Jumping the Shark

31-Yan, 2020
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  • not that its ended but family guy is still going strong and thats why i like it more than simpsons because it still has extremely good episodes and jokes

    RAGING pandaRAGING panda8 soat oldin
  • Ngl I hate the last season of the gilmore girls which is sad because that show was so good for so long:(

    Katrina AnikiyenkaKatrina Anikiyenka9 soat oldin
  • Gravity Falls by far is probably one of the best Disney Animated Series of all time. They chose to end it at the perfect time and had a solid plan from the start.

    JoshuaJoshua10 soat oldin
  • Scrubs ending was perfect and heart-felt IMO then............ they kept going? Most fans agree to ignore that next season.

    マクドナルドカイルマクドナルドカイル16 soat oldin
  • Twin peaks ending was a perfect ending

    Dalton ParkerDalton Parker19 soat oldin
    • It hurts so much ow ow why why can’t I just have another season, damn you David Lynch all I want to do is conclude this stop leaving it on a cliffhanger, AGHHHHHH

      Robert AllanRobert Allan49 daqiqa oldin
  • I feel wrong saying this but parks and rec in my opinion. I love this show but it was kinda bad when Ann left ngl. An example is Leslie, I feel like her character was less interesting because she didn’t have Ann.

    Hi it’s AbbyHi it’s Abby19 soat oldin
  • I’m pretty sure avatar was going to have a fourth season but they used the funding into the movie and when that failed and that why it didn’t have 4 season

    That GuyThat Guy20 soat oldin
  • Freaks and Geeks got cancelled but ended perfectly and Fleabag ended on purpose and is like the best show ever

    CulkinCulkin21 soat oldin
  • Seinfeld was a very good show with a questionable ending. I enjoyed it because it subverted what a sitcom ending would normally be (Elaine confessing her love for Jerry, the guys getting their pilot made) and completely went in a crazy direction. This is a controversial opinion, but I enjoyed the finale. I'd love to see what Drew and everyone else would have to say about it.

    Spencer BaconSpencer Bacon21 soat oldin
  • I love the Walking Dead but it could have ended when they got to Alexandria. Or right after the prison was destroyed. Never should have killed off Carl either.

    Matt SMatt SKun oldin
  • Topher will always just remind me of David Duke

    Jacob NapoliJacob NapoliKun oldin
  • Here's another example of a story stretched beyond its limits; The Fast and Furious franchise :)

    Ahmed SayedAhmed SayedKun oldin
  • everybody keeps mentioning other shows that ended on their own terms but I honestly think NBC Hannibal's season finale before being cancelled fits the show super well.

    DannyDannyKun oldin
  • That transition to square space was masterfully done bravo

    I am the Adolphin FinlerI am the Adolphin FinlerKun oldin
  • I watched that 70s show a few weeks ago and I completely forgot about Randy 😂

    { Reira }{ Reira }Kun oldin
  • In my humble opinion Avatar the Last Airbender had a bad ending. Third Season Felt rushed, and like it was wasting time and by the time we fight the fire lord I didn't even care who he was other than HE IS THE EVIL FIRE LORD

    km17 km17km17 km17Kun oldin
  • While on the subject of shows that should have ended better why not mention Supernatur-

    LaLa VerdeciaLaLa VerdeciaKun oldin
  • Fez would always would simp for Jackie

    CovesCovesKun oldin
  • Dumbass

    CovesCovesKun oldin
  • another good example is Lost from ABC, during either season 3 or 4 the writers went on their strike and demanded to have an finale date so they could avoid having that terrible ending after 20 seasons, explains why some of those episodes are a bit slow compared to the other seasons.

    Addison WareAddison WareKun oldin
  • Can we all agree that Legend of Korra is awful, and disappointing to all the Avatar the Last Airbender show? yes? ok great

    Sara KSara KKun oldin
  • Supernatural, greys omg too long

    Maddy PaganMaddy PaganKun oldin
  • something i really hate about the later seasons of that 70’s show is the pregnancy storyline. kelso was pretty unlike able to me but he started getting so much better (in my eyes) while he was preparing to be a dad, and then they did nothing with it. brooke left for chicago and they could’ve sent him off by saying he’s going to his daughter but nope it’s creepy spying on women. i really wish they did more with that

    Mentally UnstableMentally UnstableKun oldin
  • Breaking bad could've easily been stretched out more but Vince didn't want to mess with the essence and purity of the show. I think that show is the perfect example of how a show should be paced.

