Learning How To Be The Best Reaction Channel

23-Fev, 2019
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Everyone and their mother has a reaction channel on youtube in 2019... but can I be the best? Let's watch some of the most popular ones and see if we can learn their secrets.
No hate to the people in this video, this is just for fun. There are a lot worse things happening online that are a lot less fun to talk about.
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5 fortnite youtubers who've tried not to DIY challenge

  • This is basically the guy version of sssniperwolf and azzylands

    Drift KingDrift King8 soat oldin
  • 5:21 i have trypophobia.

    OOOAHGR! ProductionsOOOAHGR! Productions16 soat oldin
  • The extent of how good this sponsor plug: I didn’t really know it was happening till like the middle wow

    Reid WilliamsReid WilliamsKun oldin
  • That thumbnail def made me actually laugh out loud. The ridiculous amount of views in ridiculously little amount of time. Classic.

    Roman ChrzanowskiRoman ChrzanowskiKun oldin
  • I nearly had a panic attack at 5:21. Fucking trypophobia

    LinaLina2 kun oldin
    • That’s not even an opinion you stubborn btich

      Polluted ParadisePolluted ParadiseKun oldin
    • @Polluted Paradise well who tf asked u for your opinion

      LinaLinaKun oldin
    • Good

      Polluted ParadisePolluted ParadiseKun oldin
  • the best show on disney channel

    CawowineiskawaiiCawowineiskawaii2 kun oldin
  • You're quite a natural

    Anal AAAnal AA2 kun oldin
  • philip gooden drew defranco

    DarkzNightcoreDarkzNightcore3 kun oldin

    Sara KSara K3 kun oldin
  • 1:46 he should be president

    E BrodskyE Brodsky3 kun oldin
  • Lol Tyrone Magnus is also a piece of shit of a human being

    urwrongurwrong3 kun oldin
  • Lmao I filled my scripts while watching 😂😂

    Natalie NamanNatalie Naman4 kun oldin
  • I like the part where he tlked cuz talking sounds nice, especially when it falls on deaf ears.

    ExistingExisting4 kun oldin
  • I don't even know why I like your videos so much. I mean 1: I just got suckered into an 11 minute hello fresh commercial, and 2: you're a little stinker.

    AbstruseishAbstruseish5 kun oldin
  • hey, look the same

    Марко РакићМарко Ракић5 kun oldin
  • my dude said " i should be president because i advised you to buy sticky ice-cream on your first date"- eh?

    Jeseentha JJeseentha J6 kun oldin
  • He should see reaction time and his friends lmao

    questioning choicesquestioning choices7 kun oldin
  • stop faking your name, vincent adultman

    ga1axyselsga1axysels7 kun oldin
  • I love my Nintendo Switch. All Black with Gold joycons. Ignore the fact that people are turningi into Malice creatures because my switch is amazing.

    Monika the cycle-pathMonika the cycle-path7 kun oldin
  • Where's the trenchcoat.

    Weitna CarpitcherWeitna Carpitcher8 kun oldin
  • This thumnail us vladteevee whole UZworld channel

    Phillip LawPhillip Law8 kun oldin
  • he does have a helmet, he isn't wrong

    TroveionTroveion9 kun oldin
  • This dude really just said "where did she get that ceiling fan from" or something along that line has he never seen one of those hand fans

    Dragon girlDragon girl9 kun oldin
  • she just whipped a ceiling fan from out her back pocket and now has a spinning blade on her hand.

    Madison BurtonMadison Burton11 kun oldin
  • Alright Walmart jacksfilms

    SwayDragon -SwayDragon -11 kun oldin
  • Folks, get you a person that supports you as much as Drew's wife supports him

    The Passing StaticThe Passing Static12 kun oldin
  • This is the best Disney show ever

    JOI RINGJOI RING12 kun oldin
  • wait his whole channel is literally a try not to diy challenge and drew failed because he tried to do what he does

    Anders WenellAnders Wenell12 kun oldin
  • 5:01 i spat out my water at this part

    NetherForager 420NetherForager 42012 kun oldin
  • did drew take notes on a kung fu panda 2 dvd?

