I re-installed the Hooked app because I love to suffer

31-Iyl, 2019
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trevor is back, and this time he's taking us to the wet party.... this app sucks.
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  • His Tilla voice sounds like something that would come out of John Mulaney

    GraceGrace5 soat oldin
  • Is it just me or does Drew's country voice sounds alot like Micah Bell

    Collin McKayCollin McKay16 soat oldin
  • Is that Will Smith?

    Aaron HautzAaron Hautz16 soat oldin
  • Ngl I wish they had made another mini movie. Coulda seen Martha skinny dip KnowWhatI'mSayin?

    Beans CottrellBeans Cottrell18 soat oldin

    Artixell AnimationsArtixell AnimationsKun oldin
  • his clothes plug is "road work ahead" is he.... that vine guy? ._. have I been binging his videos without realizing?

    creepydude94creepydude94Kun oldin
  • It's like a fanfiction but it isn't fanfiction

    chimcochimco2 kun oldin
  • Didn’t know Tilla was Waluigi

    Funny JerryFunny Jerry2 kun oldin
  • I watched this a second time, confused because I swore Hooked actually made another movie for this part, but I was just remembering Drew's outstanding acting bringing the story to life.

    getLaidybuggetLaidybug3 kun oldin
  • Honestly, Drew should do One-man-show voiceover..... if that was a thing. Or team up with John Mulaney, they're very similar

    CoastakuCoastaku3 kun oldin
  • I'm astounded that Drew didn't understand the Wizard of Oz reference... it's an American movie based on an American book that is set in America, with one of the most quoted lines in all of cinematic history. And he thought it was British lmao

    Matt ChuMatt Chu3 kun oldin
  • when trevor wears the same bathing suit as martha but just backward lol

    awjq7d3awjq7d33 kun oldin
  • 10:27 That’s not Trevor that’s Jean Pierre polnareff

    Minnie Mouse but worseMinnie Mouse but worse4 kun oldin
  • I imagine a hand running down an arm as if it was a running race

    The Loony MagicianThe Loony Magician4 kun oldin
  • They did make another “Trevor and the Virgin” video

    OkiedokieOkiedokie5 kun oldin
  • are we just not gonna talk about a velvet bikini having no use.....

    Lilith GamesLilith Games5 kun oldin
  • Pause at 4:15

    Ryder HarrisRyder Harris5 kun oldin
  • I feel like this is just like an episode story.

    Elizabeth ChungElizabeth Chung5 kun oldin
  • Fucking hell, I really hate the format that these Hooked stories are written. If you wanna go with dialogue with stage direction, then go with a script. If you want to write traditional prose, then do that. But it's a weird hodgepodge of both, and the dialogue is in bubbles, so it looks like all of the dialogue is exclusively in text messaging??? It's such a mess lmao

    Marcel la RastabanMarcel la Rastaban6 kun oldin
  • Trevor and Martha give me the vibes of a married couple trying to salvage their marriage

    Meghan SmithMeghan Smith7 kun oldin
  • I’m late but i could’ve sworn there was an ad for a filmed version of this

    kainxjmkainxjm7 kun oldin
  • Why am I imagining this as a really well animated show with a hot cast and only the main characters are relevant but still everyone is hot. AND THEY HAVE THE SAME VOICES DREW DOES AND IM DUING LAUGJING

    crashing into beescrashing into bees8 kun oldin
  • Whoa and Drew has a contortionist album in the back!

    WARLOCH24WARLOCH248 kun oldin
  • 0:27 that startled me

    Brandon BrooksBrandon Brooks8 kun oldin
  • i love drew but nothing can make this story interesting to me. drew is funny but the script is so fucking bad. the hooked app makers need to be executed.

    Robin ParkerRobin Parker8 kun oldin
  • They’ve known each other for a week...

    Maria MalaikaMaria Malaika9 kun oldin
  • This fucking sucks

    John AndreadakisJohn Andreadakis9 kun oldin
  • being a fan of drew and dunkey is so satisfying when he makes a dunkey reference

    Runtz !Runtz !9 kun oldin
  • -Will-

    YengestYengest10 kun oldin
  • Hi I’m famous UZworldr -Will Smith- Drew Gooden

    YengestYengest10 kun oldin
  • 5:44 thats Grandpa from Brandon Rogers right there!

    HannersHanners11 kun oldin
  • Didn't the first Trevor and the Virgin story begin with Martha helping him hide from a girl he didn't want to have sex with? Didn't he say something like "she jumped me in the shower" or something when explaining why he was avoiding her? But now Trevor Holt "never runs from sex", okay sure.