    Youtube OnlyYoutube OnlyKun oldin
    • I mean yeah, breaking bad is one of those really rare shows that was genius and heartfelt and intense, but unlike something like community, was appreciated in its time and was one of the largest shows on TV.

      Robert AllanRobert Allan55 daqiqa oldin
  • R- I A- Want to N- Bash In D- His Y- Skull

    AJAJKun oldin
  • At least supernatural is finally over

    SamSamKun oldin
  • How I met your mother?!!!? We spend the entire show waiting to meet their mother then get to chill with her for an episode or two before she died. Then the two friends hooked up and married and I just got used to it then they got divorced the last episode....fuck that show. I can’t even watch it anymore

    Rachel BubeckRachel Bubeck2 kun oldin
  • Yes I do drug and have kiss.

    StonkyStonky2 kun oldin
  • Breaking bad had the best ending

    Kiddoh 33Kiddoh 332 kun oldin
  • Peepshow had the best ending in television, change my mind...

    pringle239pringle2392 kun oldin
  • 100% best case of a show knowing when to stop is gravity falls

    Axel The Red PandaAxel The Red Panda2 kun oldin
  • Bro you gotta talk about House MD! It jumped the shark more than any other show with the main character going to a mental institution, then jail, and then is somehow still a doctor

    Nina CNina C2 kun oldin
  • Detentionaire was one of my favourite shows a few years ago. It was super fun watching it with my friend. I got cancelled on a cliffhanger. It's a mystery show. I WANT ANSWERS UGH

  • Thoughts on Prison Break??

    Roush GTRoush GT2 kun oldin
  • I never saw this series, which one is the one that is accused of sexual harassment?

    LaChinaLaChina2 kun oldin
  • Arrested Development S1-3 are AMAZING. But once Netflix picked it up, they ruined it.

    Mike VandemarkMike Vandemark2 kun oldin
  • I thought Topher left to go film Spider-Man. It takes a little while to shoot movies.

    TTOF JBTTOF JB2 kun oldin
  • sponbob had perfect ending

    Logan BLogan B2 kun oldin
  • I agreed with everything you said in this video except the fact that Legend of Korra wasn’t good. I respect your opinion but I think you should give it another shot especially since it’s on Netflix now. I do have my criticism about it but I like it overall. Just advice from one Avatar fan to another.

    E YoshinoE Yoshino3 kun oldin
  • The show star vs the forces of evil should’ve ended after season two

    Mia WashMia Wash3 kun oldin
  • Ucuz fahiseler!

    Ömür ÇelikÖmür Çelik3 kun oldin
  • Gilmore Girls too. While it didn't necessarily have a shitty ending, they didnt really explore the issues with Lorelei and Rory. Like they both had their own very real issues, but neither was explored.

    Marissa PercyMarissa Percy3 kun oldin
  • Damn I hate the look of every new sitcom and cartoon. The look of the Simpson’s is half the problem eghhh how could those possibly be funny

    Killian RyanKillian Ryan3 kun oldin
  • Drew....drop a Korra vid....i know there are some spicy hottakes there (season 2 sux)

    EebsEebs3 kun oldin
  • Glee should have ended way before it did.

    Jenna PriestJenna Priest3 kun oldin
  • Your hoodie string..... it's Killing mE

    Isabella D.Isabella D.3 kun oldin
  • Mass Effect 3: They were ready to end with a fantastic bang (literally), but they went on and *made me hate everything for the next couple weeks* I know i’m 9 months late but screw you

    Mr. ChunkMr. Chunk3 kun oldin
  • Schitts Creek :) perfect ending

    AdrianaAdriana4 kun oldin
  • Riverdale for sure. Idk why they're still making seasons lol.

    sourdough toastsourdough toast4 kun oldin
  • Has anyone else seen Santa Clarita Diet? It was cancelled after season 3 because Netflix claims people lose interest after 3 seasons, even though that show ended on such a cliffhanger and would have made for a great season 4. I was so disappointed 😭

    Taylor HouserTaylor Houser4 kun oldin
  • This is more relevant than ever with the clusterfuck that the Supernatural ending was, and the backlash they’ve been facing

    Anu DhillonAnu Dhillon4 kun oldin
    • The memes are great

      Anu DhillonAnu Dhillon4 kun oldin
  • At least “that 80’s show” didn’t last as long...

