I Think I Found The Weirdest Christmas Movie

16-Dek, 2018
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This movie makes no sense and I love it.
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  • The actor who plays Nicholas looks MISERABLE playing his role in this movie.

    Alexis DAlexis D2 soat oldin
  • “We tweeted ours.” Does Santa have a fucking Twitter account or something?

    Matt The WeebMatt The Weeb3 soat oldin
  • it's that time of year again

    Carly WelchCarly Welch6 soat oldin
  • this is the very first video of yours that i ever seen and it made me laugh so damm hard that i not only subbed but i saved this to my watch later and sometimes i come back to it now and then cuz no matter how many times i watch it i still laugh hella hard

    The Book of LabThe Book of Lab6 soat oldin
  • This is going to get long, so hang on! So, I happened upon your channel early this morning (1 o'clock: I work nights) and watched a video or two. On my way home I started listening to 'I think I found the weirdest Christmas Movie' and instantly knew I would like it. In your intro about Hallmark Christmas movies I was nodding my head. My wife used to watch them, 10 years ago when we still had cable, and I would make fun of her because they were so lame. As you were discussing the 'hallmarks' of Hallmark movies I remembered one in particular that I teased her about called "Christmas Mail" before you introduced it. When you first mentioned that you were going to review Christmas Mail I laughed so hard I had to pull off the highway because I was afraid that I'd hit something. It was like God telling me: "dude your day is going to be awesome, keep listening and don't crash on the highway". I continued to laugh my ass off throughout the drive, including having to detour around a major accident, and glad that I had to spend extra time driving home so I could complete listening to it. I'm going to get Christmas Mail for DVD so we can sit down and watch it together, I hope she won't be too mad at me. Also going to share the joy of this terrible movie. Thanks for what you do!

    Karl IKarl I8 soat oldin
  • “Ok bye” 📱 😂

    Tabby RoadTabby Road9 soat oldin

    Thomas MacDonaldThomas MacDonald10 soat oldin
  • The fat kid from disturbing behavior as a leading man in a rom com? Hmmm

    Joshua MontgomeryJoshua Montgomery11 soat oldin
  • I need to know what the "cable" segment song is, it haunts me to this day.

    Sage the ImpSage the Imp11 soat oldin
  • Someone gave me a DVD of Hallmark Xmas movies, and I watched bits of a few of them (until my brain melted) and I salute you, sir, for watching for 13 hours. They are pretty heinous.

    Freedom FighterFreedom Fighter12 soat oldin
  • The mouse rat shirt, Drew really is the chosen one

    SnivyForSamshSnivyForSamsh17 soat oldin
  • The Clorox cameo was a fun little 2020 Easter egg

    Olivia AOlivia A18 soat oldin
  • Bruh the is the sound dude deaf got me

    Ben FalkBen Falk19 soat oldin
  • 68F is 20C, that's supposed to be cold? I'd still be in shorts and a tank top... also the niece is absolutely adorable

    perfectlyroseperfectlyrose19 soat oldin
  • no drew, it’s because she MISSES the SPAGHETTI

    Laura HarryLaura Harry20 soat oldin
  • this is the whitest movie i've ever seen in a while-

    alfia r.alfia r.21 soat oldin
  • 20:21 is no one going to talk about how tiny that table and chairs are that the adults can barely fit in while the kid who look small enough to fit is on the floor??? They really went all out of this budget

    ArtsyFreakArtsyFreakKun oldin
  • 68° ? You don't need gloves, you need a doctor.

    Happy ThoughtHappy ThoughtKun oldin
  • My dad can thank you being the reason for me saying “road work ahead.....uh....yeah.... I sure hope it does.” Every time I see a “road work” sign. My dads a truck driver n we drive back and forth through Cali everyday. Which means I see an average of 37 road work signs...a day. Every time I see one, he looks at me with the disappointment of a million past ancestors. BUT I can’t sop. Also, I can’t believe myself, BUT, I just BARELY noticed the road work sign in the corner of the camera shot. Also, where do I get one? Also....also...the captions are HILARIOUS.

