How (Not) To Revive A Show: Arrested Development vs. Community

12-Sen, 2018
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In my second attempt at a TV-centric video essay, I attempt to point out the parallels between two of television's most innovative comedies of the past two decades: Arrested Development and Community. Both are highly acclaimed and feature award-winning writing and performances, but they have another, more specific thing in common; they both failed- twice. Which one did a better job handling their attempted rebirth, or did both of them crap the bed their second time around? I offer my two cents.
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thank for watching! I tried to be a bit more informative and research-based with this video rather than solely opinionated. While I admit this video is less funny than what I usually attempt to put out, my goal was to take a documentary-like approach to the history of two shows I love. Let me know what you think.
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  • Koogler at 1:34 LOL! Also Modern Warfare wasn't the last episode of season 1

    John FJohn F3 soat oldin
  • The Kid Was From Pakistan, Which Is In The Middle-East, Llamas Are Only Found Tin South America, WTF? They are Not Even Racist Good

    EMcBoomFaceEMcBoomFace9 soat oldin
  • Community is probably my favorite show of all time

    Matthew D MillerMatthew D Miller20 soat oldin
    • Season 6 was dope and now that its on Netflix it can be fully appreciated

      Matthew D MillerMatthew D Miller20 soat oldin
  • Dude seasons 1-3 of Community are my favorite seasons of any show ever! Definitely the most underrated seasons of a show of all time. Obviously 4 was a huge disappointment. 5 regained some ground but still lacked the shine of the first 3. (Chevy Chase and Donald Glover leaving really brought down an-otherwise pretty good season) And season 6 was a mess. But 1-3 really blew my mind with the insane creativity and originality each episode had.

    Jeremy StrainJeremy StrainKun oldin
  • I really wanna see this type of video but with all the karate kid movies along with the show kobra kai

    SchmidtySchmidtyKun oldin
  • I love TV commentary Drew. I wish he would make a video about how incredible The Good Place is. Truly the best TV show ending ever

    Sydney WilliamsSydney WilliamsKun oldin
  • I don't know what it is about Community but it has never made me laugh. Arrested Development makes me laugh hysterically though.

    RpodneeRpodnee2 kun oldin
  • Other Space was another show on Yahoo TV that was really funny but just couldn't get viewers. Only 8 episodes but I've seen them all a few times and they still crack me up

    The Passionly Passionate NightmanThe Passionly Passionate Nightman2 kun oldin
  • My god I loved Community when it was on tv. Haven’t watched it since but it was one of my favorite shows when it was aired

    Joey TeterJoey Teter3 kun oldin
  • I kind of want to watch Season 4 of Community just to see how bad it is now.

    seankkgseankkg3 kun oldin
  • I am in the middle of season 4 of Arrested Development and it’s alright. I found the show sometimes a bit too unrealistic at times to the point it isn’t entertaining. I liked season 1 and 2 the most. Season 3 I think was worse than 4 but I don’t know lol

    TunefulDuck KarateTunefulDuck Karate3 kun oldin
  • Arrested Development season 4 is so unwatchable that I legit quit out of it after ten minutes after binge watching the first three seasons in a week

    Neko ChanNeko Chan4 kun oldin
  • I'm still pissed that none of the characters ended up happy in either of the shows annie didn't end up with Jeff and George Micheal didn't end up with Maybe

    That 1 GuyThat 1 Guy5 kun oldin
  • the scene where michael and lindsay are talking about clams is pricless

    w cw c5 kun oldin
  • Honestly rewatching this video and the shows all these years later the only thing I disagree with was calling Jeff straight

    katelynisboringkatelynisboring5 kun oldin
  • Interesting comparison. For me, I prefer AD. I mean I'm a Schitts Creek fan, so no surprise. I liked the few episodes of community I watched. There were some jokes that had me crying from laughter, but ultimately the show didn't have a good enough plot to keep me watching.

    Ssimms 8Ssimms 85 kun oldin
  • Brooklyn 99 vs Parks and Rec

    Jeremy BrownJeremy Brown6 kun oldin
  • I am still waiting for a the community movie!