    Adam HaydenAdam Hayden4 kun oldin
  • 13 reasons why strikes me as a show that could have just ended after season 1

    cubbleshasreturnedcubbleshasreturned4 kun oldin
  • Recent shows that had a great ending: Bojaaaaack and Dark. I know a lot of people were not satisfied with Dark's ending but it was the only ending that made sense. Both endings were incredible and I wouldn't have had it any other way.

    BB &SolBB &Sol4 kun oldin
  • So this show is more of a kids show but still a favorite of mine (sorta) and that is Ninjago, this show was pretty strong but then after maybe 6 seasons, the show started repeating itself and getting worse and worse, and their still making new seasons today, when it should have ended years ago, and the worse part is, is that they keep on changing the art style, so when you look back at season 1 and then look at season 12, they look completely different. And one of my more bias pet peeves was when they kept on adding more Ninjas when they really didn't have to, but like I said the first 6ish seasons were amazing and still love to this day and would recommend it to a younger audience but they really need to stop making more seasons

    Evan RoeslerEvan Roesler4 kun oldin
  • The big bang theory went from quirky and funny to completely unbearable.

    Anish MondalAnish Mondal4 kun oldin
  • Community ended perfectly.... until it kept going Oh and psych.

    Nicole LuptakNicole Luptak4 kun oldin
  • Too long: The Office, That70sShow, Community Just right: Parks and Rec, Friends, Breaking Bad Too short: Freaks & geeks

    Sam GSam G4 kun oldin
    • No, I think community had about the right length, it’s just it got screwed over with season 4.

      Robert AllanRobert AllanSoat oldin
    • I love the Breaking Bad nod

      Mike VandemarkMike Vandemark2 kun oldin
  • i thought parks and rec didnt really need as many seasons as it had, especially after ann and Chris left, but their farewell season was masterful!

    justforenglishclassjustforenglishclass5 kun oldin
  • 5th season of black mirror...

    leon lukacevicleon lukacevic5 kun oldin
  • "if you find out someone you like did something horrible, it'll change you perception of them forever" ummmm danny masterson

    lottylotty5 kun oldin
  • The way they cancelled anne with an e-

    Call me AnnaCall me Anna5 kun oldin
  • We can all agree GOT had the worst ending

    Hibu YomboHibu Yombo5 kun oldin
  • Bojack Horseman was also cancelled by Netflix even though the writers wanted to keep it going, however it had such a natural and perfect ending because the writers understand the characters so well.

    CarlosCarlos5 kun oldin
  • way too long: Supernatural and Grey's anatomy - Supernatural could have ended season 5, maybe been pushed to 6, but by seasion 8 I was definitely getting tired of it. It's like the natural progression is gone. big bad? A DEMON! next big bad? THE DEVIL! The next big bad? uhhh.. a ... ANGELS! THEN GODS WIFE, THEN MAYBE GOD? WAIT NO A WITCH FROM 3 SEASONS AGO AND NOW A DEMON DEVIL WANNABE BUT NOW HE'S GOOD AND ITS ANGELS AGAIN! NOW THE DEVIL IS MAYBE AN ALLY WAIT NO HES BAD AGAIN

    Emma PEmma P6 kun oldin
  • New Girl probably would have had one less season. As much as I love it and double over with laughter, the original dynamic between the characters dies off as they grow up and being their own journeys as adults. They do a better job at bridging the gap and closing out the series compared to T70S tho

    Aiyannah TaskerAiyannah Tasker6 kun oldin
  • Nah screw you man I’ll take all the office I can get

    Mike ManningMike Manning6 kun oldin
  • I think Kora was written by other people than avatar, bc Nickelodeon didn’t want to work with their ideas, they decided to leave the production

    Lia De Inda DaniLia De Inda Dani6 kun oldin
  • I know this is a VERY unpopular opinion but I can’t get behind any doctor who past Matt Smith. I don’t mind Capaldi’s acting but I just feel like a lot of the humor and wit isn’t there any more

    Stefan CastroStefan Castro6 kun oldin
  • Community is the best example of a show that dragged on for way too long. I loved community but after Dan Harmon left the charm left too

    Stefan CastroStefan Castro6 kun oldin
  • I forgot randy by the time he made the 3 flat tires joke

    Keyboard KingKeyboard King6 kun oldin
  • Girl Meets World ended at the perfect time. They were cancelled, but ended really well. How I met your mother, geez, was the finale atrocious.

