Is SNL Even Funny?

31-Mar, 2019
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SNL has been on the air since the beginning of time; long before television was even invented. But... is the show good? Depending on who you ask, you'll get drastically different answers. Here's my opinion.
My favorite SNL sketches of the past few years:
"First Impression" ►
"What's That Name?" ►
"Teacher Fell Down" ►
"House Hunters" ►
"A New Kyle" ►
"The House with Chris Pine" ►
"Undercover Office Potty" ►
Also some cool behind the scenes vids:
Creating SNL: Control Room ►
Creating SNL: Hair and Makeup ►
Creating SNL: Photo Department ►
Check out this video by GrantRants, who goes in depth as to why Kyle Mooney might be wasting his career on SNL:
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  • Keenan Thompson is the new Tim Meadows.

    headbanger1186headbanger11869 soat oldin
  • 2 Broker girls is sick tho!

    Eatinggamer 39Eatinggamer 399 soat oldin
  • Hopefully they’ll return to their glory days when Trump is finally out of office

    chunky unicornchunky unicorn10 soat oldin
  • At one point, it was.

    The Infamous Shawn ShawThe Infamous Shawn Shaw14 soat oldin
  • If you haven’t said the camera was out of focus I wouldn’t have noticed because I still cannot tell a difference after switching back and forth

    Sparky FritzSparky Fritz15 soat oldin
  • Occasionally.

    HarrambouHarrambou19 soat oldin
  • no

    Random PersonRandom Person20 soat oldin
  • As someone who would be considered a Trump supporter, I completely agree with what you said about the show. I'll admit that I don't watch SNL in any real capacity, but the problem a lot of people have with SNL's depictions of Trump and broader media coverage (of which I am discussing) in general is that it's blatantly mean spirited and not really meant to be particularly funny. It's been shown time and again that even with criticism towards Trump, polite and respectful conversation is well received and engaged with (barring blind Trump supporters but I'll get to that). I want to make clear that President Trump is not without justified criticism, nor that any criticism levied towards him by mainstream media is inherently wrong. However, the problems are as such: Depictions with clear political agendas that portray Trump without a shred of humanity or decency are likewise not going to be received warmly by people who support Trump. Even prior to the 2016 election, it was extremely common to see depictions of Trump as nothing more than a blind bigot, a fatass, small hands, weird accent, or doing everything within the writer's power to make Trump look like he has no worth whatsoever and his supporters are crazy lunatics that want to crucify brown people. I've been around Trump supporters and I know these straw men aren't true. The fact of the matter is, Trump supporters have subsequently been conditioned to treat every particular criticism by a major media outlet as garbage without nuance made to make Liberal/Democrat voters feel better about themselves while portraying Trump's policies or broader conservative topics as unrepentant straw men, the same thing Fox News (justifiably) gets shit for. You endure countless personal attacks upon personal attacks without actually engaging in a civil conversation about policy or recent events. I would venture to say that the media creates a kind of feedback loop where Trump-critical writers approach criticism about their show as dumb Trump supporters who just 'didn't get it' and then Trump supporters in kind treat the show as more mainstream media trash that don't understand why they voted which capitulates in on itself over and over again until everybody's swept up in a kind of rage bubble. A very well orchestrated rage bubble coincidentally. Of course, the obvious reaction is to reject this theory and state that Trump gets what he deserves. After all, so many hold the opinion that Trump's Presidency is without merit to begin so who cares if SNL or CNN is playing dirty? But even if you did hold these views, what exactly is there to laugh at anymore? To counter this point, I can recall watching a similar sketch comedy political show I stumbled onto one night from Fox. It was about the guy leading the impeachment charges not being able to walk and chew gum at the same time, and the troubles he had in attempting to do so. Even as someone who hated his guts for the stuff he pulled, I didn't laugh. I agreed, but I didn't laugh. Emperor Lemon (politically neutral) has a great video on this particular subject addressing Jimmy Kimmel's approach to mocking Trump. It details how the jokes are all the same, and the entire practice boiled down to either virtue signaling, or chasing ratings from upset Liberals. Link below: My point is, I want to thank Drew for pointing this out and thank whoever's reading this for bearing with my essay. It's refreshing to hear someone else explain why I don't find these sketches funny without really referring to my political stance or just calling me mentally retarded.

