Going Private Soon! The Secret To Instagram Success

27-Iyl, 2017
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Jake Paul? Donald Trump?? MICROSOFT PAINT??? Nope, this video is about none of those things. While the rest of the world zigs, I like to zag, and by “zag”, I of course mean that I like to not make videos about relevant situations or high-profile celebrities and instead complain about things that don’t matter nearly as much. Enjoy!
Is your shitty stolen Instagram page not performing as well as you hoped? Then you’ll probably want to watch this video to learn the unconventional secret that will forever change your online fortunes. I guess it's not really a secret though, I mean... I put the answer in the title. I'm now realizing clickbait doesn't work as well if you give away the secret you claim to have before people even watch the video. Shit. I messed this up so bad. But hey, at least I caught my mistake before I finished uploadi- oh fuck I just clicked publish. Welp. Too late now.
Anyway, to sum up the above paragraph, there is literally no reason for you to watch this video. Smash that like button!
Thanks again for all the continued support you guys have given me lately. I am trying my best to upload more frequently but you’ll have to just stay patient with me. My job tends to render me a very busy boy and it is physically impossible to upload more often than I currently am. If I continue to grow the way I have then it is very feasible that in a few months I might be able to do this full-time and post more of my video-documented sharts onto this god-forsaken website. We’ll just have to see.
And never forget, the little stinkers are the strongest force in the universe! Oh GOD DAMMIT. That was supposed to be a surprise at the end of the video. It was the only thing I hadn’t given away already. Fuck. I am so bad at UZworld. Please unsubscribe.
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The only reason I’m continuing the description down here is because I felt that, like this video, the description should be way longer than necessary and keep going long after you thought it was going to be over. You know what they say, “life imitates art”! Only in this case, “life” is a bunch of words I wrote and “art” is a 25-minute video about an app. Okay, the police just came to my door and demanded that I end this description now, for the well-being of myself and everybody reading it. Looks like they’re breaking down the door now, which is weird because the door was already open. Oh great, now they’re handcuffing me. Not cool guys! It is significantly harder to type this with my hands behind my back. I can’t even see the scrne anmore so im’ just guesing what I’m typhng an oh dfioak la;fjsi akiosan fuipajn;w jake paul asiugasflj amacewugs just a joke asdijbasdbes.

  • So now I know you can mass accept follow requests if you temporarily go public. This makes sense because these people don't seem smart enough to program bots. Also the guy was probably lying about making 5K in two weeks but still, there is money to be made in stealing content if you're willing to be a piece of shit. EVERYTHING ELSE CHECKS OUT, OKAY. You're bound to get one or two facts wrong in a 25 minute video. Also, sorry about making a 25 minute video.

    Drew GoodenDrew Gooden3 yil oldin
    • Wait you’re apologizing about making a 25 minute video? MAKE MORE LONG VIDS plz!!!!!!!!

      Kyvacado 09Kyvacado 094 kun oldin
    • 5k

      Pietra Fehr MuraroPietra Fehr MuraroOy oldin
    • It was 5 followers

      Pietra Fehr MuraroPietra Fehr MuraroOy oldin
    • @Colrox drink me HE HAS A WIFE CALM DOWN

      Jin KirigiriJin KirigiriOy oldin
    • there's free programs that'll accept all your follow requests for you. and they get paid for each shout out they do. then they sell the accounts for thousands

      microwavablegrandmamicrowavablegrandmaOy oldin
  • “do you want me to jack everything you own” threatening to become a drew gooden fanpage out of spite

    Melissa NicholsMelissa Nichols14 soat oldin
  • Okay, I legit burst out laughing at “who remembers Kim Possible”, but only because of Drew staring at me. (9:09) Also, Drew is such a good commenter. I always thought the idea of people profiting off of others work was horrible (I mean, no one doesn’t lol) but this made me realize just how bad it is. Thanks Drew, great job :)

    Pooja :DPooja :DKun oldin
  • I feel like 65% of the dislikes are people that do this restricted account pages

