Losing Your Relatability

21-Avg, 2019
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  • this is my favorite drew video its so fucking funny! “ so you gotta WALK😫”

    kiasofia.kiasofia.43 daqiqa oldin
  • Another good example is Markiplier. If you look at his social blade, you can see how much money he's probably making from _just_ youtube, but he donates so much! And his content, dare I say, has stayed the same but now with higher quality. He uses his money to make more content in the best and most creative ways.

    Sara KSara K3 soat oldin
  • Hehehehe Flustrating

    Аdēptus MeçhañikusАdēptus Meçhañikus8 soat oldin
  • I really really really get excited whenever sbd talks about Seinfeld's comedy

    Prachi MishraPrachi Mishra20 soat oldin

    Bella OllieBella Ollie22 soat oldin
  • The second I saw them, I winced because I thought I was watching something on the TLC channel

    Danica TempletonDanica TempletonKun oldin
  • Hmmmm...how do people enjoy this? I cringe at vlog content... it's something so forced tbh. Come along and witness that my life is better than yours, and also you just watched my video, thanks for the free money! There is no quality in the content. People really watch these fools? I think I saw 17mil subs in a screen capture drew showed!? That's fucking bizarre 😑. It sucks that money goes to these self-centred people who could care less about their "fans". To them it's all about money.

    Chanakya UmeshChanakya UmeshKun oldin
  • Imagine the guy who bought their old house and said: "The one who built this house has zero taste, i have to go all the way down if i want to go to the master bedroom from the gym"

    André Yair Correa SalgadoAndré Yair Correa SalgadoKun oldin
  • I came from a family of 5. Growing up, we lived in a house that was too small for all of us and my siblings and I had to share a room. I would’ve killed for a house like this.

    Sally SmokeburnSally SmokeburnKun oldin
  • I love how every time you say "flustrating" you hold back a smile

    J PJ PKun oldin
  • 9:08 “like when they’re showing off their closet”. Very next frame: nice closet. I know, I’m sorry, but it was the opposite of what i was expecting.

    George CaplinGeorge Caplin2 kun oldin
  • So basically ricegum but an American "family" -They flex -They complain -They sit in comfort -They act like victims -Make the smallest things a big deal -Act like they love their fans but really is just part of the milking process -Has a platform made of cringy kids -Never grateful for what they get -Try to make themselves look "nice" but just wants to milk more money -All in all, idiotic and egocentric

    xCali_ FleurxCali_ Fleur2 kun oldin
  • funny you mention jerry seinfeld. I was rewatching seinfeld recently, then got super excited to watch his new (at the time) special on netflix. ALL OF IT was just the jokes from the standup blurbs in the show. disappointing as fuck, at least he's aware enough of his unrelateableness to not write new garbage?

    tes 3ytes 3y2 kun oldin
  • The song Cash Machine comes to mind

    BuBba KuShInGToNBuBba KuShInGToN2 kun oldin
  • "Hes not even a person anymore" xD

    DatGrooveDatGroove2 kun oldin
  • Uravgconsumer is not an average consumer anymore. Lol

    TemtechTemtech3 kun oldin
  • Not gonna lie if you lost your wallet in that 11 bedroom 11 bathroom house then that would actually be a little bit of a problem lmao

    Diego AvilaDiego Avila3 kun oldin
  • I know what he’s pointing at when he says to subscribe, he’s pointing at the UZworld button in the upper left corner, the one that takes you to the homepage. I think he thinks that that’s the button to subscribe to his channel

    One5eOne5e3 kun oldin
  • Try living in a one room hotel for a year and a half with four people and a dog

    Gunnar MitchellGunnar Mitchell3 kun oldin
  • Bold of you to assume I'm wearing pants.

