Ellen's Fall from Grace

22-Avg, 2020
4 159 267 Ko‘rishlar soni

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  • ellen more like ellen

    Anish SureshAnish Suresh3 oy oldin
    • hellen

      FenisCHFenisCH7 kun oldin
    • Ok

      Chris WilliamsChris Williams9 kun oldin
    • holy smokes, you're right!

      jax xjax x10 kun oldin
    • I guess I'll reply so it can't get locked out of the reply section when it reaches 500 replies.

      Sturgeostic2Sturgeostic2Oy oldin
    • smellen

      rabbit kingrabbit kingOy oldin
  • Wow I wouldn't work for her even for a million dollars. Thank you, I value my mental health more.

    annaanna2 soat oldin
  • yo shut up!!! I know SCOTT CRAMER!!!!!!!

    Nolo DoloNolo Dolo11 soat oldin
  • Not gonna lie this makes me sense, I hadn’t heard any rumours so this is just kinda shocking and disappointing.

    Giulia NicoGiulia Nico14 soat oldin
  • Of course Jay Leno would defend Ellen. After all, he was part of the fiasco that screwed Conan out of the Tonight Show and put his fat chin back in the host’s chair. I wonder if NBC told him to say that...

    Leah RyanLeah Ryan16 soat oldin
  • Drew who is your favorite Miami Dolphin 🐬

    Cobra3000Cobra300017 soat oldin
  • The issue with Ellen is she doesn’t know how to be funny anymore she used to be really funny but she didn’t know how to do it for some reason she just lost her touch once in a while she is funny but not enough to make the millions upon millions of dollars that she is so she makes up dumb crap I making fun of people thinking it’s funny

    shawn Londonshawn London18 soat oldin
    • Also if my friend was accused of doing something if I’m really their friend I would know if that something they would do and I would be like yeah that’s totally them

      shawn Londonshawn London18 soat oldin
  • ellen deselfish

    ZquivlexZquivlex18 soat oldin
  • We love a kids bop shirt

    Dieva MuletDieva Mulet21 soat oldin
  • We love a kids bop shirt

    Dieva MuletDieva Mulet21 soat oldin
  • i like ya cut g 👋

    Maks ErofeevMaks Erofeev21 soat oldin
  • Jesus is the only exception. People are always going to let you down stop putting so much hope in them.

    bri chibri chiKun oldin
  • This dude reminds of the fake Charles(Chic) in Riverdale

    Vihaan mehtaVihaan mehtaKun oldin
  • is there an inside joke behind why he says "hey guy" pls educate me

    Shreya VenkataramanShreya VenkataramanKun oldin
  • I feel like most celebrities never really liked Ellen and knew her for what she really is… but never call her out because they didn’t want to get public hate since back then she was only the “be kind lady”

    Moon_Sun 19Moon_Sun 19Kun oldin
  • Please, some teen has got to go on this show and do everything correctly. That would be so fucking great.

    RockinRockinKun oldin
  • anybody can explain why he says GUY? not guys?

    Crazy Dog 112Crazy Dog 112Kun oldin
  • that "day 700 of quarantine" joke is gonna start hitting different in a few months...

    Eli ParkerEli ParkerKun oldin
  • Mickey is perv ?!! huehue jk

    amrethaajithamrethaajithKun oldin
  • I would ace the old stuff challenge even tho I’m 15 cuz my parents are really old

    MissPinkRainbow 5MissPinkRainbow 5Kun oldin
  • Ellen: dO yOu KnOw WhAt A cLoCk Is? Girl’s brain: _How stupid do you think I am?_

    DarkShadic 9632DarkShadic 9632Kun oldin
  • He is a steve bushemi in training

    Lrrr, ruler of the planet Omicron Persei 8Lrrr, ruler of the planet Omicron Persei 8Kun oldin
  • I never liked that host Ellen DeGenerate. I knew something was off with her. Cudos for the translator. She even apologized to the host.