    Edward KellyEdward Kelly7 kun oldin
  • i whatched community and liked it but couldn't quite explain why, to me it was just another dumb tv show, but after watching this video i can realize the geniosity of it

    Cleyci silvaCleyci silva7 kun oldin
  • the "troy sneezes like a girl!" "And how about I pound you like a boy- That didn't come out right" line is one of my favourite parts of the show

    TheBøwieOfSuburbiaTheBøwieOfSuburbia7 kun oldin
  • Arrested development is the best show period.

    Asia mauriAsia mauri7 kun oldin
  • On a side note, I wish Joel McHale would do 'The Soup' again!

    Levi TollefsonLevi Tollefson8 kun oldin
  • I’m sorry but I couldn’t get through community because it was so boring and lame jokes. Arrested development made me laugh so hard I cried.

    Notgonnalie Fancy faceNotgonnalie Fancy face8 kun oldin
  • Speaking of Community, does anyone else think that Joel Mchale looks like Drew Gooden? I swear when i first started the show everytime i saw Jeff i just saw muscular Drew and it satisfied me in an odd way...

    ItsShrouzeItsShrouze8 kun oldin
  • arrested development is so underrated 😔

    McLovingyouMcLovingyou8 kun oldin
  • I took me 8 and a half minutes to realize this was drew gooden, a vine star

    (STUDENT)William Giles(STUDENT)William Giles9 kun oldin
  • Nothing to see here, just a generic 'No pinned comment' comment

    El SleezoEl Sleezo9 kun oldin
    • lame

      ogramzyogramzy7 kun oldin
  • hey look it's Donna

    Leah MacPhersonLeah MacPherson9 kun oldin
  • Great job in the back of my mind I always thought about these two shows together but you really did a great job signing up community by far went out a lot better Then arrested development

    Dean DuludeDean Dulude9 kun oldin
  • You should do a video about trailer park boys and how they screwed up switching to an animated show

    FuhyFelax GamingFuhyFelax Gaming9 kun oldin
  • The season six finale of Community was really sweet to me. I didn't expect it to have such a somber nice ending.

    JaredJJacobsJaredJJacobs10 kun oldin
  • Community S4 wasnt that bad???? S5 is the one that was really bad...

    94 Central94 Central10 kun oldin
  • this video didn't age well, community is on netflix doing great, and the movie is happening

    Game PlayGame Play10 kun oldin
  • Community did great with season 5 and 6

    Game PlayGame Play10 kun oldin
  • This made me want to go and rewatch Community for what is probably the 40th time. And ALMOST made me want to see Arrested Development despite my deep hatred of Michael Cera (he makes me uncomfortable).

    FaerygismFaerygism12 kun oldin
  • Community on Netflix was a godsend

    Michael.Michael.12 kun oldin
  • "Unprecedented" babylon 5 doesnt count for unprecedented foresight?

    DomInatorDomInator13 kun oldin
  • Arrested Development 4 broke my heart when it came out

    Ryan HowseRyan Howse13 kun oldin
  • I don’t like smart drew

    Dugan MtbDugan Mtb13 kun oldin
  • On Netflix the episode of Community that he recommends watching is actually Season 3 episode 4.

    Riley KateRiley Kate13 kun oldin
  • On Netflix the episode of Community that he recommends watching is actually Season 3 episode 4.

    Riley KateRiley Kate13 kun oldin
  • The lick at 7:05

    Samuel MullerSamuel Muller14 kun oldin
  • Maybe you should've put a shot of Maeby at 19:09 instead of George Sr

    Chetanshi SinghChetanshi Singh15 kun oldin
  • Community is the funniest show I’ve watched at least the first 4 seasons

    Yeah AightYeah Aight16 kun oldin
  • community rated by season: a list Season 1: the best Season 2: amazing Season 3: starting to slip, but still good Season 4: I refuse to acknowledge this exists Season 5: yikes Season 6: how is this show still alive

    ThanosThanos16 kun oldin
  • Drew are you ever gong to do a video on Brooklyn 99?

