Good cop/Bad cop

2-Fev, 2017
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This is a sketch video wherein I play all the characters and pretend to be in a situation that isn't actually happening. Enjoy.

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  • The 1st 7-11: Stonks

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  • the only good cop

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  • hmm

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  • This is my favourite skit by Drew

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  • drew,, don’t you know that acab?? this aged poorly

    toritori4 oy oldin

      very good youtube channel trust mevery good youtube channel trust meOy oldin
  • Bad cop/worse cop

    hayitskhayitsk5 oy oldin
  • I’ve seen all of your videos and I don’t know what else to watch.

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    • hi hi

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    • Congratulations you have completed the Drew Gooden.

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    • Watch them all again

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  • An excellent John Mulaney impersonation

    Sofía Liliette Huarte AguilarSofía Liliette Huarte Aguilar9 oy oldin
  • Who else is on a Drew Godden Marathon? *yeah...*

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    • HERE

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    • Me lol

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  • Gold

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  • This is gold

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  • ~~butter his bread a lil bit yano~

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  • Great job on the skit! Nice job Danny

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  • Bro why’s drew look so cute at 0:49

    jdjdYil oldin

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  • Wow I can't believe Drew and Danny are police officers!

    i will change my username when bp has a comebacki will change my username when bp has a comebackYil oldin
  • lol bingbong

    PreepyCastaPreepyCastaYil oldin
  • "wOrD oN tHe StReEt Is..."

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  • oh?

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  • Officer wHAT

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  • this is amazing

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  • 😂

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  • This is probably my favorite video on the internet

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  • brooklyn nine nine who

    a namea nameYil oldin
  • I’ve aaaaalways thought of this when this phrase comes up. It seems like a double meaning to me. Because a lot of the time the “bad cop” is actually doing their job correctly and the “good cop” isn’t following protocol, so really the good cop is a bad cop and the bad cop is a good cop. I don’t understand why there seems to be such an easy consensus about the meaning of the phrase.

    Julian FantasiaJulian FantasiaYil oldin
  • I love how these are just long vines

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  • is it racist that i think they all look alike

    mark loopmark loop2 yil oldin
  • This is a comment

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  • This has 0 exposure

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  • Should I be worried?

    maybe its mariamaybe its maria2 yil oldin
  • Fabulous! I especially like that good’s accent changed in his head!

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  • perfect

    yiyi2 yil oldin
  • More of these plz

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  • In the thumbnail i genuinely thought your eyeball was falling out, im glad to see this wasn’t the case.

    Christina DavisChristina Davis2 yil oldin
  • this was so cute

    adaada2 yil oldin
  • Do more of these they’re the funniest!

    Ramen RawomenRamen Rawomen2 yil oldin
  • More like Good Cop, Asperger's Cop, am I right?

    Beatriz ZampilisBeatriz Zampilis2 yil oldin
  • I guess, if I had to say something positive, I find you consistently amusing. Damning. You. With. Faint. Praise.

    fingerinthedykefingerinthedyke2 yil oldin
  • I'm crying 😂😂😂

    Aesthetic AnimeAesthetic Anime2 yil oldin
  • john mulaney is that you

    father john mitskifather john mitski2 yil oldin
  • This looks like a long vine

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  • your skits are actually the funniest thing ever, please(!!!) make more

    TessTess2 yil oldin
  • This one is my favorite

    Dean RossDean Ross2 yil oldin

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  • can’t win them all

  • red cop, blue cop

    Tobler OneTobler One2 yil oldin
  • Please make more of these types of videos i just watched all of them youre a genius

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  • Damn that Marky Mark

    SparksSparks2 yil oldin
  • This reminds me of cyanide and happiness .

    ᗰᕮᙢᕮ ᗰᗩᑕᕼᓮᘉᕮᗰᕮᙢᕮ ᗰᗩᑕᕼᓮᘉᕮ2 yil oldin
  • Great performance drew, would be more believeable if you blinked

    annA ClareannA Clare2 yil oldin
  • Hey, this is really good

    chronictimebombchronictimebomb2 yil oldin
  • That's pure gold

    Vsauce 69Vsauce 693 yil oldin
  • Seems every time I’m about to despair, there’s a 7/11 right there

    SydneySydney3 yil oldin
  • great cop accent

    Av JAv J3 yil oldin
  • *he robbed a seven eleven, took all the money he stole to another seven eleven, gave them the money, and then robbed them, and took that money back to the first seven eleven* i want to see that happen irl

    insolent insomniak / metarealityinsolent insomniak / metareality3 yil oldin
    • ah, the ol' switcheroo

      michachamichacha3 oy oldin
    • Florida man

      Opal MungerOpal MungerYil oldin
  • drew you’re great but this wasn’t

    SamdaraSamdara3 yil oldin
  • i didnt know ryan gosling made youtube videos

    jacob mjacob m3 yil oldin
  • He stole the money from 7/11 and gave it to ANOTHER 7/11 and then robbed them 😂 wtf "the dude's roothless"

    trash boattrash boat3 yil oldin
  • This reminds me of WKUK

    CSCalebPlaysCSCalebPlays3 yil oldin
  • Why is his internal voice in a different accent than his speaking voice

    yepisuredolikecatsyepisuredolikecats3 yil oldin
  • Ngl you probably could've fit that in 6 seconds if you tried

    StrangoFilmStrangoFilm3 yil oldin
  • i love how his internal monologue doesn’t have the same accent lmao

    nut masternut master3 yil oldin

      #historyiscool#historyiscool4 oy oldin
    • Pardon me, I don't think it's a mistake.

