Disney Movies That Haven't Aged Well

24-Iyn, 2020
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  • Terran Killum is in Big Fat Liar who pretends to be the granddaughter for the main girl’s grandma

    My name is CalebMy name is Caleb2 soat oldin

    Nichole DonahoeNichole Donahoe3 soat oldin
  • thank you for pointing out blank check ! I pointed out how weird that movie was from the start and everyone was like "what you talking about its cute!"

    julissa dcjulissa dc4 soat oldin
  • lol ik I'm late but when I saw the new freaky friday I also didn't know it was a musical and was so confused when the first song came out 😂

    julissa dcjulissa dc4 soat oldin
  • It will be fascinating, Drew, to see what your kids think of movies of 2020....in 2050. Or beyond. Maybe it will be an outrage to see people eating MEAT! (the monsters! meat is murder!) -- or driving cars (internal combustion engines! climate change!). There is no way to predict this. So don't be so judge-y. That being said, some of those Disney movies are just heinous. Disney always did better with animated films (yeah, even with racist crows!) than with live action.

    Freedom FighterFreedom Fighter8 soat oldin
    • Nah I just think they will think its the past and not some horrible thing.

      Hey That’s pretty goodHey That’s pretty good7 soat oldin
  • I added up all the expenses at 12:49... it’s only just over 500k. Why the hell would they not just actually make numbers that add up to 999k?

    Dinonid123Dinonid12312 soat oldin
  • I remember when now you see it came out they would show magic tricks on the commercials with the cast

    Jordan BunesJordan Bunes14 soat oldin
  • 10:43 HELLOOOO NURSE!!

    OMG OfficialOMG Official23 soat oldin
  • I think about that blank check movie all the time. Kinda wish it was still just a memory.

    Nate SelofNate Selof23 soat oldin
  • Fuck just got to the nakeyjakey refrence...and I feel like I should be mad at the bootleg but you're funny as fuck.

    Jake CochranJake CochranKun oldin
  • We finna' cancel disney

    LithaeelLithaeelKun oldin
  • That would be criminal it is a crime for a fully grown adult to make sexual or romantic contact with a literal child

    Louisa ChalarkaLouisa ChalarkaKun oldin
  • Hey now Jamie is heading the thormbys

    Louisa ChalarkaLouisa ChalarkaKun oldin
  • The Freaky Friday movie could have gone the exact same if they literally just said, "She did some strange thing" or "She did some strange voodoo thing". They literally could have just removed the word Asian and it would be the same

    Coding With BobbyCoding With BobbyKun oldin
  • You literally turned on my alexa.

    baby heartbaby heartKun oldin
  • I was sure it would be a clickbait but... 14:00

    Abdul RahmanAbdul RahmanKun oldin
  • Yo I be watching you while I’m fried & you be funny ashit 😂😂

    Moka KokaMoka KokaKun oldin
  • Its disgusting to see that child kiss an adult.... But i cant help but have a sweet spot for the movie

  • Damn you didn't have books back then

    Apple DingerApple DingerKun oldin
  • OH my god Smart House is FIRE. and agreed about the Alexa reference.

    Jungle TwiggyJungle TwiggyKun oldin
  • you remind me so much of my brother ahahaha god i miss him

    Clexious SClexious SKun oldin
  • Lol I'm only 2 minutes in so far, I love stuck in the suburbs but I also know it's trash. And I'm a raccoon. But I clicked with aggressive hope that you bring up that Disney's The Colour of Friendship LITERALLY DROPS THE N WORD. casually.

    Jungle TwiggyJungle TwiggyKun oldin
  • Your butt is mine, Drew

    O CaçadorO Caçador2 kun oldin
  • is the line "so the date was just for your job" supposed to imply she's a prostitute?

    LindseyLindsey2 kun oldin
  • the pop star guy from stuck in the suburbs kinda looks like cody ko ngl AHHAHHAHA

    Khloe NguyenKhloe Nguyen2 kun oldin
  • Blank Check is just Oedipus but the lady ain't his mom

    Koala SandwichKoala Sandwich2 kun oldin
  • Disney what are you doing 😂

    Oshane MendezOshane Mendez2 kun oldin
  • If you want to watch chinese Freeky Friday Watch "Your name"

    pringle239pringle2392 kun oldin
  • Having an uncommon name and then hearing a UZworldr say it is... Odd

    bubbleheadftbubbleheadft2 kun oldin
  • Lol it’s called Disney Vault but what they needed to do was bury it deep

    Elijah MooreElijah Moore2 kun oldin
  • my alexa turned on when you yelled her name...

    ruth ohlendorfruth ohlendorf3 kun oldin
  • my alexa just heard the self destruct and i am not joking this is not a joke it literally broke

    Gunnar WillsonGunnar Willson3 kun oldin

    yoonyoon3 kun oldin
  • It's every boys dream. Damn

    sharvil sankritisharvil sankriti3 kun oldin
  • Drew in 13 : Cartoon Network Kurtis in 13 : Manswer Me in 13 : Kurtis, Danny, Drew.