    No NegativityNo Negativity6 kun oldin
  • also avatar being drews favorite show but not liking korra

    GummyBear556677GummyBear5566776 kun oldin
  • Joey and Zoey101 hurts me in ways i don’t understand

    GummyBear556677GummyBear5566776 kun oldin
  • samurai champloo

    Lil Night VisionLil Night Vision6 kun oldin
  • Justice League Unlimited had the perfect finale that ended not only an arc that spanned multiple seasons but also multiple different DC AU shows. Then they got renewed for yet another season. And they said fuck it, let's have another excellent finale as well.

    lyylskilyylski6 kun oldin
  • *cries in game of thrones*

    Dictator_SenpaiDictator_Senpai7 kun oldin
  • soul eater. the second season wasn't made already in the manga so they just threw together an ending. first season was really good.

    Lily RobertsLily Roberts7 kun oldin
  • A great show that doesn't go on for length is Gravity Falls.

    Koala SandwichKoala Sandwich7 kun oldin
  • How I met your mother was the worst in the way it ended

    Jonathan DaltonJonathan Dalton7 kun oldin
  • SCRUBS FOR THE LOVE OF GOD! 8 wonderful seasons and one of the best show finales, then they fuck it up with the shitty med school season.

    EvilkinevilsEvilkinevils7 kun oldin
  • Six season and a movie

    alfred nikolaisenalfred nikolaisen7 kun oldin
  • Eric's replacement is the worst! Fuck Randy

    Captain DadpoolCaptain Dadpool7 kun oldin
  • The Bold Type should have ended after Sutton and Richard's marriage. Since the season 4 finale was so lackluster, a season 5 is needed.

    Crystal OdiriCrystal Odiri8 kun oldin
    • I also hate Kat and Eva. I was shocked when Eva came out as lesbian but...

      Crystal OdiriCrystal Odiri8 kun oldin
  • I feel like the show Red Vs Blue was and currently is being drawn on too long. Rvb Zero is not the best..but I believe they should've ended the show after season 13 with Epsilons death. Maybe one more episode after to see everyone's reaction..but the other seasons and the new show is unneeded

    Maggie 132Maggie 1328 kun oldin
  • This happened with the X-Files. It started to go off the rails toward the end of their original run and when they brought it back about 15 years later, it wasn't super well recieved

    Anna-Marissa LanningAnna-Marissa Lanning8 kun oldin
  • Topher Grace also had a cameo in one of the “Ocean’s Eleven” movies. Anyways, I grew up watching this show every single day after school. It does suck when your favorite shows doesn’t end it on a high note. My favorite show, Seinfeld, ended Season 9 while they were still the top rated sitcom at the time.

    Matt SextonMatt Sexton8 kun oldin
  • i love big mouth and since nick is a writer i hope it won’t run on way too long and they have a good ending

    abigail spradlingabigail spradling8 kun oldin
  • I think parks and rec had one of the most wholesome ending in the history of sitcom

    coco clowncoco clown8 kun oldin
  • Grey’s Anatomy just needs to end. Like yesterday.

    Aubrey S.Aubrey S.8 kun oldin
  • Post season 3 SpongeBob was a big blow to such a timeless show, but I am glad it forked into some of the greatest memes

    Andrew AndersonAndrew Anderson8 kun oldin
  • You need reading glasses broheim

    Fen WolfFen Wolf9 kun oldin
  • We need to make your vision of the newest season of the office a reality. That sounds like it would be the best season of the office ever.

    LunovaLunova9 kun oldin
  • Sunshine (the movie) sucks.

    Kazushi Saku57Kazushi Saku579 kun oldin
  • Supernatural probably should’ve ended at season five. Like they literally beat Satan, If that’s not a natural end point, I don’t know what is.

    tye mcivortye mcivor9 kun oldin
  • theres this show Scorpion got cancelled and left with a cliffhanger where the people in it went there separate ways on bad terms...no conclusion 😪

    BIG GUY!BIG GUY!9 kun oldin
  • Cheers seemed to drag on towards the end, should’ve ended sooner

    Landyn FrancisLandyn Francis9 kun oldin
  • Arrow should have ended after season 5 when the flashbacks were complete. Though season 8 was actually a very nice sendoff, season 6 and 7 felt like unneeded filler.

    LwNickVLwNickV9 kun oldin
  • omg im obsessed with avatar the last Airbender

    Ella KindermanElla Kinderman9 kun oldin
  • Eric Forman is my favorite tv character

    Xander FoleyXander Foley9 kun oldin