    NahiaraNahiara16 kun oldin
  • I was about to comment about how this guys voice sounds like drew gooden.

    jings!jings!17 kun oldin
  • I loved season 4 of Arrested Development. Maybe my favourite season of the show

    VetalVetal17 kun oldin
  • I have just rewatched Community from start to finished and actually, despite some mild flaws in Abed's characterization in Season 4, it's excellent. Season 5 and 6 give some of the best and most memorable episodes of the whole show. Arrested Development revival was a fucking trainwreck, there's no arguing there.

    Josué Miguel Rodríguez-VanegasJosué Miguel Rodríguez-Vanegas18 kun oldin
  • Don’t disrespect Arrested Development with this comparison. Community isn’t even funny.

    TheMenace 206TheMenace 20619 kun oldin
    • Community tried too hard to be meta and some jokes were a little too nichy to be genuinely funny. Even Harmon mentioned this in the season finale stinger.

      Ano MapingireAno MapingireKun oldin
    • Clearly you're not streets ahead.

      Matt ScumMatt Scum13 kun oldin
  • Personally I think community’s last season was still good

    Taylor SalimTaylor Salim19 kun oldin
  • Now that Community is thriving on Netflix I have faith that we will finally get that damn movie.

    Andrea HoltAndrea Holt20 kun oldin
  • I liked it drew

    Lehmann EnterprisesLehmann Enterprises20 kun oldin
  • Both shows have the same producer too

    Ezra KoreEzra Kore21 kun oldin
  • 4 seasons and a movie all I was thinking about is how I wanted a movie for star vs the forces of evil

    Andrew SAndrew S22 kun oldin
  • I love that Community is sorta finally getting the recognition it deserves.

    Maddy CakesMaddy Cakes23 kun oldin
  • Community Easter Eggs and Details:

    The Fanatic ReviewsThe Fanatic Reviews27 kun oldin
  • Jeff isnt really a Straight Guy

    EpicallyDaDumbEpicallyDaDumb27 kun oldin
  • I think that the last season's of community aren't that bad. sure they did suffer from what happened to the show throughout season 4 but it was still good, even some of season wasn't too bad. with arrested development I agree tho. its a little hard to explain but in the last season's it felt like it was moving so slow but also too fast in a way. too much was happening but it didn't feel important. and I'm pretty young so all the political stuff got kind of confusing. before it was complex but made sense and was really funny, but now it just feels too complicated to make room for anything meaningful or interesting. and I didn't like the character growth in the last seasons, it ruined the characters in my opinion

    evev27 kun oldin
  • Chevy Chase was an ass but Pierce is still one of my favourite characters from any comedy apart from Dwight and Michael (the office) and Chandler (Friends)

    TheMacho NachoTheMacho Nacho27 kun oldin
  • Very late but Modern Warfare wasn't the finale of Season 1, there were two episodes after it

    Jakub TurnerJakub Turner28 kun oldin
  • Pop pop

    MagnitudeMagnitude28 kun oldin
  • I think community is an exception to the whole "its sometimes good to let something die" because of its six seasons and a movie promise. It's my goal in life to fund the movie, don't take this from me.

    superlolgal555superlolgal55529 kun oldin
  • The Lawrence kid from Cobra Kai is on Fuller House? Weird.

    encycl07pediaencycl07pediaOy oldin
  • dead in the land... the blue part is obviously land

    Kevin MasonKevin MasonOy oldin
  • Small nitpick; Jeff is NOT a straight man. He takes part in the madness just as often as he reacts to it.

    Iain of the Izzet LeagueIain of the Izzet LeagueOy oldin
  • Just binged both series. Community was for sure the better show, but AD had a more shocking ending.

    Delycan - DC ChroniclesDelycan - DC ChroniclesOy oldin
  • Loved arrested development and cannot watch community, it’s just not good. I literally cannot stand community, arrested development is literally the best show ever. All of you need to get your head out of your asses and use your brain

    Toby FlendersonToby FlendersonOy oldin
    • @Delycan - DC Chronicles it’s true

      Toby FlendersonToby FlendersonOy oldin
    • Shut up Toby.

      Delycan - DC ChroniclesDelycan - DC ChroniclesOy oldin
  • I got the first season of community on a pirated dvd from my high school literature teacher as a christmas gift in 2010. I binged it and years later when i was teaching an english class i showed them modern warfare as a christmas gift. So many people got hooked. This is show means so much to me. Its been there for me at my hardest times making me jaugh and helping me self reflect. Even my first love got hooked on it who never watched a show before. We used to watch it together.