    Lou BarlowLou BarlowKun oldin
  • This so funny I farted. Haha

    Izabella HIzabella HKun oldin
  • i saw your mouse rat shirt i love parks and rec

    Gunnar WillsonGunnar WillsonKun oldin
  • Watching this video is a new Christmas tradition for my whole family.

    Madeline CurryMadeline CurryKun oldin
  • Yes, answering machines were still around in 2010. We had one until like 2014

    Something ElseSomething ElseKun oldin
  • Who wouldn't say hi to a dog when you enter a room? What kind of monster are you?

    Further_ReadingFurther_ReadingKun oldin
  • This is my favourite video on this website.

    Miss HunterMiss HunterKun oldin
  • Drew I know you were struggling to find a ‘good bad’ Christmas movie but I think I’ve found one just as bizarre as this one! It’s called ‘Christmas Wedding Planner’, it’s on Netflix and it’s completely bonkers, especially the ending lol I’d love to hear your commentary on it! There’s only one review on UZworld for it, and I’m dying for someone to join me in my misery! Happy holidays!

    Miss HunterMiss HunterKun oldin
  • I've watched this video maybe 3 times now & I'm just now realizing that Sweet Home Alabama is a Hallmark Christmas movie.

    leahbobeaaleahbobeaaKun oldin
  • my annual christmas tradition is to watch this video

    Jacquelyn MaiJacquelyn MaiKun oldin
  • I wish every romantic comedy took place at the united states postal service

    Stoopid ClubStoopid ClubKun oldin
  • I know this vid was made like a year ago but SWEET HOME ALABAMA!!

    Saleem WilliamsSaleem WilliamsKun oldin
  • why do you sound like danny

    Sai StudiesSai StudiesKun oldin
    • He is Danny

      ccbibccbibSoat oldin
  • Lol

    Bill BresloBill BresloKun oldin
  • please watch Holly's holiday I would cry

    VeeVeeKun oldin
  • Wish I were Heather

    Rainbow FerrretRainbow Ferrret2 kun oldin
  • When Calls the Heart: Christmas was a season premier for the When Calls the Heart series

    Detictive Castiel MalfoyDetictive Castiel Malfoy2 kun oldin
  • Wish I were heather...

    Kai ClyreKai Clyre2 kun oldin
  • It's December so I'm back to watch this legendary video

    GraceGrace2 kun oldin
  • This is the 4th time I’ve watched this video. It’s a Christmas classic.

    Renatta KRenatta K2 kun oldin
  • "oh watch out there's a ground right there"

    JoelybeanJoelybean2 kun oldin
  • They take off their glasses because they heard “if I can’t see you, you can’t see me” and never forgot it

    Bailey SturgesBailey Sturges2 kun oldin
  • "Why does the drummer need to warm up his voice" as a singing drummer im hurt drew, im hurt

    Evan AndersonEvan Anderson2 kun oldin
  • They spend the 2.5 million dollars on 166,665 copies of hollow knight.

    Traitor LordTraitor Lord2 kun oldin
  • I'm going to first watch this movie And then watch drew react

    Shirin KauserShirin Kauser2 kun oldin

    mm carts34mm carts342 kun oldin
  • In the thumbnail I thought Sally looked a little like Mel B (presently) from the Spice Girls and was thus motivated to click on your video because I wanted to find out why Mel B decided to star in a Hallmark Christmas movie... between that and Jeff Dunham starring as the boss I couldn't stop laughing throughout your commentary :-D.