    James CarrinoJames Carrino21 soat oldin
  • I think it used to be funnier

    lolprinseslolprinsesKun oldin
  • I thought the video was titled “is SNL skinny” and clicked right away

    Abigail HayesAbigail HayesKun oldin
  • Alright. Imma be the hater. I don’t fuck with Kate McKinnon. Don’t find her funny. IMO

    Thomas MonfrediniThomas MonfrediniKun oldin
  • Mad TV is funnier

    Emily WoodEmily WoodKun oldin
  • Anybody who says that thelonelyisland isn't some of the greatest comedy ever created has no taste. If you saw that "SNL Original Short" come up you knew it was going to be great 80% of the time back during the era Drew is talking about here.

    macSmacSKun oldin
  • Office potty was great

    Jeff MearesJeff MearesKun oldin
  • The actors aren't bad, but the current writers suck.

    Mercurial PierrotMercurial PierrotKun oldin
  • Pete Davidson is the best. how dare you say he wasn't as good! :(

    Squishveres :SquismallowsSquishveres :SquismallowsKun oldin
  • I never got into SNL, I always liked MAD TV, that was funny!!

    HotspotHotspotKun oldin
  • no

    J CatersinoJ CatersinoKun oldin
  • Andy Samberg, at least for me, made the 2000s SNL what it was. The Lonely Island is some of the funniest sketches they've done.

    Parker CoulombeParker Coulombe2 kun oldin
  • I think by default political comedy can be funny, but it’s not now for two reasons: 1. It’s the same old joke over and over again. 2. In the past, I feel that while political comedians may not have personally liked the people they made fun of, the jokes were just to be funny. Now the comedians are actually making a statement out of the jokes, which in my opinion makes them less funny. 3. I know the Trump era’s ending, but nevertheless if I want to laugh at Trump, all I need to do is watch the real guy speak because he’s a fool. I don’t need a comedian to make a joke about him for me. It’s one reason why I like Trey Parker and Matt Stone: while they would make fun of Trump on South Park, they know there’s more to comedy than just Trump so their episodes’ content have more comedic diversity. Although I do think they need to quit the Tegridy Farms schtick; it’s no longer good and I want to go back to each episode being a new story. Unfortunately, I don’t think they’ll make episodes again until next year because they can’t work in person; it looked like it was hard as fuck for them to make the Pandemic Special.

    PlutoPluto2 kun oldin
  • comedy without an agenda is irresponsible. Comedy can totally have conclusions, change your mind, and be intended to make you agree with the comedian, and still be funny ha ha comedy. I get the sentiment, but it's forgetting that an agenda is just wanting people to agree with you and while that's not the goal of comedy it's very closely related

    Valerie GarciaValerie Garcia2 kun oldin
  • Will Ferrell is not even that funny he plays the same character all the time anyways

    chase toliverchase toliver2 kun oldin
  • who is this little eleven yr old telling me what isn't funny

  • Remember that one skit where the guy keeps saying “more cowbell”? So funny! The band keeps playing music, then he stops them and says MORE COWBELL! How do they come up with this stuff?

    N0TYALCN0TYALC2 kun oldin
  • agree with everything, Hader-Armisen era my favourite, Kyle so undervalued, such a great actor and amazing in Brigsby Bear, chill with the Politics and use Kyle and Beck as the vessel to set a new tone

    AlexAKSDAlexAKSD2 kun oldin
  • He gets a text at 11:25 and it funny cuz that no supposed to be there... haha

    Spenc SmythSpenc Smyth2 kun oldin

    Lil LoubLil Loub2 kun oldin
  • The reason for the fall of SNL is like most things, political.