    Matyas HamanaMatyas HamanaOy oldin
  • The amount of intelligent hidden gems sewn into the fabric of Arrested Development is enviable and delicious.

    Nitara JonesNitara JonesOy oldin
  • hey you kind of sound like that drew guy who reviews shitty life hacks

    Francisco RuizFrancisco RuizOy oldin
  • twin peaks did pretty good at 'reviving' itself 25 years later, but that was semi intentional on their part. though they did get 'cancelled' by the network before they were ready to stop in the first run.

    The MinakinsThe MinakinsOy oldin
  • This was such an amazing video and you really need more credit for this shit

    _Sinnoh_SinnohOy oldin
  • what is his outtro song

    CoonflictCoonflictOy oldin
  • Here’s a great Easter egg- when the video talks about season 5 and 6 of Community, some of the clips shown feature a side character named Koogler, who was played by Mitch Hurwitz. Mitch Hurwitz is the creator of Arrested Development.

    Rod BagheriRod BagheriOy oldin
  • I hated how arrested development redid the fourth season! They took off my moms favorite episode, Off The Hook.

    M. McCartyM. McCartyOy oldin
  • Okay, I'm a big fan of both the shows, and I'm a member of whatever cult following these two shows have but when he said Arrested Development now has a fifth season on Netflix, I just went "WHAAAAAAAAAAAT, NO". Like he said, IT WAS NEWS TO ME WTF. I can't believe the show's fallen this hard. I hope when the Community movie eventually comes, it doesn't fall as hard. #SixSeasonsAndAMovie

    Sai AnandSai AnandOy oldin
  • don't forget that both shows had some episodes by the russo brothers!

    mitzidelmitzidelOy oldin
  • The Dean from Community is exactly the type of character that I would typically hate and get annoyed of very quickly (not exactly part of the "main crew" but still gets a lot of screen time) but honestly he's such a well-written character that I can't help but love him with my whole heart lol

    Anna HustonAnna HustonOy oldin
  • Also idk how many people realize how many memes we owe to arrested development, "hello darkness my old friend" was a huge one and that came from season 4!

    Gigi NoelaniGigi NoelaniOy oldin
  • Personally I consider the latter 2 seasons of Arrested Development in the same way I consider Joey a part of Friends. In that I don’t consider it part of the show. Sure it exists but I don’t think of it as the same story but like a remake of sorts and not the main story. That being said my faith in the production team is considerably lessened.

    James FraserJames FraserOy oldin
  • Mistha effff

    Mariana CastrillónMariana CastrillónOy oldin
  • 2:10 Neither show quit... I'm done with this video

    AlwaysbuskingAlwaysbuskingOy oldin
  • i love community so much

    Bella And Friends ProductionsBella And Friends ProductionsOy oldin
  • I thought lots of people watched the sixth season on Yahoo! In the last episode, Dan Harmon says something like "It turns out there were tens of millions of viewers the whole time." Maybe it didn't make the money back, but it had lots of viewers for a weird comedy show. Also, the season was great. Frankie Dart was a fantastic addition that I never would have predicted they'd add to the ensemble. #andamovie

    quibilyquibilyOy oldin
  • I'm soooo drunk😉

    HBOMB ScantlingHBOMB ScantlingOy oldin
  • Do you even get comment notifications from these old videos?

    HBOMB ScantlingHBOMB ScantlingOy oldin
  • Drew

    HBOMB ScantlingHBOMB ScantlingOy oldin
  • Great Shows

    AzDeathRiderzAzDeathRiderzOy oldin
  • it took me 10 and a half minutes to realize this was a drew gooden video

    Attorney MacroAttorney MacroOy oldin
  • I remember when I got to the last few seasons of arrested developmental, i absolutely hated it. I wanted to quit watching the show all together but I have this thing where whenever I start watching a show I feel as if I have an obligation to finish it. The last season just moved so slowly. I mean some of the scenes awkwardly lasted for 10 minutes long. A comedy is supposed to be quick, and it's supposed to bounce around, but arrested development didn't have that.