    Jess gilbertJess gilbert2 kun oldin
  • Woah i just watched jacksfilms do this

    EllisEllis2 kun oldin
  • everytime I see the thumbnail of the video I think it's a stock picture

    nay ananay ana2 kun oldin
  • You should watch channel 246 it’s true tv and has impractical jokers which is really funny

    Kooper CurrierKooper Currier2 kun oldin
  • they said he got the epic guitar whatever award for 4 years running but then he immediately says that he hasn’t played in forever, surely they didn’t count a year as forever

    againnuendoagainnuendo2 kun oldin
  • I'm pretty sure that $2,499,997.5 of the budget went to the sprinkle fight

    Secretchicken 007Secretchicken 0073 kun oldin
  • Man I wish I could play the drums , piano and tiny flute while also playing the guitar

    Sarah GaudetSarah Gaudet3 kun oldin
  • Is nobody going to mention that the boss is the jock from scary movie? and like 200 other things? He's probably why this film cost anything lol

    Shannon DShannon D3 kun oldin
  • Happy almost 2 years to this masterpiece of a video 🖤

    Fany LorenaFany Lorena3 kun oldin
  • I saw this movie out in the wild on Ion Television last night. Even the video quality was shit.

    Chicken StripChicken Strip3 kun oldin
  • "My mommy and daddy went to heaven" The "santa" person: smiles

    Wyxkit KitKatWyxkit KitKat3 kun oldin
  • Ngl When Calls the Heart was an actually good show

    Maybe ClaireMaybe Claire3 kun oldin
  • I used to watch ION Christmas movies and I love how bad they were to the point of being good.

    joelle woodjoelle wood3 kun oldin
  • Ok so i just learned about this yesterday. I actually work at the post office and i asked what i was supposed to do with the letters to santa (not having any stamps and whatnot) and my super told me that they did used to have someone come in on special assignment to reply to all the letters. Now the task is outsourced but i thought that was about as magical as my soul sucking office could be.

    Dan P.Dan P.3 kun oldin
  • You sir are one patient fella

    pakuma3pakuma33 kun oldin
  • I had to think of who else I’ve seen review this movie. Then I realized it... my boyfriends mom made me watch this movie in real life....

    Jordyne SalinasJordyne Salinas3 kun oldin
  • I only clicked on the video because I thought it was Meghan Rienks and Jaackmaate in the thumbnail 😂

    ShemoKamShemoKam3 kun oldin
  • you know im strummin bread on the reg

    Ben HekznerBen Hekzner3 kun oldin
  • I think they were singing: jolly old Santa Claus coming this way don't you tell us don't you know what I'm going to say? Christmas day is comin' soon now you hear old man (yeah I don't fucking know that's what I heard) he's comin' this way with a big old sack. also the boss reminds me of Gordon Ramsay for some reason

    Richie TozierRichie Tozier3 kun oldin
  • Why does she look like my math teacher

    Green Witch StudiosGreen Witch Studios3 kun oldin

    emmieykemmieyk3 kun oldin
  • My favorite kind of missghetti is imtiredofthiswehadspaghettieverydayforthepastmonthghetti

    Mister P4ncakeMister P4ncake3 kun oldin
  • When he says it's time for dinner though it's not, thats actually pretty normal. My mom tells me to come up and she didn't even finish it yet. Love her though.

    chiefsnivychiefsnivy3 kun oldin
  • I love it this movie

    Jose PinedaJose Pineda3 kun oldin
  • Her Chinese is TERRIBLE

    Olivia P.Olivia P.3 kun oldin
  • Drew, this is without a doubt my favourite video on your whole channel and I come back to rewatch it every month when there is nothing else to watch. Anyways I found this so bad it’s good Christmas movie on tv called Santa stole our dog and I feel like you would like it

    Mipi LoftsMipi Lofts3 kun oldin
  • The really insane part is that Matt played Bass, Guitar, and Drums just on a guitar.