    Conor CoadConor Coad2 kun oldin
  • This has strong anti capitalist vibes

    Lol RLol R2 kun oldin
    • I mean that in the best way

      Lol RLol R2 kun oldin

    Erika EErika E2 kun oldin
  • The thing is, I still want to see memes every day, and I like the layout of Instagram better than other social media. Clearly, when these accounts make their own memes, they're boring as hell, so they have to steal content (not just Insta that does this. Reddit steals 4chan memes all the time). So the question is what should they do morally? Honestly, I think it should be the same for Reddit users as it is for Insta users, ergo - nobody makes money off of content that isn't their own.

    RoseRose2 kun oldin
  • Instagram meme accounts are run by member berries; this is true.

    BirdBillBirdBill3 kun oldin
  • I see so many of these pages on instagram explore that just repost peoples art, then put like 'so good :heart emoji:' then put the cedit in the middle of 3billion tags so no one sees it. I honestly just go to the artist page to leave a like. It just pisses me off that artist already make so little money, and people are just taking thier work to make money for themselves. Like damn.

    Cooper JobeCooper Jobe4 kun oldin
  • Omg that guy at the end is a complete ass hole he said that you were wasting his time 🙄 omfg, what a dick!! People need to stop stealing content from actually good people

    Kyvacado 09Kyvacado 094 kun oldin
  • This has 'Dad explaining his theory about different dad sneakers, that he thought about while his wife is asleep' vibe

    skuntank Snugglerskuntank Snuggler6 kun oldin
  • Drew Real Dark Side. Lol

    Pippin's WorldPippin's World7 kun oldin
  • So Instagram has been this shitty for over three years now.... oh no

    Jules HamacherJules Hamacher7 kun oldin
  • 12:43 drew there was so much potential for a hilarious skit right here lol

    tom from Myspacetom from Myspace8 kun oldin
  • Bruh really talkin to a famous youtuber and just went "nvm"

    Eric LynnEric Lynn8 kun oldin
  • what's this account name now? Anyone knows?

    ah yes cultureah yes culture8 kun oldin
  • I love how old drew is like a commentary Game Theory

    Dean Luciano DrelloDean Luciano Drello9 kun oldin
  • Drew actually has a scary side dudes

    Zoe RobertsZoe Roberts9 kun oldin
  • imagine saying "no problem" to someone asking you to credit them after you used their content

    TerivelTerivel10 kun oldin
  • Drew’s older videos are like Danny Gonzalez’s second channel vids. They’re more chill and unscripted a little bit and I miss that.

    KnoelKnoel11 kun oldin
  • love the analogy

    Felix OsbornFelix Osborn13 kun oldin
  • Can't find that yodelingbitch page now.

    methkathinonemethkathinone13 kun oldin
  • 19

    Some Random GamerSome Random Gamer13 kun oldin
  • /

    upsidonkeyupsidonkey14 kun oldin
  • What is going on? i literally dont know

    raif ranjharaif ranjha15 kun oldin
  • As a creative I totally empathize with the whole stealing content thing, it seriously pisses me off. The thing that I think about to make me feel better about it is that those people have to live with the fact that they've created and achieved nothing in life and are only making money because of other people's work. Yes, a lot of them are probably in the mindset of not caring about their own integrity and value as a human being, but when they die nothing is left as their legacy. They're probably very unremarkable, boring people as they have no skill or ambition. Yeah, I hate these people.