    Rozan NaufalRozan Naufal3 kun oldin
  • If you haven't rewatched Moody's Point as an adult, please... Go. It's on UZworld. It's... Amazing. Especially the dad.

    b bb b3 kun oldin
  • Yo smoking mickey is clowning 🤣

    Captain DadpoolCaptain Dadpool3 kun oldin
  • Dawg, Disney greenlit an urban musical version of Aladdin where Shaquille O’Neal plays a rhyming genie who lives in a boom box. And that movie was called Kazaam. They were like, “Hey this scene is funny and isn’t harmful,” but the scene was Shaq taking a shower in a kids bedroom after cuddling up in the bed with him. Disney knows what they’re doing with their films and what they can/cannot get away with.

    RalphJr2020RalphJr20203 kun oldin

    Zarin TarannumZarin Tarannum3 kun oldin
  • omg everyone in my house is asleep and I have a alexa in my room with my alarm and it is so loud because I am a heavy sleeper and that alexa thing he said woke everyone up

    Devdogg 333Devdogg 3333 kun oldin
  • That child looks maybe 10 and she settled on 6 years later he could call her for a date. I’m not good at math.... but that sounds illegal. Ma’am your going to jail.

    Simply SynthiaSimply Synthia3 kun oldin
  • can you do a review on little league? i havent watched it and im too lazy to do it

    an naan na4 kun oldin
  • That’s the first time a video saying “Alexa” actually got a response out of mine

    Kristiaan StoltKristiaan Stolt4 kun oldin
  • Dead

    Peachy PopPeachy Pop4 kun oldin
  • Insert (ignore everything while watch car so fast)

    insert name hereinsert name here4 kun oldin

    LivingDeadGay But I’m aliveLivingDeadGay But I’m alive4 kun oldin
    • I forgot about the creepy kiss

      LivingDeadGay But I’m aliveLivingDeadGay But I’m alive4 kun oldin
  • my alexa replied "sorry, i'm not sure."

    izze turnerizze turner4 kun oldin
  • Love you Drew!

    Andrew PhuckAndrew Phuck4 kun oldin
  • .

    Ricky ChenRicky Chen4 kun oldin
  • Y’all just mad cuzz my boii pulled a fine ass female 😎

    GhostVG TTVGhostVG TTV4 kun oldin
  • Do you believe in magic... in a young girls heart. Damn that hit me hard

    VibezVibez4 kun oldin
  • lets just take a moment to realize this is only considered ok by plenty of people only because its a young boy getting kissed by a 31 year old woman now lets just imagine for a second how badly disney would be literally destroyed if it was a 31 year old man kissing a little girl like for real what the actual fuck is wrong with society when it comes to stuff happening to guys

    Theriderking2Theriderking24 kun oldin
  • I remember watching a blank check as a kid and not really understanding it, but liking it nonetheless.

    Small MightSmall Might4 kun oldin
  • Blank Check was my shit when I was a kid. Use to dream about getting that much money someday. Now Im 30 and work at Mcdonalds. :/

    KoenTalksKoenTalks4 kun oldin
  • (*⁰▿⁰*)🔫 goodbye world

    Hola Me Llamo ElsaHola Me Llamo Elsa4 kun oldin
  • So it actually triggered my Alexa turns out well it works

    Jamison HingleJamison Hingle5 kun oldin
  • Oh no, not Now You See It! :( Lol, the worst part about watching this video is knowing you were the kid that enjoyed some of these movies. Ate that shit up.

    SissabellSissabell5 kun oldin
  • WTF

    VronVron5 kun oldin
  • Is it just me or does blank check kinda seem like a day in the life of Jake Paul?

    Zachary DommengeZachary Dommenge5 kun oldin
  • wait what the fuck was that kiss

    Roy LinkerRoy Linker5 kun oldin
  • Ew ew ew

    Crazy Or ImaginativeCrazy Or Imaginative5 kun oldin
  • question: (cuz i'm new here) why does he say 'hey guy'?

    Samuel WardSamuel Ward5 kun oldin
  • Jaja got u I DON’T HAVE A alexia

    Cristian AcevoCristian Acevo6 kun oldin
  • I REMEBER BLANK CHECK HAHAJK!! even then i was like "wtf :/"

    machaelamachaela6 kun oldin
  • I know for a fact if it was a 32 year old man and 12 Year old girl, it would've never saw the light of day.

    The Real ProfessThe Real Profess6 kun oldin
  • 14:20 jokes on you, i have my earbuds in 💀

    um chile- • 10 years agoum chile- • 10 years ago6 kun oldin
  • I was never aloud to watch Cartoon Network as a kid either.

