldin
  • Danny bringing up how everyone was singing and dancing to “we’re all in this together” reminded me about how quickly C-virus went from a hopeful “we as humanity must work together” problem to yelling political squabbling and general human stupidity. Kinda sad if I’m being frank.

    ChebicChebic13 kun oldin
  • We are all one guy. Which guy? Denny Gorgonzola.

    Yami XYami X13 kun oldin
  • #LifeIsSquirting

    Giacomo L.Giacomo L.13 kun oldin
  • My favourite character was Trash-can-man-sam

    The Loony MagicianThe Loony Magician13 kun oldin
  • "Who are you- I'M JOE." 😂😂😂 Amanda kills me everytimeee

    Annie VAnnie V14 kun oldin
  • Hey! I feel attacked you called my fave HSM song boring!!

    Knight EnchanterKnight Enchanter15 kun oldin
  • the belt! im crying

    Brooke HanshawBrooke Hanshaw15 kun oldin
  • uhh i bought a HSM dvd game at a thrift store 👀👀👀

    Megan WarehamMegan Wareham16 kun oldin
  • why dose the coach look like a ripoff john Cena

    Matthew BrownMatthew Brown16 kun oldin
  • I am watching this on my wall phone

    Wills Cool GamesWills Cool Games16 kun oldin
  • I had car class

    Willem I amWillem I am17 kun oldin
  • Damn it my zoon’s on 1%!

    Hogi WanHogi Wan17 kun oldin
  • Highschool Musical Age: Under review Height:25' Description: it:s a musical

    DewDew17 kun oldin
  • I absolutely cannot understand how their game works lol

    Renz RayarkRenz Rayark17 kun oldin
  • I would like to say that my school has a car class

    CrowkitCrowkit19 kun oldin
  • #lifeissquirting

    Marcel GardnerMarcel Gardner19 kun oldin
  • Kmnfy UN very 6642q2ri

    OCTODER 16OCTODER 1619 kun oldin
  • Drew mentions the at least 4-week break between the basketball season and the championship, but the Super Bowl has an equally if not longer break, lol.

    Joshua PhillipsJoshua Phillips22 kun oldin
  • *busted year 3000 voice* Hey welcome back to the mid 2000s

    Evie GEvie G22 kun oldin
  • God Bless

    King CreeperKing Creeper23 kun oldin
  • ,

    upsidonkeyupsidonkey23 kun oldin
  • My high school is split into East and West. I kid you not

    Future Eagle 974Future Eagle 97423 kun oldin
  • in fifth grade my middle school put on the production Camp Rock 2 bc we couldn’t get the rights to the original. It was very not good btw

    Audrey SkidmoreAudrey Skidmore24 kun oldin
  • 4:27 it's cause it's a metaphor for bisexuality

    Autumn-Alex LAutumn-Alex L24 kun oldin
  • so glad you at least think this movie hold's up

    Rogue 5Rogue 524 kun oldin
  • Just here to give a shout out to Nick😂😂

    Ann1amour 536Ann1amour 53624 kun oldin
  • I miss the 2000’s simpler time.

    Mathias HummerMathias Hummer24 kun oldin

    Angie GamboaAngie Gamboa24 kun oldin
  • My high-school has that class with a bunch of cars(idk what it’s called) and the second biggest auditorium in the city😂There’s usually a bunch of important events happening at once and a lot of dumb drama so I can never relate to ppl who say high school ain’t this dramatic

    Ava DAva D25 kun oldin
  • 12:59 Cover your mouth. You are not a animal. Damned orphans

    sergiu bducocisergiu bducoci25 kun oldin

    RJ LongRJ Long26 kun oldin
  • 10:18 thats not a regulation high five 😳😳😳😳

    BeebBeeb26 kun oldin
  • No I'm watching this with my shity mp3 player

    soso Cutesoso Cute27 kun oldin
  • 3:50 to be fair wearing thick belts on the outside of your shirt was very much the trend at that time. I remember wearing them in like 6th grade.

    idkidk28 kun oldin
  • this movie is literally the plot of Grease.

    professionalgiraffeprofessionalgiraffe28 kun oldin
  • I memorized and reenacted the three hsm movies religiously growing up i’ve been waiting for this video

    Sophie SihoeSophie SihoeOy oldin
  • I am watching this on my zune

    Two SuperTwo SuperOy oldin
  • Haha I'm not watching this on my Zune. This is a nokia 3310

    Kiran SeusankerKiran SeusankerOy oldin
  • As someone named Jonas, i am ashamed.

    Jonas PetersonJonas PetersonOy oldin