    Skim BeebleSkim Beeble2 kun oldin
  • I actually think Kyle Mooney is one of the lesser, more bland cast members right now.

    Matt DamselMatt Damsel2 kun oldin
  • The Sean spicer impression was so funny

    Aidan BroAidan Bro2 kun oldin
  • Anybody who says it's not ever funny, then there gonna get a big smack from me. I watched it on the presidential election and the first two skits were hilarious

  • All snl was fun to watch cringe or good

    FRIMFRIM2 kun oldin
  • WTF! did you just explain sports to me!! I genuinely never understood that the team drafts good players and then it depends on the players if they make the team good. Wow my mind is blown rn Edit: I know it sounds like I'm being sarcastic but I'm not, I genuinely dont watch sports. so thank you!

    SammySammy2 kun oldin
  • This is just a personal theory of mine, but I feel like the main problem comes from editing. A lot of new cast members and writers have come from the Internet, where the editing can be the joke. When it’s live, you take away that aspect. A lot of the cast members are very animated, which is good online, but it doesn’t really work in an uncut setting.

    Peyton’s StuffPeyton’s Stuff2 kun oldin
  • Kyle Mooney is a gem in the show yet they keep on throwing Mikey day in my face

    JZRX SOLEJZRX SOLE2 kun oldin
  • Say what you want about SNL Bill Hader is my boy 😂

    Kokichi's PantaKokichi's Panta3 kun oldin
  • 6:41 damn them blind look great when their in focus

    LlamaGemLlamaGem3 kun oldin
  • IMO no

    LlamaGemLlamaGem3 kun oldin
  • TL:DR, no

    ToleTole3 kun oldin
    • But sometimes...

      Cal NCal N3 kun oldin
  • He's just such a decent person 😭 I love how politically unpolarized he is

    Becca GraceBecca Grace3 kun oldin
    • Ikr. He can say he doesn’t like trump without career suicide. Mad respect

      Cal NCal N3 kun oldin
  • something is not funny of unfunny. it depends on what the viewer percives as funny

  • Ah football, something I know about Go bearcats

    TheThompsonGunnerTheThompsonGunner3 kun oldin
  • Snl more like sml so much better

    Logi-ALogi-A3 kun oldin
  • I feel as SNL does better when comedians host. I feel as if a comedian hosts they have a better show because they know what works and what doesn't. Bill bur, Dave Chapelle and espically John mulaney have huge comedic talent and I feel as if they know what the shows needs and what will work and won't. Just my two cents on the topic.

    Malachi AndertonMalachi Anderton3 kun oldin
  • if yall dont realize that SNL attacked Trump so much bc theyre also apart of the establishment ruling class that hate americans, then you dont know much

    SydSyd3 kun oldin
  • I don’t know if you miss the main reason why SNL is not funny anymore because you are a Millennial and you been indoctrinated life your life, but the main reason is ( well other than the lack of talent) is that SNL became a liberal propaganda machine.

    ladillalegosladillalegos3 kun oldin
    • You lost the election, shut up. Why don't you watch the republican version of SNL, it's called Fox News.

      Jordan StonesJordan Stones3 kun oldin
  • Ik no one will see this cuz it’s an old video but I am personally a trump supporter and I just want to say I am really glad to see that ur someone who respects other opinions and also thinks politics doesnt belong in entertainment.

