Hilariously Weird Training Videos

24-Iyl, 2020
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  • I haven't had these videos but I do get diversity training now which is just as fun. We're told we're not allowed to use the word "manpower" because it has "man" in it. It has to be "people" power.

    Jon CroweJon Crowe13 soat oldin
  • When I worked at a Smoothie King location in Nashville, all new employees were obligated to take part in something called "the blend". Basically it was a corporate social media of sorts that incorporated less interesting videos than these and required you to be active for a certain amount of time on it while you were still new. Still the strangest thing I've ever been asked to do for a job like that....

    Owen RobertsOwen Roberts21 soat oldin
  • Drew’s anxiety: yes. The Dobre brothers: *STOP THAT*

    Juliet AthenaJuliet AthenaKun oldin
  • Ok so idk if y’all know Publix, but it’s a grocery store here and they have this training video that is a complete recreation of myth busters and it’s genuinely the greatest thing you’ll ever see. They’re like the myth busters of PPE and safety!

    TheMysticTheMysticKun oldin
  • “Whatever you do, don’t faint in front of the kids.” Bold of you to assume I can’t control passing out as if it was a trigger that I could control.

    Samurai LeviSamurai LeviKun oldin
  • i forgot that i clicked off of the money plane video onto this one, and i wasnt even confused when this started to play: 10:22 Money plane is a weird one.

    awkward gremlinawkward gremlinKun oldin
  • God when watching Drew and Amanda first meet: Aww they’re falling in love

    Wyatt HersomWyatt HersomKun oldin
  • Patties: I’m at stage 5 and still alive Drew: THEY’RE ALIVE!!! Me:It’s.......a cancer joke...

    WherethewolfWherethewolfKun oldin
    • Oh....oh my god I just noticed that....

      TheMysticTheMysticKun oldin
  • Mcdonald's, Wal-Mart, Applebee's, Burger King, any telemarketing job and security guard all had VHS training videos

    sensual chocolatesensual chocolate2 kun oldin
  • This video made me Google "do rats have hair or fur" to which I still can't find the answer.

    Desiree LemusDesiree Lemus2 kun oldin
  • I know how to make joke Step 1 Say the funny Step 2 Hahah

    Bananabois GamingBananabois Gaming2 kun oldin
  • I've seen training videos before a job but it was in a power plant.

    BuBba KuShInGToNBuBba KuShInGToN2 kun oldin
  • Stop being so mean to wendy's man they only had part of a bad trip in a training video that's all. Haha square beef.

    BuBba KuShInGToNBuBba KuShInGToN2 kun oldin
  • I worked for So Fro and Kindrrcare. Both in the early 90s and there were loads of VHS training. Itty was brutal!

    Megan EdwardsMegan Edwards2 kun oldin
  • I worked at subway and there was a online version from early 2000s with weird pauses

    Mandy SimsMandy Sims2 kun oldin
  • Why did I think drew had a mullet

    Raygan WootenRaygan Wooten3 kun oldin
  • I had to watch training videos for working at aeropostale and west 49. they were always so old and boring and they would make you take a quiz on it after watching it.it's hard not to fall asleep watching it

    Golden KennyGolden Kenny3 kun oldin
  • As an ex-Chuck E Cheese employee I can confirm they still make use watch that old ass training video 😂

    Ariel HAriel H3 kun oldin
  • “Billy knows the burger rap” - Einstein

    haseuls adopted childhaseuls adopted child3 kun oldin
  • When I trained to be a lifeguard we had to watch videos of kids drowning.... not exactly a training video, but it was something

    christina pringlechristina pringle4 kun oldin
  • "What are you supposed to do, tell them what you really think? Of course not!" man I felt that

    R JR J4 kun oldin
  • I went to a Chuck E. Cheese about a year ago and lemme tell ya the guy in the Chuck E. costume was a lot less enthusiastic than this

    Anna-Marissa LanningAnna-Marissa Lanning5 kun oldin
  • that new wendys worker just hitting on literally everyone

    ro cocoro coco5 kun oldin
  • You see, large restaurant chains and other huge companies like walmart, gas stations, and other national companies feel the need to brainwash their underpaid and mistreated employees to make them temporarily okay with their life there.