    Weird ObjectWeird Object6 kun oldin
  • *magic*

    PhooeyPhooey6 kun oldin
  • I am genuinely confused as to why people always seem to bring up the fictional Stockholm syndrome in Disney before the movie they made appropriating Native Americans, pretending like white people didn't give them all diseases, and romanticizing the relationship between a rape victim and her rapist and kidnapper.

    Sage JenningsSage Jennings6 kun oldin
  • Danny looks kinda different here...

    RushelRushel6 kun oldin
  • I mean, I don't have an alexa so, yeah

    Hector EncarnaciónHector Encarnación6 kun oldin
  • So the beautiful and consensual and healthy alien sex scene from Avatar where they do the hair thing is too much for them but not straight up pedophilia? Fuck off Disney.

    angel portalangel portal7 kun oldin
  • I didn't know you were a movie

    The Almost Cool KidThe Almost Cool Kid7 kun oldin
  • 5:59 🎵tale as old as time🎵

    Hope PapernackyHope Papernacky7 kun oldin
  • Ever been to a chinese restaurant? Freaky friday is less racist than chinese restaurants...

    CameronCameron7 kun oldin
  • According to an inflation calculator, he got that house for about $500K in current value. So that one doesn't quite work out.

    Michelle BrowneMichelle Browne7 kun oldin
  • Freaky Friday is awesome

    FSM ishereFSM ishere8 kun oldin
  • “Alexa, initiate self destruct!” “I don’t think it can do that, Professor.” “It’s 2018! And it can’t even blow itself up? Fucking no good piece of shit!”

    Jules KJules K8 kun oldin
  • 14:20 worked... well, she heard you. And I'm listening to this with headphones that are on my desk.

  • He was lucky, my parents wouldn’t let me watch Disney channel or Nickelodeon or Cartoon Network, we were basically only allowed to watch PBS

    Sally LottesSally Lottes8 kun oldin
  • your hair gives me bed-head confidence.

    judas2244judas22448 kun oldin
  • its 4 in the morning, im sitting in the dark, AND ALEXA WAS AT VOLUME 10, THANKS DREW

    Eden H.Eden H.8 kun oldin
  • When he said Alexa, my Alexa turned on and listened to him

    Jahren PintorJahren Pintor8 kun oldin
  • I also loved Now You See It so guess I’ll make sure to just keep that safely in the memory bank of nostalgia

    Chels CaraChels Cara8 kun oldin
  • Dang I watched that Macintosh movie I was little lol

    Christian DomenechChristian Domenech8 kun oldin
  • I have seen that movie before and loved it. Idk why

    Rebekah PattisonRebekah Pattison9 kun oldin
  • Lol build a 🐻

    Phillip LawPhillip Law9 kun oldin
  • For those of you wondering Alexa replied: “I’ll start the self destruct sequence but only on the understanding that you dramatically cancel it at the last second”

    Rene MarroquinRene Marroquin9 kun oldin
  • bro my alexa was listening when you said "alexa, self destruct" lmao

    Benjamin DuMezBenjamin DuMez9 kun oldin
  • The minute I clicked I realized. Ohh that's Blank Check. Lol.

    Malleyabull 34Malleyabull 349 kun oldin
  • Omg during watching this video it accidently triggered my google home, and like 3 minutes later you made the alexa self destruct joke.. these moments make me think theres like a matrix glitch and i feel uncomfortable now

    UndergodUndergod9 kun oldin

    Blueberry PancakesBlueberry Pancakes9 kun oldin
  • 8:05 they *can* do magic tho

    Last FirstLast First9 kun oldin
  • The actor who played Preston was arrested multiple times in the 2010s for assault... I'm not blaming Blank Check, but it definitely didn't help

    FaithologyFaithology9 kun oldin
    • I'm positive that it was the trauma of being sexually assaulted. That doesn't excuse his actions of course, but I feel bad for him.

      prickly pearprickly pear7 kun oldin
  • My Alexa said “Hmm. I don’t know that.”

    Nik SpareNik Spare9 kun oldin
  • So when talking about the cellphone scene in the one pop star movie you said in the three by three there was a repeating person but there isn’t? I could Just be confused

    King_Of_The_Clouds_Fin HighKing_Of_The_Clouds_Fin High9 kun oldin
  • I felt dirty just watching that kiss

    Arabella LuceArabella Luce9 kun oldin
  • Disney is sick. What did you expect

    Eman EgnartsEman Egnarts10 kun oldin
  • I TOTALLY FORGOT ABOUT STUCK IN THE SUBURBS!!! I actually had a huge crush on him since he was goofy. Also, I always loved blank check, had a crush on that boy too.. lots of crushes. I never thought the kiss was weird, like that part of the movie hadn't transitioned into my adult mindset until I saw it here. That is so fucking weird wtf why would she actually kiss him on the lips!!!

    Shannon DShannon D10 kun oldin