    VyperVyper3 kun oldin
  • “No matter what every cast member will leave eventually, well except for Keenan Thompson cause he’s gonna be on the show forever.” I literally was just thinking that 😂

    Lily BurmeisterLily Burmeister3 kun oldin
  • LATINAS FOR TRUMP ❣️🇺🇸 Trump has a sense of humor but SNL straight up lies about him and people like you believe it.. anyhow you stepped on the minefield you weren’t trying to step on lol besides that I agree with you.. SNL is in a rough spot

    Alexis SAlexis S3 kun oldin
  • 100 percent a stupid political show with idiot demon-rats starring

    Rodney VoissementRodney Voissement3 kun oldin
  • Here’s the thing: not all politics is unfunny. One of the greatest sketches is the “Adele thanksgiving” sketch and it’s super political

    If on fire, extinguish PromptlyIf on fire, extinguish Promptly3 kun oldin
  • after watching this, i feel the need to bring up when adele hosted snl. she was in mostly every. single. skit. do i think adele is unfunny? no. do i think she doesnt deserve to host snl? no. that being said i HATED every single one of the sketches. im not going to go too deep into this but, idk the writing just wasnt good and the way adele delivered her lines just turned me off abt it immediately. especially the sketch abt the bachelor, when she just broke into song. it literally reminded me of the girl who would break into songs to flex how "good" her singing in the middle of history class. i dont hate adele, i dont see how you could. but honestly her being in every single sketch ruined the entire episode for me. it just felt really stale and.. idk just bleh. i got so much second hand embarrassment. i understand that she obviously hasnt trained or has any experience doing standup or acting (as im aware of), so i wasnt expecting much. but since this is the case, they shouldnt have made her perform like she could. especially during her monologue when she pushed the "british people cuss so much more than americans" stereotype so.. HARD. i just, didnt like it. i think they make that mistake a lot. idk i said i wasnt going to go too deep into it lmao.

    khalyah antimokhalyah antimo3 kun oldin
    • the host is always in every sketch... that is the point lol

      egyptiansushiegyptiansushi10 soat oldin
  • comedy always has an agenda.. everything is inherently political lmao

    lien [last name]lien [last name]4 kun oldin
  • Is Drew even funny? -SNL

    PhobiPhobi4 kun oldin
  • Guys I figured out his full Name: Danny Mulaney Gooden

    Shark82Shark824 kun oldin
  • S can be funny especially the early days just my opinion

    MRjackelBoxMRjackelBox4 kun oldin
  • SNL hasn't been funny since the 90ds

    Stanley BanksStanley Banks4 kun oldin
  • whoa there isn't a pinned comment on this video. Did he start doing those recently?

    GodGod4 kun oldin
  • Donald Trump has been on the show. In Nov 2015, so during his campaign, he hosted the show.

    Play AEW By R2 InteractivePlay AEW By R2 Interactive4 kun oldin
  • no offense but i disapprove of your opinion on this one. no offense

    Ethan KokotovicEthan Kokotovic4 kun oldin
  • only americans like this shit lmao

    oppa obamaoppa obama4 kun oldin
  • 2:39 - 2:48 Bill Hader, Kristen Wiig, Will Forte and Chris Parnell are the only funny ppl in that list

    Daz XDaz X4 kun oldin
  • Who the hell even is snl

    zanixszanixs4 kun oldin
  • I grew up watching 90's SNL reruns and that is my favorite era. That said, I really like much of the new cast. I think a lot of the recent cast members were influenced by that era.

    sebastian ayalasebastian ayala5 kun oldin
  • Man says he built me a table. Shows me a bunch of numbers or smth... Where am I supposed to put my coffee mug?!

    GoogolnautGoogolnaut5 kun oldin
  • It has its ups and downs

    I Am The SenateI Am The Senate5 kun oldin
  • Kate makinnon is the most talented on the show right now.

    Orginal ChimpOrginal Chimp5 kun oldin
  • No

    Weeb in a DisguiseWeeb in a Disguise5 kun oldin
  • My favorite sketches are the ones bill header and Fred armisen we’re in. Especially the kissing family

    Black WrldBlack Wrld5 kun oldin
  • So are we just going to cruise past the topic of John Mulaney without pointing out how similar him and Drew are?