    Caleb WhiteCaleb White6 kun oldin
  • When I started working at WHOLE FOODS, they made us watch videos about how Unions are bad and are scamming us into believing in things like "worker's rights" and "decent pay" and "lunch breaks" when, according to Whole Foods, Unions have only hurt the worker since their creation and capitalism is the only thing saving us : DDDDDDDDDDD :' DDDDDDDDDD :'''''''''''''''''''' DDDDDDDDDDDDD

    some internet weirdosome internet weirdo6 kun oldin
  • I’ve seen kinda weird videos at my job. One time we had to watch a whole skit about forgetting someone’s chicken in their pasta.

    Amy RoseAmy Rose6 kun oldin
  • My friend and I roasted these once

    Sean StantonSean Stanton7 kun oldin
  • You mentioned that your name isn’t Andrew.... so is your name just Drew or is that just a nickname? It’s the same with Danny I suppose, where both sound like a nickname but both may be your actual names.

    Gabe TerryGabe Terry7 kun oldin
  • ChuckEcheese were a kid can DIE

    mr rockmr rock7 kun oldin
  • My mom used to work at chuckie cheese and had to put the costume on and she said it smelled bad.

    ray martinezray martinez7 kun oldin
  • don’t you hate it when your cooking hamburgers and they come alive so they can rap at you about how they’re still alive

    ThanosThanos8 kun oldin
  • I mean... That Nintendo store roleplay was eerily accurate to my experience as a customer service rep at Best Buy.

    TR FosterTR Foster9 kun oldin
  • When I worked at Cinemark we were made to watch a CD-I training video which even for 2001 was out of date. It was priceless. Found it on youtube uzworld.info/player/video/rYSae8-NltnMaGc

    Bookish BrittBookish Britt9 kun oldin
  • I like the Wenddys video though.

    Annie TangAnnie Tang9 kun oldin
  • Mentions Chuck E. Cheese training videos Me: 𝐅𝐥𝐚𝐬𝐡 𝐛𝐚𝐜𝐤 𝐭𝐨 𝐟𝐧𝐚𝐟 𝐭𝐫𝐚𝐢𝐧𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐭𝐚𝐩𝐞𝐬

    Green pumpkin SpiceGreen pumpkin Spice9 kun oldin
  • 13:11 is that Zach Fox?

    Bruce WayneBruce Wayne9 kun oldin
  • Canadian tire still uses these. Also don't work at canadian tire. i hate it here

    Adrian CorkillAdrian Corkill10 kun oldin
  • The second he said can you please leave, it cut to a sketchers ad with the man dancing on the wall and ceiling.

    Unfamiliar ErrorsUnfamiliar Errors10 kun oldin
  • saw a wendy’s ad at the end of the video, so glad they don’t have any bad blood anymore

    Kai CoombsKai Coombs10 kun oldin
  • Pizza girl 💯💯💯

    Dude ManDude Man10 kun oldin
  • lol

    Brian HafeyBrian Hafey11 kun oldin
  • drew im sorry but you look like sue Sylvester

    tess carneytess carney11 kun oldin
  • "Is this a return or an exchange?" "Yes." That got me

    Cindy LouCindy Lou11 kun oldin
  • I used to really love this guy but then I realised that according to him everybody else is a fool......

    radeon blueradeon blue11 kun oldin
  • why does drew look older?