    Simon JeffriesSimon Jeffries3 kun oldin
  • whats the song at 0:27

    tommie trilltommie trill3 kun oldin
  • This shitty movie is on ION now..... literally recorded the "I don't have feelings for Kristi North." part on my phone.

    hehe personhehe person4 kun oldin
  • “This vid will be long” me coming from a Summoning salt video, lol only 28 min

    Carl SmithCarl Smith4 kun oldin
  • 68 dagrees that’s weak shit over here 68 is a nice summer day.this post was made by Pennsylvania gang.

    beanaderbeanader4 kun oldin
  • I think iv seen this before but I’m not sure

    Willie DobsonWillie Dobson4 kun oldin
  • Is it just me or do all the scenes in the factory place look like they used a green screen?

    Mr. WhatshisnameMr. Whatshisname4 kun oldin
  • I watch this every year now as a tradition along with the video Danny made about the fanfic you guys made

    giannamichelle07giannamichelle074 kun oldin
  • It's evidently my Christmas tradition to watch this every year.

    Leslie EspinolaLeslie Espinola4 kun oldin
  • This little girl is the best wingman ever

    Cruz Gomez IIICruz Gomez III4 kun oldin
  • Wow I cant believe this movie has a 5.5 on IMDB and I was looking online for good christmas movies to watch and I found it on a list of "Top 100 best christmas movies of all time" 🤦‍♀️

    Canela26Canela264 kun oldin
  • Kristi: I wish I were Heather

    carriecarrie4 kun oldin
  • I love you Drew!

    Andrew PhuckAndrew Phuck4 kun oldin
  • Anyone get the end joke cause I don’t please explain

    save the planetsave the planet4 kun oldin
  • That Little Girl was a Leftover Evil Triplet from The Shinning

    Moviebuff ShattoMoviebuff Shatto4 kun oldin
  • I just found out that the actress who plays Christie North in this film provided the voice and motion capture for Maria Miller in The Last of Us games. Wow. Talk about an upgrade.

    Pullup ProductionsPullup Productions4 kun oldin
  • lol, I just watched reunited at Christmas two days ago and hated it. The best part of watching hallmark Christmas movies is making fun of them.

    chase toliverchase toliver5 kun oldin

    Johanna EllosoJohanna Elloso5 kun oldin
  • I bet this movie is a Koch brothers plot to make people want to privatize the post office.

    N NN N5 kun oldin
  • My mom and I watched a really bad Christmas movie called “A home for Christmas” and it was about this woman who divorced her husband for cheating on her and she ends up homeless. She gets beaten up and robbed, goes to the hospital and can’t pay for it, and tries to go her apartment and gets evicted. And that’s not even the half of it

    Grace SallGrace Sall5 kun oldin
  • *gotta love how there's the stereotypical sassy black character that's only job is to force 'diversity' and support the white main characters. Yay.* /s

    Hi, I'm Cringey, nice to meet you.Hi, I'm Cringey, nice to meet you.5 kun oldin
  • i watched this with my mom because she was watching it and i was like mom this is actually terrible and she was like no it’s amazing! like what are we watching the same thing

    Cassie KCassie K5 kun oldin
  • yeah but like dosen't everyone say hi to dogs?

    Agent DogerAgent Doger5 kun oldin
  • Min 8:35, look at the paper on the wall behind the boss

    Ro FerreiraRo Ferreira5 kun oldin
  • This movie is playing on tv, and it feels so much longer than it should.

    Julio SJulio S5 kun oldin
  • Kristi North is played by actress Ashley Scott, who also played 'Janice' in the movie - Just Friends. She was the nurse Dusty Dinkleman sang Jamie smiles to, although changed the name Jamie to Janice.

    DalexDalex5 kun oldin
  • One of the main reasons I have cable is bc I can watch the MTV classics channel, where it actually plays music videos of several genres and decades

    Haven LeeHaven Lee5 kun oldin

    Remmy the ratRemmy the rat5 kun oldin

    an naan na5 kun oldin
  • So happy this is airing today, can’t wait to watch it. I watched a baaad one last night but fell asleep and don’t remember if he saved her cafe or not...

    KatKat5 kun oldin