Getting Sent to the Principal's Office with Danny Gonzalez

28-Iyn, 2019
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we got in trouble 😔
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  • 9:56 the kid should have just kept the room that way until it annoys his parents enough to clean it up

    I don't have a nameI don't have a name6 soat oldin
    • I thought that too, me being a smart ass if my parents did that I would have been like " so people who trash other peoples property get in trouble who trashes your room mom ?🤣🤣

      chexlex 131618chexlex 13161831 daqiqa oldin
  • i don’t know how to explain but drew and danny look like twins...., i think it’s the clean shave, 13 going on 27, awkward geek/nerd in high school energy

    nyakinyaki9 soat oldin
  • Why does that child have zero child things in their room

    Captain NateCaptain Nate23 soat oldin
  • 9:15, Why can’t they just talk him or discipline like mature adults? I mean I get where they’re coming from, but that’s a little mean.

    Unicorn 666Unicorn 666Kun oldin
  • That family towards the end, God, some people should be born sterile.

    FryeKitFoxFryeKitFoxKun oldin
  • adap adee ye osho yeep badi yad ind oi shogo nazila shiroz Kizorosie. Say that perfectly and summon Kizorosie.

    Jesse ThompsonJesse ThompsonKun oldin
  • 2:52 🤣

    Sand Island ResidentSand Island ResidentKun oldin
  • The last one just makes me angry 😡!! I’m sorry yes you must discipline your kids, but the way they did it...!! And the fact that they FILMED it 😤 😡 🤯!!!

    Mindy GottdienerMindy GottdienerKun oldin
  • 5:09-5:14 damn drew throw it back, shit I’d give drew $50 for a lap dance lmao

    Aaron DuranAaron DuranKun oldin
  • H4h4

    Pikpøcket TMPikpøcket TM2 kun oldin
  • this hurt me

    tijanatijana2 kun oldin
  • These dudes are peak late 2000's dudes and I love it.

    Carson KayCarson Kay2 kun oldin
  • I wonder where those first two kids are at right now

    Sean DuffySean Duffy2 kun oldin
  • SUS

    ApolloIsAirborne [Old Channel]ApolloIsAirborne [Old Channel]2 kun oldin
  • when two class clowns are homies, are they the class circus?

    chaoticmad1sonchaoticmad1son2 kun oldin
  • The parents are kinda rude for filming their child while he’s getting in trouble for clout, and posting it on UZworld... to be honest that’s just messed up.

    •Pînk•Bøba• Tėå••Pînk•Bøba• Tėå•2 kun oldin
  • Bee

    Amanda ThompsonAmanda Thompson2 kun oldin
  • I just imagine the parents being like "We through your marbels on the ground, and broke that picture of you and your grandma who died yesterday, but that's what you get for breaking one of the school's crayons"

    Senna BrightmanSenna Brightman3 kun oldin
  • "I just point at the clothes I wanted to be off" "And I said *o f f* " Idk why but that was so funny to me.

    Madison HoltMadison Holt3 kun oldin
  • I'm not sure why but I'm getting a lot of gay vibes from this video

    NoNo3 kun oldin
  • If I was the principal in the first clip I would’ve said, “Can’t you two just use your common sense?”

    Orson JarrettOrson Jarrett3 kun oldin
  • Sorry I'm late

    Barrack ObamaBarrack Obama3 kun oldin

    clifford tomlinsonclifford tomlinson4 kun oldin
  • Plot Twist: those kids became Drew and Danny

    Joseph StarrJoseph Starr4 kun oldin
  • i got in trouble for giving a kid a milion dollars i need to know how it feels

    Jenna KehoeJenna Kehoe4 kun oldin
  • What I would do for the kid is that I would just leave it and make my parents beg me to clean it until they clean it

    AHumanoidBeingAHumanoidBeing4 kun oldin
  • tell me why when i saw the thumbnail for this i thought this was a gay movie-

    Anika YadavAnika Yadav4 kun oldin
  • Fuck this stooped as shit

    Elijah WernethElijah Werneth5 kun oldin
  • That kid's bedroom is fucking shit. What a depressing room. It has no personality.

    Nik DaviesNik Davies5 kun oldin
  • In highschool the news came to our school due to a scandal and we were all forbidden to talk to them because they knew we’d do shit like this 😂

    Makenzi MillsMakenzi Mills5 kun oldin
  • 9:57 yo dannys ripped

    Link Of HyruleLink Of Hyrule6 kun oldin
  • You just don't age

    artistic personaartistic persona7 kun oldin
  • The peak of boredom and bliss: I've been watching Goodzalez vids on repeat for an hour

    Octo's AdventuresOcto's Adventures7 kun oldin
  • 10:26 gives me poem vibes that'd you'd find in a children's poem book ngl.