    Spaceman _Spaceman _15 kun oldin
  • U are original and funny drew, from all I’ve watched over the last month of you Danny and kurtis and you are all great! Do not stop with your personal work it is and will pay off... also it’s more content for you when dumbfucks steak your work! If u love what you do don’t stop or change too much especially if it’s working! I hope u all your again now that I know of it and can actually go this time around as I found u a few months too late

    Ducky 7677 SlothDucky 7677 Sloth15 kun oldin
  • Best analogy and you are 100% correct. No sarcasm

    Ducky 7677 SlothDucky 7677 Sloth15 kun oldin
  • Dude, i almost died of laughter when u asked me if i still remember Kim Possible. Ur to funny

    Rik HoltmanRik Holtman17 kun oldin
  • It’s been 3 years and nobodies noticed that he was definitely on coke

    Billy KimbellBilly Kimbell18 kun oldin
  • I play your videos at .75% of the speed because your incessant yammering which caters to your ADHD UZworld audience just doesn't click; It's 75% of the speed it at least feels like you're thinking about what you're saying instead of throwing up garbage ✌

    Luckykub15Luckykub1520 kun oldin
  • Hey, @DrewGooden. Im no good at this shit, but man.. you and your content are the best! Well, more your content, as i don't know you, and that would be weird to assume.. I know you'll never see this, but man... thank you. You have me me laugh out loud so much, I'm being asked if everything's ok by my family.. how funny is that? They think I'm cracking up for laughing so hard... wow.. or maybe that's sad... .. ... .... Nah, fuck it. And fuck the vultures. Bantha pudu asses..

    James GriceJames Grice22 kun oldin
  • this is my favorite video drew has made, hes so fucking funny when hes pissed and these people completely deserve the callout. also finding out how much money people ACTUALLY make off instagram is so satisfying, like thank god i can justifiably hate you.

    ShintaniShintani22 kun oldin
  • Hydras be like:

    AydaAyda22 kun oldin
  • It’s actually bad with pet instagrams. They will take your posts and post them without credit there too and you have to pay to get credited for a post.

    Kaitlin BlackKaitlin Black23 kun oldin
  • I had the same experience with stole fanarts, they don't put the @ , they don't delete and tell you: you put it in the internet so it is property of everybody or are incredibly agressive. Luckily the DMCA of Instagram Facebook and Tumblr are pretty good and fast at taking down this stuff. The problem is that you cannot stop everybody from reposting. I had people editing my drawings, or translating them and cutting them with terrible edits. It is so frustrating.You spend so much time in something, making sure it is perfect and then these people make more views and comment on the shi*ty version they reposted.

    patronustrippatronustrip23 kun oldin
  • Drew's old intros sound so much like idubbbz'

    Tim VersmorenTim Versmoren23 kun oldin
  • Now I'm second hand pissed off after watching this

    Tyler SamuelsTyler Samuels24 kun oldin
  • I rant about random things too

    Picture of PaintingPicture of Painting24 kun oldin
  • Among us in a nutshell: 12:36

    Kaia DrawzzKaia Drawzz25 kun oldin
  • I didn't think I'd ever spot one of these accounts out in the wild in 2020. I did. Like 6 accounts were recommended to me all at once.

    RetiReti26 kun oldin
  • I've been stolen from by instagram accounts with millions of followers (never give credit) But what pisses me off is that I have no followers on instagram so when I try asking for credit they just blow me off and leave it up as is. So there's literally nothing I can do about it?

    SPEE DSPEE D27 kun oldin
  • I went to the butthole website thinking it would be like the picture of hotdog thing and it was literally just but porn

    Brian Quintanilla JrBrian Quintanilla Jr28 kun oldin
  • A priceless face reaction to the funniest post on Instagram lol

    Michael CharlesMichael Charles29 kun oldin
  • It's just a child lol

    Bees ReeBees ReeOy oldin
  • That Dunkin Donuts analogy sounded like it was straight out of the Twilight Zone! That would make a messed up episode!

    shirophoenix01shirophoenix01Oy oldin
  • Oh my god so drew is a fish?

    Shrekky DevitoShrekky DevitoOy oldin
  • What are you talking about this Instagram page is soooo funny it's so hilarious

    jjthepizzamanjjthepizzamanOy oldin
  • i just drained every single second of this video THANK YOU

    mister personmister personOy oldin
  • when he said 'come onnn were friends dont give me that look' i suddenly felt like i was watching a john mulaney show

    Demi ThompsonDemi ThompsonOy oldin
  • The people that think they’re seeing drew having a mental breakdown clearly have never seen cgp greys video on statin island. An actual spiral into insanity over historical trivia.