    ElsieElsie12 kun oldin
  • Please please make another video about this 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    Emperor .ToastCatEmperor .ToastCat12 kun oldin
  • I just realized drew had to memorize his lines whenever he closed his eyes lmfao

    Hersha GuronHersha Guron12 kun oldin
  • This was the first video i saw from you i think. Huh.

    Paisley RoblesPaisley Robles13 kun oldin
  • Does anyone else think drew kinda looks like the other father with the glasses or is that just me?

    Pop ApplePop Apple13 kun oldin
  • Kkrraakkeenn

    raif ranjharaif ranjha13 kun oldin
  • Kraken

    raif ranjharaif ranjha13 kun oldin
  • 🤣🤣🤣

    Stefanie TaylorStefanie Taylor15 kun oldin
  • SpLaSh

    Grayson BedfordGrayson Bedford15 kun oldin
  • This story is terrible! Why couldn't they just play reverse strip beer pong like normal people. When your enemy gains a point you put a piece of clothing on instead of off.

    DāvisDāvis15 kun oldin
  • did anyone notice Trevor is wearing the bikini Martha picked out on his head

    Ella BradleyElla Bradley15 kun oldin
  • go with this one its totally your color

    Ella BradleyElla Bradley15 kun oldin
  • My Psychiatrist: Hooked Drew isn’t real, he can’t hurt you. Hooked Drew: 4:35

    Sally BlueSally Blue16 kun oldin
  • I’ve never laughed so hard watching a UZworld video

    Aubrianna LouiseAubrianna Louise17 kun oldin
  • Can you guys like this so Drew sees it? Would really appreciate it. It is now a video and it’s like 100X worse please react to it.

    Itz Uni_PopItz Uni_Pop17 kun oldin
  • 4:33 to 4:36, I just can't stop myself from looping back to that, the grin is killing me

    Teaparty TibbersTeaparty Tibbers17 kun oldin
  • 19:34 : my sims

    Aettow !Aettow !18 kun oldin
  • WAP, that's a Wet Ass Party

    Obair n/aObair n/a18 kun oldin
  • I would PAY for drew to act all of the Hooked stories

    _ M._ M.20 kun oldin
  • 4:33

    A PersonA Person20 kun oldin
  • this is the best reenacting of anything ive ever seen

    Sam PSam P20 kun oldin
  • Why am I invested in this

    nadnad21 kun oldin
  • Trevor Holt never bolts.

    Andrew AntochAndrew Antoch22 kun oldin
  • i cant stand the glasses pushed down like that. i wana punch

    Ellie RumseyEllie Rumsey22 kun oldin
  • Rewatching this after I've been hooked on story narration UZworld channels, i now realize I need another story time with Drew. One isn't enough.

    TeapsyAlyssTeapsyAlyss22 kun oldin
  • 12:39 HAHAHAHA😂😂

    Sesily LoganSesily Logan22 kun oldin
  • I, Nana Bear, Decimator Of Souls, Conqueror Of Death, approve this message. Anyone who questions my name will be vanquished.

    Nana Bear-Decimator Of Souls, Conqueror Of DeathNana Bear-Decimator Of Souls, Conqueror Of Death22 kun oldin

    Stella BrysonStella Bryson22 kun oldin
  • This is a masterpiece, Drew.

    h Kh K22 kun oldin
  • I swear to god i choked on my couscous at 16:43 😂😂

    Big chungusBig chungus22 kun oldin
  • I never realized how good drew was at acting

    Cosmo JeanCosmo Jean23 kun oldin
  • I love how when the boy denies her sex it's instantly this huge problem but if the roles were reversed he'd seem creepy.

    teasuki / strawbbyteasuki / strawbby23 kun oldin
    • Yup. "You've had sex with (lots of) other people in the past so therefore you are obligated to have sex with me" is a super icky take, and the fact that it's a girl saying it to a guy does NOT make it better.