    Squidwards NoseSquidwards Nose12 kun oldin
  • Why the hell did you pin this comment bro come on

    Gavin VGavin V13 kun oldin
  • If you ever do one of these again and you can find it u should do the “coca cola valves of gold” training videos. They’re so cringey and awkward

    Zane TillmanZane Tillman13 kun oldin
  • The intro to Welcome to the Machine playing at 9:40, I see you Wendy's

    LucidLucid14 kun oldin
  • mmmmmmmnn b99

    Brianne BeckBrianne Beck14 kun oldin
  • I’ve legitimately seen a few like this with several jobs I’ve worked. So the trope is real lol

    Joey TeterJoey Teter14 kun oldin
  • i watched this video before i went to work and at work i got to watch a cheesy video

    Radically SadRadically Sad14 kun oldin
  • Who let Starburns and Jeff Winger's love child have a website

    Rachel WestawayRachel Westaway14 kun oldin
  • yes. Waffle House has several we had to sit through. They are all bad. And we have training? videos that play in the back room constantly 24/7 everyday.... They have different themed ones depending on the month. and songs. And these aren't old videos they are recent. But they have the same energy as these old trainign videos omfg

    MelDoesCosplayMelDoesCosplay14 kun oldin
  • Its funny that you joke about the fainting thing because that is exactly what they mean 😂

    Daisy O'BrienDaisy O'Brien14 kun oldin
  • Mc Donald I had vhs vidéo to watch

    Leo 8Leo 815 kun oldin
  • Wtf Wendy lol never seen thoses !

    Leo 8Leo 815 kun oldin
  • i love how drew's you tube recommended is nostalgia from when he was a kid, but mine is his videos and that's nostalgia but from yesterday when i was in the ER thinking about drew gooden.

    ColbyColby16 kun oldin
  • I still cant get over the fact that half of these exist.

    a cat is on my heada cat is on my head16 kun oldin
  • Bill from the Wendy's video really do be a bicon

    Liam IidaLiam Iida16 kun oldin
  • i work at trader joe's and yes i had to watch five cheesy videos for an hour they sucked

    Nicole FranowiczNicole Franowicz16 kun oldin
  • 7:23 I’ve worked in the service industry and this is exactly how employees talk. They really nailed it.

    DaniDani17 kun oldin
  • I have seen these type vids at my job & they are just as cringe 😂😂

    JustJoshnJustJoshn17 kun oldin
  • why does drew look like edward cullen in this video

    um okum ok17 kun oldin
  • 4:50 Why do you need a clean, well maintained appearance to wear a sweaty rat suit in which everybody drains their fluids in, and nobody can see your face?

    sergiu bducocisergiu bducoci18 kun oldin
  • Publix... just ask anybody whos gone through any training

    B0nkB0nk18 kun oldin
  • I worked at Chuck E. Cheese in 2015 and they still do the time out thing. It’s basically for if you’re gonna die or if the kids are trying to attack you. The kids attack a lot, like a lot a lot

    Eric HoskinsEric Hoskins18 kun oldin
  • Haven’t had any videos like this at a workplace, but drivers ed? There was a whole rap about seatbelt wearing, and it was glorious.

    Juliet AthenaJuliet Athena19 kun oldin
  • i work at a..... company owned by gap.... its in a mall and i had to watch a video about active shooter situations. the people in it looked like they were produced in a lab to work at a gap store AND one of the things they suggested was PHYSICALLY TRYING TO STOP THE SHOOTER

    anna hanna h19 kun oldin
  • I worked at BK 1990 the training video I had was the sound effect guy from Police Academy lol

    erictuna01erictuna0120 kun oldin
  • Yeah, Fucking The Hot Drink Song is a bop

    Speroket GamingSperoket Gaming21 kun oldin
  • Why his nose a diamond tho

    -SACA--SACA-22 kun oldin
  • I am watching this right before the election god save us all

    -SACA--SACA-22 kun oldin
  • I deadass remember seein him do that as a kid when I went once, got held by the hand and back all the way to the door lmaoo

    yung breezyyung breezy22 kun oldin
  • At 14:43 he looks like joelfromroomieofficial. roomie fans will understand

    Diane CherianDiane Cherian22 kun oldin
  • Andrew Annedrew Anne Drew Diane (my name) Dieanne Die Anne Poor anne just wanted to draw...

    Diane CherianDiane Cherian22 kun oldin
  • “So start conversations with children, by saying something like this!” “What grade are you in at school?” “Or this!” “Can I watch you go potty?”