    Filipe ÁguedaFilipe Águeda3 kun oldin
  • Cereal abuser chris brown

    semem 69semem 693 kun oldin
  • i know im late to this video, but my family lived in our house when we didnt even have a stair case i was like the only person to use the upstairs portion of the house as i was the only one with a bedroom there, i climbed a piece of rope to get to my room..... i think a small lanscaping and tile issue aint a big deal

    Roger MacoyRoger Macoy3 kun oldin
  • He should have mentioned FGTEEV

    The Everything BabylonThe Everything Babylon4 kun oldin
  • It's a giggle that they say "no one builds their own house" when Ned and Ariel from the Try Guys actually helped build their own home! Ariel designed it and she and Ned helped the construction yahoos with putting it together. All the while, ARIEL WAS PREGNANT. She went into labour shortly after halfway completing their deck. That is called "building your house", actually doing the work

    Halle HolmesHalle Holmes4 kun oldin
  • Who else misses Jenna?

    questioning choicesquestioning choices4 kun oldin
  • "For every Jenna Marbles there's 3 Ricegums and 4 Ace Families"

    TheforeverlonelyindividualTheforeverlonelyindividual4 kun oldin
  • plz send me money

    Puffy PuppetsPuffy Puppets4 kun oldin
  • Meanwhile I was just thankful not to be living in a tent anymore lol. I will never have anything like those people and I'm okay with that because atleast I will appreciate everything that I have earned and never take things for granted. I just can't understand how easily people can just forget that sometimes people aren't as lucky as they are and may not have had the same opportunities as they may have had. They also forget how very quick they can lose all of that stuff and their circumstances can change in a second. There's people who have went from having a bunch of money to being broke all the time

    Stephanie VarnesStephanie Varnes5 kun oldin
  • You know, I like big houses as much as the next guy- I genuinely have no idea what I would do if I had a house bigger than two floors. What would you even use those rooms for??

    Mel FergusonMel Ferguson5 kun oldin
  • Yeah, about celebrities being unrelatable when they gain riches and fame, I feel like the weekend handled that pretty well. Have you heard about the song Heartless? I’m not hating on what Drew has to say, I just wanted to share.

    Clare McAllisterClare McAllister5 kun oldin
  • I have never understood why some people buy too many and too big things

    artistic personaartistic persona5 kun oldin
  • this shit is why im a communist

    Don P.Don P.5 kun oldin
  • Man, this makes me appreciate simplynailogical even more..

    SaumyaSaumya6 kun oldin
  • Why would anyone find them entertaining?

    Petition to give Forgotten Disney More LovePetition to give Forgotten Disney More Love6 kun oldin
  • When he said because pants I was in the bathroom

    Kally katKally kat6 kun oldin
  • period luv and thats on capitalism

    Ioanna DearIoanna Dear6 kun oldin
  • They could really get an interior decorator. Or a better house smaller, not modern, so it could have a better color palette, and then better furniture.

    •skie••skie•7 kun oldin
  • Lol my family built our own house and I never remembered my mum and dad throwing little tantrums on UZworld or at all..... They don’t have a mansion tho so maybe that’s different...

    XxCloudyDogoxXXxCloudyDogoxX7 kun oldin
  • Your delivery reminds me so much of John Mulaney. You're also much hotter than John Mulaney.

    AsorcisAsorcis7 kun oldin
  • Money never changed h3h3 either. Respect to those UZworldrs.

    mowasab14mowasab147 kun oldin
  • the fact that ricegum turned into what he hated

    ꨄ CHL0E ꨄꨄ CHL0E ꨄ7 kun oldin
  • Sis went from MICHAEL B JORDAN to this guy 🤕

    Hosna KachooeeHosna Kachooee8 kun oldin
  • The audacity of the near minimum wage construction workers to use the WRONG tile in my several million dollar house. It’s a slightly darker shade of white than it’s supposed to be!