    Louie EvrLouie Evr2 kun oldin
  • i used to comment how fake she is on her videos and used to get attacked by ellen fangirls for years... now i just go back to those comments are reply "told you so you dimwitted plebs", simple pleasures of life

    SudhiSudhi2 kun oldin
  • Ellen is not a nice person BUT anything having to do with other celebrities can easily be manipulated or SCRIPTED so even when the situations look cringey and uncomfortable understand these are celebrities and a lot of this stuff can easily be arranged beforehand behind the scenes

    erick 33erick 332 kun oldin
  • If she had a problem with the boy not cutting his hair , why would she not grow hers?

    Sora WangSora Wang2 kun oldin
  • Simultaneous translation is incredibly difficult. It takes years of training to be able to do it well and on a professional level. Anyone who has tried to learn another language can attest to how difficult this can be. It makes me so angry that she made that translator feel bad about their especially. Especially since it seems like in the clip, the child has some understanding of English as well so the translator is waiting for cues from the child to determine if they require translating, therefore making it slower.

    Thomas DegroatThomas Degroat2 kun oldin
  • Ok I’m a hairstylist, and I would like to announce. YOUR WIFE DID A GOOD JOB. Just look at that right side of your head! It’s pretty blended! Your hair looks pretty normal guy!! Just one little tiny change I would make (and this is just me being a bit picky) just bring that left side up a bit just below his parietal ridge :or the part where the top of his head and the side meet (a ridge some might call it🧐). A simple quick fix that would just allow him a bit easier styling. Again, I’m very impressed you got a lady with some real natural talent on your hands.

    Rachel BubeckRachel Bubeck2 kun oldin
  • brian would never do that

    Joseph StarrJoseph Starr2 kun oldin
  • I liked you a lot better when you were an amnesiac fish, Ellen.

    Tabatha MoonstoneTabatha Moonstone2 kun oldin
  • teachers = ellen

    NifferZ4NifferZ42 kun oldin
  • @Benjamin Gardiner you know....you're like the unpopular nerd that cracked a joke to impress your crush and she ignored you but the popular kid said it out aloud and got her to laugh

    Arjun ArunArjun Arun2 kun oldin
  • 11:17 DONALD TRUMP

    DatGrooveDatGroove2 kun oldin
  • You said hey guy like I said in one of my vids

    Ilyas FerouzIlyas Ferouz3 kun oldin
  • Your hair looks cool

    Randy CaseyRandy Casey3 kun oldin
  • I actually pity Her, that's some insane amount of performance pressure upon her and hence she may have to be this way to deliver constantly by conserving her energy and save it from the slightest change , sad no Luxury to experience the natural ebb and flow of life !!

    Strings of DhwaniStrings of Dhwani3 kun oldin
  • The only reason I know how to fold a map is because of video game posters..... Elen sucks for not liking that painting tho

    Lilith GamesLilith Games3 kun oldin
  • Long overdue, hope her reputation never recovers

    Sentinel creedSentinel creed3 kun oldin
  • so many celebrities make me soooooo uncomfortable

    CoryCory3 kun oldin
  • ellen? more like... *Ellen*

    MbappéIsIAmSpeedMbappéIsIAmSpeed3 kun oldin
  • 2018: Ellen DegGENEROUS 2020: Ellen DeGENERATE

    CertainlySoupCertainlySoup3 kun oldin
  • 4:54 that "Chinese boy" is Feng E, he's a great ukulele player and arranger! His covers are top notch. He seemed very shy then but he's improved a lot in English. I recommend you to check him out.

    Nan WijanarkoNan Wijanarko4 kun oldin
  • Ellen DeGenerate.

    varun009varun0094 kun oldin
  • "Bitch is running Abu graibe backstage." - Tim dillon

    varun009varun0094 kun oldin
  • Good all the self centered people are being exposed

    spooky boispooky boi4 kun oldin
  • Wow Ellen’s a real female dog

    Kyvacado 09Kyvacado 094 kun oldin
  • How is Ellen gonna judge Celine Dion’s son for having hair that’s “too long”, when by that same logic, she should be telling herself her hair is “too short?” What kinda hypocrisy is that?