    Void MayonnaiseVoid Mayonnaise22 kun oldin
  • I want a burger now

    StrawbearStrawbear22 kun oldin
  • I love how the chef sounds like he’s going to cry at any moment

    CrochetingCat28CrochetingCat2822 kun oldin
  • Wendy’s guy: I’ve got it Wendy’s guys thought: *I am going to do it with a hamburger.*

    Leo BakaitisLeo Bakaitis22 kun oldin
  • Hobby lobby training videos lol

    MajPaj MajinMajPaj Majin22 kun oldin
  • Yes Mc Donald’s

    DeonaDeona22 kun oldin
  • When I started my high school job at Trader Joe's they had a really funny and self aware training video, 10/10 would recommend.

    Muldoin ___Muldoin ___23 kun oldin
  • 5:18 be careful with all that movement. Your sweat could cause the spring locks to come loose

    Frying PandaFrying Panda23 kun oldin
  • I am Drew's sardonic sense of humour

    Dr. WHODr. WHO23 kun oldin
  • My first job was at a grocery store my father had began working at in the 80s. They made me watch one of those VHS training videos (except it was on a DVD because technology) and I thought it was so hilarious I went home and told him about it and he said that he watched the same thing when he first started.

    Sarah TessierSarah Tessier23 kun oldin
  • Worker: Is this a return or an exchange Customer: yes

    Helaman GileHelaman Gile23 kun oldin
  • I’m a nurse and when I started my career we had to watch a training and information video about doing the laundry on a ward and changing beds. It explained that as a nurse you should be prepared for "unexpected surprises" in the bed...and showed a nurse removing the covers of a bed to discover a perfectly formed shit, then a wine bottle and even a needle. It then explained how to make a bed.

    Sofya Semyonovna MarmeladovSofya Semyonovna Marmeladov23 kun oldin
  • In 9:44 that's the beginning of welcome to the machine from pink Floyd

    Valentin JohannValentin Johann23 kun oldin
  • the homoerotic subtext between julie and the trainer

    Jordan AprilJordan April24 kun oldin
  • Have you ever wondered if Ratatouille is Chuck E Cheese’s backstory and then in his later years he moves to America so he can really get his cooking out there and falls down a bad hill of making uneven pizzas for sticky children

    Big Neil And little NeilBig Neil And little Neil24 kun oldin
  • anyone from a pop punk band deserves to be an anthropomorphic creepy rat

    meymey Gonzalezmeymey Gonzalez24 kun oldin
  • At the clothing store I worked for we did have training videos like this (though not as cool as the Wendy's bop) and my manager was even the actor in one of them... They were terrible.

    videoqueen111videoqueen11125 kun oldin
  • "what grade are you in at school" dont ask these kinds of things from kids to make small talk. or atleast dont do it to me. im just really socially awkward and dont like giving information out about myself, no matter how insignificant it may be. it just makes me feel really uncomfortable and makes the asker seem like someone who enjoys talking to children. (and i dont mean like teacher type, but pedo type) and its just really awkward. so stop it. it jsut makes me want to leave.

    Ok Boomer But It's a CatOk Boomer But It's a Cat25 kun oldin
  • My job had a video about some guy stealing steaks from the company and he would have to go to jail.

    Sky_RainbowsSky_Rainbows25 kun oldin
  • 4:14 I don't know if I'll ever get used to hearing famous people say my name when they talk about the car XD

    Mercedes RockinMercedes Rockin27 kun oldin
  • 2:30 okay that sounded an awful lot like ch-...CHANDLER ARE YOU IN THERE??!?

    MySaddleMySaddle28 kun oldin
  • Why is the wendy's one literally an acid trip

    I'm a dog named LunaI'm a dog named Luna28 kun oldin
  • No one else noticed the Pink Floyd sound at 9:40 ?

    FizzyFizzy28 kun oldin
  • I wish we had a training video. They just forced new people to awkwardly stare at people who also had no idea what they were doing

    Jaylyn JohnsonJaylyn Johnson28 kun oldin