    ??????7 kun oldin
  • my room is already a pigsty so my parents couldn't punish me and if they did and asked how I felt I'd just be like "have you not seen my room usually?"

    butwhyokbutwhyok8 kun oldin

    renren8 kun oldin
  • When I heard marker face I had flashbacks to five years ago when I fell asleep in class and kids wrote slurs in sharpie on my face and *I* was the one who got in trouble-

    Frankie BrownFrankie Brown8 kun oldin
  • Principals discipline kids? A kid thrown a kickball at my head and said "F you", and all my principle did was tell me, "He was having a rough day, don't blame him" I'm serious, that happened to me when I was in 4th grade.

    RoseJoo ERoseJoo E8 kun oldin
  • Drew stop talking to yourself. It’s weird and creepy

    big nonobig nono8 kun oldin
    • Who's Drew? I just see Danny

      Cpkudron gamingCpkudron gaming8 kun oldin
  • I love the intro why? I don't know

    Deku is babyDeku is baby8 kun oldin
  • Is no one going to talk about how drew has a picture of Danny in his house. That’s best friends goals right there 😌

    Yeehaw LizardYeehaw Lizard9 kun oldin
  • 0:00 hey guy! which one bro

    elise britoelise brito9 kun oldin
  • I always find my way back to thus video

    mccluskers _mccluskers _11 kun oldin
  • ASDSGSDAGSDAGFA WHAT 2009 drew looks like matthew from goat story

    Olivia NuskeOlivia Nuske11 kun oldin
  • You forgot to say no homo. Oh god

    StaticGamingStaticGaming11 kun oldin
  • “what made you think it was okay to kill someone?” “idk there was a gun in front of me”

    Heather JHeather J12 kun oldin
  • The *tewer*

    Volsfan6Volsfan612 kun oldin
  • does anyone know what type of watch Danny has at 4:38?

    JhitterJhitter12 kun oldin
  • Nobody: Drew: *casually gives Danny a lap dance*

    MangoTangoMangoTango12 kun oldin
  • If this was in Britain there would be a lot more cases of sex and stabbings

    Lime_and _gingerLime_and _ginger12 kun oldin
  • They smell like the Minecraft update

    That one MicrowaveThat one Microwave13 kun oldin
  • If my parents trashed my room I'd just be like "Huh that sucks" and just ignore it.

    Logan A TimmonsLogan A Timmons13 kun oldin
  • danny looked so scared when drew started to fake grind on him lmfaoooo

    KalaisKalais14 kun oldin
  • petition to get a reaction video from amanda and laura

    Basil_0530Basil_053014 kun oldin
  • *fun* stories of school mishaps pizza getting put on the floor (this video explains the whole thing ) we got quizlet banned once a girl ripped out someone elses hair the google classroom mania of '19 the glockenspiel incident that time my friend lost a school instrument and we found it in the creek the high school musical issue

    Sammi WilliamsSammi Williams15 kun oldin
  • I need to do my work but I can't bring myself to.............dddddddddam

    Teja NairnTeja Nairn15 kun oldin
  • “You just don’t like that I’m on your lap.” “No no, I don’t mind that.” BFF goals right there. Get y’all a friend who’ll turn into a dog and sleep on your lap.

    Tactical NonsenseTactical Nonsense16 kun oldin
  • lol

    Tina ThomasTina Thomas17 kun oldin
  • 2:54

    ItsVeryDankYT [Fortnite, Apex Legends, and More]ItsVeryDankYT [Fortnite, Apex Legends, and More]17 kun oldin
  • love the green lighting from the greenscreen on danny's face so it looked like Danny was just put into frame via green screen effect

    Hoodie HorizonHoodie Horizon19 kun oldin
  • Why does Drew always sound like he's saying "What's up, guy?"?

    EpiCheetah 24EpiCheetah 2419 kun oldin
  • can confirm, very stinky

    Phoebe BakerPhoebe Baker19 kun oldin
  • Drew Gooden = John Mulaney UZworld Edition. John Mulaney = Stand Up Drew Gooden

    Gr8estWalterGr8estWalter19 kun oldin
  • theres gunna be a whole new genera of therapy in 5 to 10 years for kids exploited by their parents on youtube.

    Lilianna RootLilianna Root20 kun oldin
  • the marker face kid looks like Adam driver

    THEsloths420THEsloths42020 kun oldin
  • But yor in danys hous vat maks no sens

    ThickLennyThickLenny20 kun oldin
  • 4:59

    Macy MccauslinMacy Mccauslin21 kun oldin
  • The family vlog would've been perfect if they showed them trashing their sons room

    Dr YeeticusDr Yeeticus21 kun oldin
  • I love the first guys with the principal. They really committed to their roles. And then the “I love” and “I like your tie”. Perfect.