    Jacqueline VergnaudJacqueline Vergnaud4 kun oldin
  • ,,,,,,,oh?

    watermelon timewatermelon time4 kun oldin
  • I can't believe Ellen raped and killed 8 orphans from 1993-1998

    MeltMelt4 kun oldin
  • 14:08 shayne dawson anyone?

    Eli J.Eli J.4 kun oldin
  • 1:19 oh my god my birthday is March 10th, I’ve been waiting for this moment my entire life

    Dante RapragerDante Raprager5 kun oldin
  • She is just the opposite of Conan who “bullies” his staff in skits but is actually a nice guy. She always tries to show how nice and kind she is but in reality she maltreats her staff and guests

    Trang do nganTrang do ngan5 kun oldin
  • Ur haircut is noice dude

    Dirt bike DudeDirt bike Dude5 kun oldin
  • She sounds like Michael Scott but vicious

    Cooper DavisCooper Davis5 kun oldin
  • this is not even a bad painting

    suno lilisuno lili5 kun oldin
  • guys i just realised something. ellen kinda looks like ELLEN. amiright?

    Games with GoonsGames with Goons5 kun oldin
  • She is disgusting. I don’t like her anymore. So mean and inconsiderate.

    LazypandaLazypanda5 kun oldin
  • The way she acted towards the translator makes me so angry.

    Kai McDragonfistKai McDragonfist5 kun oldin
  • i like this guy. good for him

    RyanHannaMusicRyanHannaMusic6 kun oldin
  • I don't like Ellen, but I can't help but dislike this guy too. A whiny guy who can't take a joke. He has his points but some of this shit is a reach from my perspective. Specifically the beginning with the young people being made fun of

    Christopher BialasChristopher Bialas6 kun oldin
  • this video is really good.

    wesleywesley6 kun oldin
  • Drew your hair looks soooo good. Your wife did a great job.

    IShipBatCatIShipBatCat6 kun oldin
  • 13:56 bruh lmao

    Kihla JacksonKihla Jackson6 kun oldin
  • Your hair looks really good in this video

    Brady WosickBrady Wosick6 kun oldin
  • #MakeEricEllen

    Sophia AvilaSophia Avila6 kun oldin
    • #MakeEricEllen

      wesleywesley6 kun oldin
  • I like ya cut G

    YOUR DADYOUR DAD6 kun oldin
  • this was not a good video to watch cause i'm angrier at this lady now oh God she is such a bully wth...

    rosalyn redwoodrosalyn redwood6 kun oldin
  • My biggest problem with Ellen is her forcing people to share stuff theyre not comfortable with. Imagine if she had had to go through that before she came out as Lesbian.

    JuichibeyJuichibey6 kun oldin
  • I literally thought he was 18 AND HE HAS A WIFEEE

    MyLifeAsMaryaMyLifeAsMarya7 kun oldin

      Lonelyweeb o-oLonelyweeb o-o6 kun oldin
  • Omg if i were any of those celebs i won’t even try to laugh with her. They’re too nice

    poutipoupoutipou7 kun oldin
  • 12:37 I just love that walk

    Dominic TanDominic Tan7 kun oldin
  • i keep unliking this video just so i can like it again

    Gerard WayGerard Way7 kun oldin
  • That Mariah Carey one should have been the spark that created the fire. That was disgusting..

    Aussie AussieAussie Aussie7 kun oldin
  • Are we allowed to simp over Drew's hands while he chokes himself or have I just been in quarantine for too long

    Sydney BennettSydney Bennett7 kun oldin
    • you and i both my friend

      RivéRivé3 kun oldin
  • she was like one word away from finishing translating too before ellen interrupted,,

    tina lintina lin7 kun oldin
  • Nice haircut, Drew. (Hah, that was a lie, don't tell Amanda.)

    six23istsix23ist7 kun oldin
  • 2:00 who over the age of 5 hasn’t opened a can?