      Johnny GrimJohnny Grim2 yil oldin
    • I guess we call those mistakes.

      Pardon me,Pardon me,2 yil oldin
    • That's okay. I'm an American and my internal monologue voice is Hugh Grant.

      d bertaudd bertaud2 yil oldin
  • You were right man there are bad lol

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  • You're so handsome omg

    Cori WCori W3 yil oldin
  • Gooden cop/badden cop

    Subhecha NiraulaSubhecha Niraula3 yil oldin
  • that video description tho

    becca smmrbecca smmr3 yil oldin
  • I clicked on this because i thought it would be Ice Cube...

    liam f0274liam f02743 yil oldin
  • Bing Bong 😂😂

    Rani ARani A3 yil oldin
  • I started crying at Officer Bingbong

    TheRaficcaTheRaficca3 yil oldin

    Sophie CarlinSophie Carlin3 yil oldin
  • Who's your favorite cop and likes to play? Bing bong Bing bong!

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  • Wow cool vine !! ... wait

    CetaCeta3 yil oldin
  • you gotta bring back this format, it's very funny

    Fredrick KolyszkoFredrick Kolyszko3 yil oldin
  • i really wanna rewatch brooklyn nine-nine after watching this

    Michael ScottMichael Scott3 yil oldin
    • HAHAHA thought the exact same thing

      Alessia EspositoAlessia Esposito4 oy oldin
    • You are my best friend now.

      Kyrien PerdomoKyrien Perdomo9 oy oldin
    • same! lol

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  • He did get the confession though!

    ttlovepiettlovepie3 yil oldin
  • Shame the joke was explained so thoroughly.

    Azurite CoastAzurite Coast3 yil oldin
    • Iy was supposed to be a rhetoical explination

      Pocket InfinityPocket Infinity3 yil oldin
    • That's part of the joke. For the life of me I can't find a term for it but that was 100% intentional

      CountdownSmilesCountdownSmiles3 yil oldin
  • haha watching all your videos. youre so funny xd found u in one of those vine compilation videos. your vines the only one that made me laugh. keep makin videos!! sorry for my bad english xD

    crazy stevecrazy steve3 yil oldin
  • wkuk did it

    Diego Avalos CortesDiego Avalos Cortes3 yil oldin
  • love u

    RotrozRotroz3 yil oldin
  • holy shit i love how wholesome this turns haha well done 7/10

    mink blanketmink blanket3 yil oldin
  • Good cop bad cop content cop, get it? Because your anidubbbztv clone.

    jasnjasn3 yil oldin
  • if Drew would be a cop I think he'd be scared of talking to a little kid who tried to steal a snickers bar.

    Tomass VilnisTomass Vilnis3 yil oldin
  • you're honestly really cute and funny and I'm living for it. I'm binge watching your vids and it's disappointing to see the lack of likes and/or comments. You deserve a lot more recognition ♡

    milk & honeymilk & honey3 yil oldin
    • Holy fuck I just realized I'm 2 years late

      Excuse U?Excuse U?5 oy oldin
    • Lol now he has 2.37 million subscribers. He's definitely getting his recognition lol

      Excuse U?Excuse U?5 oy oldin
  • why does every cop character ever have a New York accent

    Ashley DunnAshley Dunn3 yil oldin
    • @Coockman Coockman look who's calling someone an idiot

      HopeIsADrugHopeIsADrugOy oldin
    • @Coockman Coockman how stupid can you be

      Tiago Lionel Carballo RiosTiago Lionel Carballo Rios4 oy oldin
    • The spawn point is set in New York

      KatieKatie5 oy oldin
    • Coockman Coockman r/ woooosh bitch

      ElenaElena6 oy oldin
    • ima let you in on a little secret... in america, we only have one cop, so we have only one guy to base all of the cops in movies off of, and he happens to live in new york.

      111 111111 111Yil oldin
  • lmaaaaoooo

    Niqk ShinodaNiqk Shinoda3 yil oldin
  • he looks like Alex from 13 reasons why with the blond hair

    Nesrine DekkicheNesrine Dekkiche3 yil oldin
  • Why'd you explain the plot, that took away from the comedic effect, it's like what they do in shitty cartoons

    Ali UsmaniAli Usmani3 yil oldin
    • Ali Usmani can't win them all

      Aaron PoynterAaron Poynter3 yil oldin
    • to not be funny?

      Ali UsmaniAli Usmani3 yil oldin
    • Ali Usmani that was the point

      jordyn jordynjordyn jordyn3 yil oldin
  • Can't win them all lol

    wyatt peterswyatt peters3 yil oldin
  • Why am I just now finding this dood

    Erika PresleyErika Presley3 yil oldin
  • Officer biNg BoNg

    Hannah _Hannah _3 yil oldin
  • Hey I ain't gay but you look like Scarlet Johansson

    Peter MatteaPeter Mattea3 yil oldin
  • This is actually hilarious

    Craig ECraig E3 yil oldin
  • Please make more

    Spicy SpaghettiSpicy Spaghetti3 yil oldin
  • He's already my new favorite UZworldr.

    Alessa gAlessa g3 yil oldin
    • He's the only UZworldr

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  • You should change your name to Andrew GOLDen. Because that's what your content is.

    Jessica JenningsJessica Jennings3 yil oldin
  • your videos are the funniest things ive ever watched

    donkey kongdonkey kong3 yil oldin
  • Officer Bing Bong, ha.

    Angelina AlvarezAngelina Alvarez3 yil oldin

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  • Your nuts 😂 it's great

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