    Nunya BiznasNunya BiznasOy oldin
  • Lol I watched this video because my body was in a state of cataplectic paralysis and I couldn’t click off. I’m actually glad it happened, these old videos of Drew are priceless

    Support Character #3Support Character #3Oy oldin
  • It's funny how I started watching this video at 3:54pm...

    Cassidy WeathersCassidy WeathersOy oldin
  • You were talking about these accounts like they were stealing content, but... I can't possibly imagine anybody in their right minds thinking that any of these memes were worth reposting.

    Robert ThompsonRobert ThompsonOy oldin
  • Neocats will be collectables on the eth blockchain

    one and only hamzaone and only hamzaOy oldin
  • Do you remember this Drew Gooden video 🤣

    D.JD.JOy oldin
  • Everyone needs to read the description. 🤣

    Nessa NoelaniNessa NoelaniOy oldin
  • OMG! Drew! The donut analogy and the set set up (installation but whatever)

    Dragonfly B!tch BauerDragonfly B!tch BauerOy oldin
  • Funny bc today the ad for this video was how to grow your IG

    Dragonfly B!tch BauerDragonfly B!tch BauerOy oldin
  • I know I shouldn't have, but I did. I went to check out the "sponsor".

    NervousKrakenNervousKrakenOy oldin
  • Drew Gooden Drew Goode Drew Good Drew Goo Drew Go Drew G Drew Dre Dr D Da Dan Dann Danny Danny G Danny Go Danny Gon Danny Gonz Danny Gonza Danny Gonzal Danny Gonzale Cody Ko

    Carrotman McgeeCarrotman McgeeOy oldin
  • i work at dunkin

    Wesley BurgnerWesley BurgnerOy oldin
  • I don’t have any idea why you are not telling me about that you have to be in the office and you don’t know why I have no idea why I was just saying you were going too hard I just do you want me too much I don’t want you you know I love that I love the baby and I don’t want you.

    Jin KirigiriJin KirigiriOy oldin
  • I don’t have any idea why you don’t want me anything I just wanted you know I love that I love the baby and I don’t have a baby I don’t have to go get away with my friends I love that you have to be here and you don’t know why me I hate being there for a long day.

    Jin KirigiriJin KirigiriOy oldin
  • I have a crush in my life I don’t have a lot to say about that I’m not telling anybody I love that I don’t know why you are not telling you I love that I don’t know why you are not telling you.

    Jin KirigiriJin KirigiriOy oldin
  • I was really hoping he'd say "Biz: DM. What does that mean? It means that Biz Markie is into dungeons and dragons"

    Connor NolanConnor NolanOy oldin
  • It's not really the feeling of exclusivity that makes people follow. It's that your friends will send you memes from an account, but they'll be private. And when your friend is too lazy to screenshot it for you, you end up following the account so you can see the meme.

    RoseRoseOy oldin
  • I think he’s having a manic episode

    A JA JOy oldin
  • when this get in your recommendation 3 years later

    GamerPepperPig99GamerPepperPig99Oy oldin
  • My friend kept sending me memes from a private page that I had requested to follow months before, I finally messaged the damn page- "I just want to laugh at memes with my bitches", and they finally accepted my request. And now I never touch IG but I have this fun story.

    Morgan AshleyMorgan AshleyOy oldin

    g.j.g.j.Oy oldin

      ssOy oldin
  • Oh my gosh of course that computer wasnt there the whole time, you're clearly just trying to fool us. Not all of us are that dumb

    Brandon SungBrandon SungOy oldin
  • I think I’m in love....

    Ashley FAshley FOy oldin
  • “You *come* to see them crush Pringles” This can be taken 2 ways..