    Ellie AmorinoEllie AmorinoOy oldin
  • Ahhh, now this vid shouldn’t exist community op now

    Buttery TomatoesButtery TomatoesOy oldin
  • Arrested Development s1-3 > Community s1-3 > Community s5-6 > Arrested Development s4-5 > Community s4 Arrested Development s1-3 was peak comedy experience full of inventive comedy, laugh-out-loud moments and the greatest plot progression and comedy IMO. Community s1-3 was also brilliant and packed with the show's best episodes. Season 1 is grounded and normal, season 2 balances the grounded aspects and the absurd aspects of the show, then season 3 is a crazytown bananapants surrealistic ride. This evolution of the show in the first 3 seasons is brilliant. Community s5 and s6 are generally okay but the show isn't the same anymore without three core cast members. Classic episodes were there but the show was slowly losing steam. The s6 finale was of s1-3 quality tho. Arrested Development s4 takes a little bit of time to get used to. The first few episodes were busy setting up plots and therefore were very boring. However the second half is better. I like the density and complexity of the season, which could get confusing at times. Season 5 gets exciting in the second half. But both seasons aren't as memorable as the first 3 seasons. Community s4 is the worst ever. Zero character development for 3/4 of the cast and i found the concept episodes to be way too forced.

    Ano MapingireAno MapingireOy oldin
  • Arrested Development was ahead of its time, Community was sublimely creative. Arrested Development is like a classic concept album, which one has to listen all the way to the finish, full of nuances, hidden symbolism, easter eggs, and brilliant writing. Community is like a feel-good greatest hits pop album, full of standalone hit singles and multiple genres you can enjoy.

    Ano MapingireAno MapingireOy oldin
  • Community VS Arrested Development metafictional genius VS complex narrative genius 'Remedial Chaos Theory' VS 'Pier Pressure' (best episodes) Community season 3 VS Arrested Development season 2 (best seasons) Study Room VS Banana Stand (Top locations) 'Troy and Abed in the morning' VS 'The Chicken Dance' (best running gags) 'Beetlejuice appearance at halloween' VS 'Barry Zuckerkorn Jumping A Dead Shark' (brilliant easter eggs) Daybreak VS Charlie Brown scene music (funniest background music cues) Jeff Winger VS Michael Bluth (sane main characters) Britta Perry VS Lindsay Bluth (clueless part-time activists) Abed Nadir VS George Michael (lovable awkward nerds) Troy Barnes VS Buster Bluth (childish man-children) Annie Edison VS Lucille Bluth (most outstanding female characters of both shows) Ben Chang VS GOB (craziest, most unpredictable members) Pierce Hawthorne VS George Sr Bluth (sleazy old men) Shirley Bennett VS Maeby Funke (underrated badasses) Dean Pelton VS Tobias Funke (bald doofus, ambiguous sexuality) 'Frankie Dart' VS 'Bob Loblaw' (no-nonsense additions) 'Fat Neil' VS 'Steve Holt' meta humor VS call-back humor (humor) Lighthearted Idealistic comedy VS Dark Cynical comedy (tone) social misfits VS dysfunctional family (cast ensemble) Ian Duncan VS Barry Zuckerkorn (funniest recurring characters) Todd VS Ann Veal (punching bags) LeVar Burton VS Carl Weathers (memorable guests: actors playing themselves) 'City College' VS 'The Sitwells' (top rivalries) 'Cool, cool, cool, cool' VS 'I've made a huge mistake' (top catchphrases) 'Abed as Batman' VS 'Tobias as Ms Featherbottom' (funniest parodies/impersonations)

    Ano MapingireAno MapingireOy oldin
  • Modern Warfare wasn't the season finale. Sorry that was really bugging me.

    Jen Emits LightJen Emits LightOy oldin
  • This feels a lot like "everyone's too dumb to like the shows i like"

    BellsBellsOy oldin
  • Is arrested development good

    bigheadbigheadOy oldin
  • my dad always said: "leave the party while its great, because its only downhill from there"

    i'm not really jessi'm not really jessOy oldin
  • Drew... Community is amazing.

    Big Thief SweatyBig Thief SweatyOy oldin