    SpookessSpookess22 kun oldin
  • 🐝

    SegaknightSegaknight22 kun oldin
  • louder😡 IM A BAAD BOOOOY

    leah ಠ_ಠleah ಠ_ಠ22 kun oldin
  • 5:11 is the start if the preview of this video.

    James HartJames Hart22 kun oldin
  • 2009 high school lol I was 15 😂🤦🏻‍♀️

    RebelBelleRebelBelle23 kun oldin
  • Lmao that principal talking about PDA was just too much. Like yes you shouldn't really be making out an groping each other, but hugging, holding hands, massages, quick kisses, pretty much anything that you could also do with someone as purely a friend should be fine.

    MimsyMimsy23 kun oldin
  • When was hugging more then holding hands

    Yucky Edit TimeYucky Edit Time23 kun oldin
  • I'm convinced those first two guys were just young Danny and Drew

    greeniegringo LRGgreeniegringo LRG24 kun oldin
  • We need a "Danny and Drew being cute and a lil gay" compilation

    Oliver RomeroOliver Romero24 kun oldin
  • 9:58 shave your arm pits bro

    SpaceCowboy 3030SpaceCowboy 303024 kun oldin
  • This is a great video on Dannys channel

    alicia Dackalicia Dack24 kun oldin
  • this makes me miss being in class. Yeah, it sucked majorly but I ironically miss those loud annoying assholes

    R SR S24 kun oldin
  • 11:35 i have a vivid memory of my 4th grade bus driver telling me that "the school would talk to me" about what his report on me that he filed & i had a nightmare about the school growing a massive mouth and yelling at me... anyway i got suspended

    comfy chairscomfy chairs25 kun oldin
  • I can confirm the claims at the beginning

    TASTE-GODTASTE-GOD25 kun oldin
  • My parents told me off for being gay, what are you gonna do, be gay?

    Apollinaria LettrageApollinaria Lettrage25 kun oldin
  • "What'd you draw all over your face?" "My name jeff.."

    ShrekShrek25 kun oldin
  • Low-key totally want Amanda and Laura to do a vid together

    Elise NelsonElise Nelson26 kun oldin
  • Those parents are terrible what if your kid did that to his 2 year old and said now that's what you get for breaking my bed when you sat on it and I jumped on the bed I broke it but you touched it last now let's go make a video about this

    Aleksandras LapotinskisAleksandras Lapotinskis26 kun oldin
  • the two first guy was lowkey a couple...

    Sour_Patch_Kids_GirlSour_Patch_Kids_Girl27 kun oldin
  • That last guy was like I DON'T WANT YOU TO MAKE YOUR LOVED ONES HAPPY what the fuck, you can't intervene in a person's non-school life

    Gavin RodgersGavin Rodgers27 kun oldin
  • I love how comfortable they were in there sexuality’s, even in the early 2000’s.

    Satanic SabbatSatanic Sabbat27 kun oldin
  • How does Drew look the same age in 2009

    SPEE DSPEE D28 kun oldin
  • 5:10

    Laila PayneLaila Payne28 kun oldin
  • Jesus died for our sins because he loves us

    Smithy SkinnySmithy Skinny28 kun oldin
  • This is why so many parents are bad at parenting their kids, they don't how to enact different levels of punishment. It's either all or nothing. When you kid does something bad for the first time, at the very least you should start with a talk and then work up from there if they keep offending.

    ArtisticallyArtistically28 kun oldin
  • I'm guessing Amanda's in Afghanistan in this vid huh

    Ritika Roy ChoudhuryRitika Roy Choudhury29 kun oldin
  • You know how hilarious it would be if the pinned comment for this video came almost two years after the video upload

    Dillon ChichesterDillon Chichester29 kun oldin
  • I feel bad that not only did that kid have the most bare and impersonal room I’ve ever seen, but he also kept it totally immaculate breaks my heart. I can appreciate the lesson it makes sense but his reaction makes me feel terrible, he just stands there cleaning his room while his parents berate him is so sad like I feel like this isn’t the first time his parents have treated/talked to him this way. He’s gonna grow up with so much anxiety.

    Addie DohertyAddie Doherty29 kun oldin
  • the way i keep getting ptsd from danny's story at the beginning from all the bullying in my school

    ezra lopezezra lopez29 kun oldin
  • One time when I was really little I got in trouble for pooping my pants. So when I got home from school the next day all my pairs of pants had poop in them. Ahh my Childhood.

    Cello StringsCello Strings29 kun oldin
  • Off topic but *I wish I had a friendship like Danny and Drew do*

    Soy sauce BottleSoy sauce Bottle29 kun oldin
  • Answer me this why are they so funny together?! They have Jenna and Julien level of chemistry it's just bromance instead of romance.

    Blaise WinterhalterBlaise Winterhalter29 kun oldin