    A_mighty_cookie HA_mighty_cookie HOy oldin
  • If you actually believe he's making 5k in two weeks you are an idiot

    Annalisa ZucchiAnnalisa ZucchiOy oldin
    • he literally addressed how hes probably lying both in the video & in the pinned comment. sorry ur so desperate to bash him for something that was already established but try again next time i guess 😺

      ssOy oldin
    • He doesn’t know how Instagram works, he said this in the video. You’re the idiot.

      PomegranatePomegranateOy oldin
  • go off lol

    NataliaNataliaOy oldin
  • Drew reminds me of john mulaney

    Ian ledermannIan ledermannOy oldin
  • Aw 3 years later and we're still the little stinkers

    amethyst dawnamethyst dawnOy oldin
  • Here's the galaxy brain play. If this happens to you just make another account that looks exactly like theirs and steal their stuff.

    Vexz_ editzVexz_ editzOy oldin
  • 21:22 its not just trash, its trash with swag

    Olivia BrewsterOlivia BrewsterOy oldin
  • Drew how do you do your hair?

    KanuKanuOy oldin
  • I looked up the account and it's gone. Just gone I couldn't find it again wanted everyone to know and feel satisfied about one less asshole on social media

    this girllthis girllOy oldin
  • You drank too much coffee today

    Emily WardEmily WardOy oldin
  • Looks like 1.3k people who watched this run clickbaity ass ig pages where they post content that they stole

    Christian PedersenChristian PedersenOy oldin
  • 9:32 as a jew, i find this offensive. AMISH?

    Shit HappensShit HappensOy oldin
  • its so dark in that room it looks like he is just a floating head with his black shirt

    Mateo HughesMateo HughesOy oldin
  • ... I just read the description of this vid because I like looking at references and stuff and... What the fuck Drew?

    ShiraLShiraLOy oldin
  • its been 3 years... yeah i think we're still in the ballpark of "soon"

    henlo gamerhenlo gamerOy oldin
  • Yup drew has officially gone insane

    maxwell Stysmaxwell StysOy oldin
  • I think you’re going a step too far saying it’s an illusion of exclusivity. I think people are simple, have enough mild curiosity, and too much time to follow these accounts and so they do. Nothing more complicated than that. Don’t get too deep into the psyche of a insta browser my guy

    Julia TJulia TOy oldin
  • people who post memes like this post using tags, now, I follow the GeorgeFlyod tag, because blm. You have no idea how many meme pages use that tag to get views. Sometimes people notice and sometimes they don’t.

    GregYanni :3GregYanni :3Oy oldin
  • This video is a rant and a half lol, Drew's content is way more structured now

    SloppyTSloppyTOy oldin
  • You audio was 1 sec late and it’s making my ocd fucking trip out

    Charles CrevierCharles CrevierOy oldin
  • Drew is one of my favorite people

    lily nicole.lily nicole.Oy oldin
  • This video's about 3 years old, but I just wanna say. Parody accounts now are mostly just people pretending to be popular video game/pop culture characters, and 90% of them aren't POS and aren't making any money directly, because it's illegal to profit on copyrighted materials that you don't own.

    SighKick 2: The SighKickeningSighKick 2: The SighKickeningOy oldin
  • The guy that sold your vine you could of sued him

    gaming gamesgaming gamesOy oldin
  • I swear to fucking god, I got an ad on how to be successful on Instagram just before the vid

    Dillon RamseyDillon RamseyOy oldin
  • The meme pages being private thing isn't so much to invoke a feeling of exclusivity, they do it because people will make their friends follow them too so they can share the memes. That's why they get many followers, people want to show the memes to their friends. But I feel like they can still put some effort into it and make/steal content that is actually funny instead of this braindead garbage.

    HappytownHappytownOy oldin
  • i swear my subscriptions are being deleted, i sware ive been subbed to drew for months but i had to re sub?

    AppleCat 8AppleCat 8Oy oldin
  • It's rare to see Drew get this angry Before usually he's genuinely nice in one of his videos

    the running manthe running manOy oldin