      ElsieElsie12 kun oldin
  • This is just a clone of every blandly mediocre young adult book that’s ever existed. But drew makes everything entertaining

    SimlySimly23 kun oldin
  • no one's gonna acknowledge Drew's guitar skills? only me? alright.

    violets are purple not blue you twatviolets are purple not blue you twat24 kun oldin
  • Do part 3

    WinterZ toxicWinterZ toxic26 kun oldin
  • The glasses really birthed deb

    Hayley McIntyreHayley McIntyre27 kun oldin
  • I laughed my ass off at Drew's acting

    R TR T28 kun oldin
  • I literally love this

    Selina PatiñoSelina PatiñoOy oldin

    Bryce McKennaBryce McKennaOy oldin
  • The "what am I doing" made me realize how into the story I was

    KarolinaARMYKarolinaARMYOy oldin
  • In case anyone was wondering, at 19:20 he mouths "Will Smith"

    Madame NifflerMadame NifflerOy oldin
  • The main reason I come back to this video is Drew's voice acting

    NotJonatanNotJonatanOy oldin
  • Your a character lmao, this was funnier than the actual story haha got my like

    Deep PatelDeep PatelOy oldin
  • wtf is going on?

    Spensr BetaSpensr BetaOy oldin
  • Why do they put such a big emphasis on having intimate relations? You don't necessarily have to have do all that when you're in a relationship.

    St 789St 789Oy oldin
  • The Wet Ass Party otherwise known as WAP

    Evan EllacottEvan EllacottOy oldin
  • DUDE, I can’t handle your acting out of the story 😂😂 I’m dying of laughter like every minute 👏👏👏

    FairytaleFlowers 65FairytaleFlowers 65Oy oldin
  • It’s a college full of high schoolers

    Vinny ContiniVinny ContiniOy oldin
  • Trevor did nothing wrong wtf

    Kacey YoungKacey YoungOy oldin
  • am I the only one scared with how Drew's eyes get all weaird when he's playing Deb? no? ok...

    Falco NozarFalco NozarOy oldin
  • When he wears the glasses he looks like the sloth from ice age

    Julianna LuceroJulianna LuceroOy oldin
  • This story feels like a Wattpad fanfic filled with smut that was written by a 6th grader.

    Alessandra MartinezAlessandra MartinezOy oldin
  • Honestly not that bad of writing its still cringy but a well deserved cring

    rocky linguini boirocky linguini boiOy oldin
  • Ugh, Drew looks the same as he always does! 😒😠

    Allison HelgersAllison HelgersOy oldin
  • What if someone rewrote this but martha is kurtis, tilla is jarvis, drew is drew, trevor is danny. good fun.

    Egg ThanosEgg ThanosOy oldin
  • God your so funny

    LillyLillyOy oldin
    • This is not sarcastic I just genuinely enjoy your content I've already seen this video like 3 times

      LillyLillyOy oldin
  • Suffering is actually one of the few things i know how to do

    SadnessSadnessOy oldin
  • why is trevor wearing martha's bikini on his head? i am confused

    Albina GhimireAlbina GhimireOy oldin
  • the fact that in the acted version the friend has the same glasses makes me think they watched drew's video

    arnoldo lopezarnoldo lopezOy oldin
  • Lmao...I cant even!!!

    girffrommars kissitgirffrommars kissitOy oldin
  • Drew's acting is Oscar worthy

    Henry LechowichHenry LechowichOy oldin
  • Jesus christ, once he got to the beer pong part, I realized I saw the ad of the video version all the time up until a few months ago

    Shadowfire204Shadowfire204Oy oldin
  • Wait I remember they had a strip beer pong ad for that app...how did they not have a video

    xboxgamer3389xboxgamer3389Oy oldin
  • when he said "you in?" hahhahahahahahahahah!!! his face!! o my gosh, i'm still laughing long after he finished the line

    Trinity OlusolaTrinity OlusolaOy oldin
  • Is it weird how Trevor is portrayed as a bad guy in the beginning because he said no to sleeping with someone or is that just me? I don't know I feel like if a girl said no and the guy was acting the way the girl is people would be more upset. Edit: so I watched more of this video and honestly fuck martha she's kinda a major bitch towards Trevor for no reason and it sucks when he's just trying to help her out.

    • frenchïestfry •• frenchïestfry •Oy oldin
  • why does Drew as Deb look EXACTLY like a Brandon Rogers character more specifically, Grandpa

    Hope PapernackyHope PapernackyOy oldin
  • why do i feel like this is a badly written wattpad high school au story

    Jess _TJess _TOy oldin
  • 0:28 KILLED ME

    Lil KookyLil KookyOy oldin
  • I had to google "velvet swimsuit" and apparently this is in fact a thing. It's supposed to be waterproof, I guess. There are also velvet thong bikinis. I'm not happy that I know this.

    generalsleepygeneralsleepyOy oldin