    JackieRonasaurus Gaming & MoreJackieRonasaurus Gaming & More7 kun oldin
  • Wouldn't most of those items be very easy to figure out?

    clear as ashclear as ash7 kun oldin
  • Ellen reminds me of most politicians, specifically the ones on the far left. They come across all warm and cuddly on the outside yet theyre so evil and nasty on the inside. At least Trump wears his personality on his sleeves. You know what your getting with him, he’s as real as it gets. Like him or not you can’t deny that.

    Tanner BroylesTanner Broyles7 kun oldin
  • The first time I saw her show when I was a kid I told my grandma "Why is she so mean? She's not very funny!" Didnt get an answer.

    Mara OfTheFlowerChildrenMara OfTheFlowerChildren7 kun oldin
  • I use to watch this the Ellen show after school, and now looking at all of this, I'm just cringing H A R D

    Robby BrandtRobby Brandt7 kun oldin
  • I'm your newest subscriber at this moment in the history of humanity.

    Ifhaam AneesIfhaam Anees7 kun oldin
  • Can you start wearing a suit just so that you'll look and sound little more like John Mulaney

    HafsteinnHHafsteinnH7 kun oldin
  • I clicked on the video because the thumbnail you kind a look like Cody ko

    Rzlick officialRzlick official7 kun oldin
  • your haircut is stupid

    Michael HartlineMichael Hartline7 kun oldin
  • Derp

    Johnson JohnsonJohnson Johnson7 kun oldin
  • Though a lot of the accusations are certainly true.. you completely missed the humor of the show. Putting people on the spot IS her humor.

    Christoph M.Christoph M.7 kun oldin
  • Ellen Degenerate. Media having a taste of their own medicine. Loving this. Kings and queens of moral rules being morally critiqued 🤣

    Ignacio Javier Kairuz EguiaIgnacio Javier Kairuz Eguia7 kun oldin
  • Tell your wife she's a very talented hairdresser.

    KamKam8 kun oldin
  • 5:12 I speak Chinese and she interrupts when the translator is HALFWAY through the question chill, its not always easy to translate something quickly as sentences as structured different in different languages

    MassamanMassaman8 kun oldin
  • ngl boomers are allowed to have their fun and make fun of us. If we make fun of them we should be prepared for some sass back at us lol. anyways, we'll be doing the same thing when we're old and our kids are showing us how to use holograms

    MassamanMassaman8 kun oldin
  • It's weird watching this kind of reaction.. it's almost a like for like reaction for what I'd imagine when he discovers the truth about what really happens in Hollywood :(

    Say No To The Vax!Say No To The Vax!8 kun oldin
  • Person gets shot Elen stop bleeding idiot

    Placeholder 123Placeholder 1238 kun oldin
  • I actually liked the panting done by the fan

    Placeholder 123Placeholder 1238 kun oldin
  • She’s so disrespectful. Why does she think that’s funny

    Alena CorbettAlena Corbett8 kun oldin
  • $4k is comically oversized?!? Poor drew are you that broke? Lol

    Joe MammaJoe Mamma8 kun oldin
  • What really surprises me is that for Americans in general it is normal when someone is told they are fired for no reason at all and they have to leave in that moment. Like in most European countries I know there are labor laws that forbid such things from happening. For e.g you need to have a valid reason related with non-performance of an employee to fire them and there are certain conditions to do that as well. You cannot fire someone because of a health condition, or because they get pregnant whatsoever. If employers do not respect these laws in their contract they can lose a shit ton of money in courts. I just don't get it.

    AAAA8 kun oldin
  • Love this karma we love it

    Phillip LawPhillip Law8 kun oldin