    S ChenS Chen13 kun oldin
  • Is this the RAMI Guy? (Only Roomie Fans Know What I'm talking about)

    PurcellPianoPurcellPiano16 kun oldin
  • You should have put warnings for triphofobia Drew... I'm shaking right now

    selene laufeysonselene laufeyson17 kun oldin
  • "That's so cool he's wearing a helmet" I'm dead thank you

    Pink DroidPink Droid18 kun oldin
  • “Would you still give your teeth a bath?” And how offput and offended he got with the “5 second like & subscribe challenge”, Man I love Drew

    SimlySimly23 kun oldin
  • omg youre so funny guy

    Interracial Relationship GoalsInterracial Relationship Goals24 kun oldin
  • This is meta. You’re reacting to a guys video of him reacting to another video

    Vicki SoupVicki Soup25 kun oldin
  • *Sees the date this was made...* *Realizes I'm too late 0-0*

    Kali GrahamKali Graham25 kun oldin
  • Lmao the thumbnail How da hell u get 175m views in 10 seconds???

    Kali GrahamKali Graham25 kun oldin
  • I love it that the first guy don’t sexualize woman for clickbait tbh!!!

    BigDickEnergy dinosauerierBigDickEnergy dinosauerier26 kun oldin
  • 1. Love Amanda 2. You give off such John Mulaney vibes

    Raiana KhanRaiana Khan26 kun oldin

    Sam LamsonSam Lamson27 kun oldin
  • Weird. He seems to have disappeared???

    dreamsatnightdreamsatnight28 kun oldin
  • So basically this was an ad

    Shrek OfficialShrek Official28 kun oldin
  • R A W M I

    Miyuu ChannMiyuu Chann29 kun oldin
  • When he referenced to hardrocknick, I *c h u c k l e d*

    Kei TsukkishimaKei TsukkishimaOy oldin
  • I love how he just did a reaction video to his own ad.

    Kieran LKieran LOy oldin
  • The funny thing is, he made this being really sarcastic but all of the reasons this guys channel is bad is what makes his channel good. Like, having the same title isnt creative, but the youtube algorithm clearly like it lmao

    Katie DKatie DOy oldin
  • Wait.... Box?

    Allison PhillipsAllison PhillipsOy oldin
  • Aww yes the hand held ceiling fan

    emperor rufus the bastard of ratsemperor rufus the bastard of ratsOy oldin
  • 1:19 o r a n o n b i n a r y p e r s o n or you might never go on a date because you're a r o m a n t i c a s e x u a l im sorry

    Butterfly ExistsButterfly ExistsOy oldin
    • we love inclusivity

      LilchoLilcho25 kun oldin
  • Thats an impressive segway to the plug.

    Sphakamiso ZondiSphakamiso ZondiOy oldin
  • to be fair Wyatt (Best Trends) was probably somewhat drunk...

    Super Mario MarcusSuper Mario MarcusOy oldin
  • Mess yourself is soooo funny he’s another reaction channel to make fun of

    Miranda- MeldrumMiranda- MeldrumOy oldin
  • Drew and Amanda is so perfect for each other just look at that ad!! So wholesome

    adorkablesosadorkablesosOy oldin
  • 'im so confused" is the 2020 version of ".. ...omg so random"

    ChloeChloeOy oldin
  • Does this guy not know that red toothpaste is pretty common? Like they sell it basically everwhere...

    Rachel McDonoughRachel McDonoughOy oldin
  • What the heck

    • What the heck

  • Guys like this are the definition of shallow and dumb... But the internet loves them

    Kristijan AntolovicKristijan AntolovicOy oldin

  • Looks like there is no pinned comment...drew... (wink,wink)

    Maki EminovicMaki EminovicOy oldin
  • These are the type of people to watch shovel dog and keep a straight face

    Lucas VanicekLucas VanicekOy oldin
  • Where’s the la-croix? I thought he drank that on this channel

    sia razdan4sia razdan4Oy oldin
    • @sia razdan4 nah, this is his main channel, danny gooden

      Alastor But with a gunAlastor But with a gunOy oldin
    • @Alastor But with a gun I thought this was the second channel?? Where he’s a little goofier and crazier and wackier?

      sia razdan4sia razdan4Oy oldin
    • nah, that's his second channel

      Alastor But with a gunAlastor But with a gunOy oldin
  • Ngl i'd eat the box 🤷🏾‍♂️

    jumpman The3rdjumpman The3rdOy oldin
  • 8:55 “i like her”

    kayla harvillekayla harvilleOy oldin
  • I just realized he’s was writing notes on his Kung fu panda 2 DVD

    Another PersonAnother PersonOy oldin
  • You and Danny are so funny but I know you are grew

    Aiden WilcoxAiden WilcoxOy oldin
    • of course him and danny are both funny, they're the same person!

      Alastor But with a gunAlastor But with a gunOy oldin
  • I hope someday my videos are bad enough so you talk about it in a video. It’s a dream of mine.