    Bran MouchBran Mouch5 kun oldin
  • It's true SNL has gotten a little bit more political, but I mean trump is weird guy...he's been laughed at UN sessions... says weird things all the time...he had toilet paper stuck to his feet once on interviews with helicopter running in the background.... I mean one additional sketch every two weeks...doesn't sounds that bad to me tbh

    sayyad abbassayyad abbas5 kun oldin
  • SNL feels like Nickelodean to me tbh

    MiguelMiguel5 kun oldin
  • Pete Davidson is literally hilarious but every character he plays is a side character or is so flat they really don't use him enough either

    Becca SantoneBecca Santone5 kun oldin
  • Short answer: yesn't

    FetusFetus5 kun oldin

    SaitamaBaloogaSaitamaBalooga5 kun oldin
  • I’m surprised that this entire comment section isn’t about how Drew said he doesn’t like Trump

    TipplerowTipplerow6 kun oldin
    • because it's not that controversial.

      gracie windergracie winder4 kun oldin
  • No. It's not funny. It used to be smarter. Didn't treat the audience like idiots, treated them like adults. Now they have to cater to the easily triggered "woke" culture, and those fuckers have no sense of humor.

    Wayfaring StrangerWayfaring Stranger6 kun oldin
  • OMG You don't need a 16 minute video to know if SNL is funny or not. It has its ups and downs is the short answer ugh. Guarantee SNL is funnier than you always -_-

    Rya SanovarRya Sanovar6 kun oldin
  • Something you quote for the rest of your life

    The JokerThe Joker6 kun oldin
  • snl was very funny but they brung in politics and it stopped being funny

    Trevor StrahlTrevor Strahl6 kun oldin
  • SNL is good and all buy we all know So Random was much better

    SuperAdam10SuperAdam107 kun oldin
  • what no! I really liked this video

    Caitlin AndersonCaitlin Anderson7 kun oldin
  • Van down by the river

    clover leafclover leaf7 kun oldin
  • I think Drew Gooden is my favorite youtuber

    santoshb83santoshb837 kun oldin
  • dude office potty was hysterical

    ////////7 kun oldin
  • Say no. 🔫 I promise I will not get mad.

    Mr.Angel MartinezMr.Angel Martinez7 kun oldin
  • Everyone likes the SNL they grew up watching. Just my observation 😅

    FunhistaniFunhistani7 kun oldin
  • Haha real funny as if you haven't wrote sketches for them before

    sheeshsheesh7 kun oldin
  • so basically: Bill Hader and John Mulaney carry SNL

    Edie HoldenEdie Holden7 kun oldin
  • Trump called alec baldwin alex baldwin and misspelled dying as dieing. 10/10 president

    ExistingExisting7 kun oldin
  • How come nobody complimented him on his Excel skills 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

    Tife AhoveTife Ahove8 kun oldin

    The Archives of GreatnessThe Archives of Greatness8 kun oldin
  • I can’t concentrate while that forehead is staring into my soul

    Just another Jojo WeebJust another Jojo Weeb8 kun oldin
  • why did I click on this? the answer is no.

    VideogameeVideogamee8 kun oldin
  • The golden years of snl ended in 2014 since then they have not been producing as well they still put out good sketches but not as good as 1990-2014. Also that curly haired dude plays the same character every sketch

    Colen LoveColen Love8 kun oldin
  • 4:53 My team is always on a down year

    Awesome DudeAwesome Dude8 kun oldin
  • No it isn’t

    SimpSimp8 kun oldin
  • As an Asian guy, I don't really find all of their sketches funny. Maybe it's because we have different type of humor in every country.

    8teen Official8teen Official8 kun oldin
  • It used to be.

    Just some guy, who plays retro gamesJust some guy, who plays retro games9 kun oldin
  • Ah, to be someone named katelyn

    adorkablesosadorkablesos9 kun oldin