    Anna BaetoAnna BaetoOy oldin
  • i couldn’t understand the title 🙁 you need to be more clear about what the video’s about. disliked

    f1orencef1orenceOy oldin
  • I liikd the last part of the veedio

    ShitassShitassOy oldin
  • I've even told many of them, that their type of thumbnail, open mouth shocked expression etc, was voted the most annoying thing about youtube in general. But they look off to the side and start rubbing their hands, "take my soul, devil" they say and cast their integrity out the window for money

    Bein OauphBein OauphOy oldin
  • i wasnt expecting to see hard rock nick again. hm.

    Hannah BarnesHannah BarnesOy oldin
  • i am beautiful guy

    Hannah BarnesHannah BarnesOy oldin
  • reaction time feels attacked rn

    Sabrina StarkSabrina StarkOy oldin
  • 3:16 MY HEART SKIPPED A BEAT. I thought it was a real hand...

    Lukas TORNBERG [09Y2]Lukas TORNBERG [09Y2]Oy oldin
  • 1:47 “I should be president.”

    Charlie HagueCharlie HagueOy oldin
  • She likes eating box

    Beef TestosteroneBeef TestosteroneOy oldin
  • I will try not to stick my hand in a shredder for DIY. No promises though

  • I’m going to eat “the box”

    Andrew TurnerAndrew TurnerOy oldin
  • Roomie Official fans: isn’t that the Romi guy at the beginning that Drew was talking about?

    BleuBleuOy oldin
  • I just realized that by writing this comment I'm reacting to a guy reacting to a guy reacting to stuff.

    McFlyMcFlyOy oldin
  • I would think a nasty thumbnail would have the opposite effect than what he's intending. I automatically hide videos with gross thumbnails and click not interested.

    Emily B.Emily B.Oy oldin
  • I edited this comment because it was for my homework and the website they gave didn't have proper editing so I edited my homework here. :)

    rgrblr1rgrblr1Oy oldin
  • This video is amazing

    Decade 24Decade 24Oy oldin
  • i AM a beautiful guy!!

    mannav jmannav jOy oldin
  • I wish there was a warning for trytophobia

    LaughAtDarknessLaughAtDarknessOy oldin
  • 5:01 The kids when someone brings in a phone to school:

    Nikolas LouniesNikolas LouniesOy oldin
  • A reaction of a reaction

    Scam AccountScam AccountOy oldin
  • Why- My trypophobia is now acting up-

    『 ItsACARTOON 』『 ItsACARTOON 』Oy oldin
  • Hello fam. I liked your vid! You have to team up with Bad Friends. Their vids really reminds me of Logan Paul mixed with a bit of PewDiePie. They are a new friend group in California. You should most definitely see their UZworld out and give him a like! 👉 #BadFriendsGoals

    christopher walkerchristopher walkerOy oldin
    • And he does not team up with people

      No NameNo NameOy oldin
    • Oof they are like Logan paul the thats a no

      No NameNo NameOy oldin
  • I also do reaction videos as well. I guess I've been doing my reaction videos wrong, haha

    Chris Gee ReactsChris Gee ReactsOy oldin
  • Man, it's crazy to look back on this now and realize this was the point where everything really took a turn for the worse and he began his spiral into madness and fame... almost historic, in a way

    Kelsey MKelsey MOy oldin
  • Can I marry your wife?

    Charlie MahoneyCharlie MahoneyOy oldin
  • This guy that Drew is reacting to is so boring

    Allison VPAllison VPOy oldin
  • My name is not Johnny

    Allison VPAllison VPOy oldin
  • Oh he’s reacting to the reaction videos I’m dumb

    Trash Gamer33Trash Gamer33Oy oldin
  • Now you are the one with 2 million subs

    Horti CulturalistHorti CulturalistOy oldin
    • "all the single ladies All the single ladies"

      Allison VPAllison VPOy oldin
  • Only 743 dislikes damn good job

    Unseen GalaxyUnseen GalaxyOy oldin
  • As of this posting you have 2.58 million subscribers. So it’s funny @ 2:02 👍🤣👏

    geotechmsgeotechms2 oy oldin
    • @No Name at 1:53 he is talking about how Vlad has 2 million subs... and “knows what he is doing” It was funny to me. But I understand it’s not funny to everyone.

      geotechmsgeotechmsOy oldin
    • Not funny wtf

      No NameNo NameOy oldin
  • Its almost Like Itachi told them to... "get confused". At least thats what I think he keeps saying

    Ethan BrownEthan Brown2 oy oldin
  • That first guy’s thumbnails triggered my trypophobia and now I’m upset

    Alyssa HabegerAlyssa Habeger2 oy oldin