    BryceBryce8 kun oldin
  • we can all say that ace family's fans are blind asf

    RAISAH TGRAISAH TG8 kun oldin
  • The trees arent in yet That part killed me 😂😂😂😂😂

    Adisa BabaAdisa Baba8 kun oldin
  • Bro imagine plugging your merch while standing in front of you 11 bath/bed house and then telling people about your new car

    Jjackjos 4Jjackjos 48 kun oldin
  • I hope they all end up with Alzheimer's. Is that too cruel??? Oh well

    Bastion CoryBastion Cory9 kun oldin
  • The example of the artist is a lot like pewdiepie

    Placeholder 123Placeholder 1239 kun oldin
  • Regular people- *ransack the Wal-Mart clearence section for shoes* Ace Family- *Gigantic ass walk in closet full of shoes*

    Wonderous lyricsWonderous lyrics9 kun oldin
  • 13:26 i remember when the title and custom subscribe button was legit above the video

    GrovichunGrovichun9 kun oldin
  • Ricky Gervais got rich and he brilliantly uses it in his monologues

    Juan Miguel NovoaJuan Miguel Novoa10 kun oldin
  • Full offense, but I think their house looks like shit. It’s just all white with no color. Purgatory is the best word for it.

    K.K. SliderK.K. Slider10 kun oldin
  • 10:37 I'm glad you watch Danny's videos. thumbs up

    Ethan KokotovicEthan Kokotovic10 kun oldin
    • @That equestrian Penelope ik but still

      Ethan KokotovicEthan Kokotovic8 kun oldin
    • you know they're like best friends, right...

      That equestrian PenelopeThat equestrian Penelope9 kun oldin
  • Kanye is obviously a god

    Jokrr FaceJokrr Face11 kun oldin
  • All the sheep who follow vloggers like this are the issue, the random shits who benefit from it are only right to take advantage of it. This is just as sad as people playing the lottery. People complain about how difficult life is, how poor they are, while giving all their money to one random winner who’s a loser just like them, but a rich one.

    DBurgurDBurgur11 kun oldin
  • What kills me about the complaint "our home gym used to be all the way downstair" - isn't the point of a gym to get exercise? If it's that much of a problem, could walking "all the way downstairs, then all the way upstairs" not just replace a miniscule portion of your cardio routine? Is that math too difficult?

    Alex PerryAlex Perry11 kun oldin
  • We love Jenna

    Natalie ReglingNatalie Regling12 kun oldin
  • Shit is flustrating though very flustrating

    Refuze2LoseRefuze2Lose12 kun oldin
  • When your yelling to you parents but your house is so big that it echoes so they can't understand you ughhhhh. #relatable

    NotUrFriendNotUrFriend12 kun oldin
  • Lol I wish my voice had an echo in my house.

    NotUrFriendNotUrFriend12 kun oldin
  • help me

    SharkieStrikesSharkieStrikes12 kun oldin
    • no

      ollieollie12 kun oldin
  • I don’t get why anyone would need to have a mansion. Like, there’s 4 of you in total, what on earth do you need 100+ rooms for?

    Mart kenyonMart kenyon12 kun oldin
    • rich people buy luxurious things because they're luxurious

      t.t.7 kun oldin
  • Humans are such deplorable animals.

    Mart kenyonMart kenyon12 kun oldin
  • What bothers me is that Austin thinks this is great content...what bothers me even more are the amount of views and likes these videos receive.

    Sasha NoëlSasha Noël12 kun oldin
  • Every time you or they said "flustrated" I died a little inside.

    A R.A R.12 kun oldin
  • Wow.. that's insanely manipulative. I'm sure there are pre teens buying $100's in merch just to get a shout-out that never comes.

    Roman ChrzanowskiRoman Chrzanowski13 kun oldin
  • "waaah my giant house with my own personal gym has the wrong tile!!! Waah! My life sucks!!"

    Kouta TsuchiyaKouta Tsuchiya13 kun oldin
  • 13:21 I'm starting to think that Ace family are from a parallel universe

    I AlexI Alex13 kun oldin
  • in summary: eat the rich

    lien [last name]lien [last name]14 kun oldin
  • Because pants

    Tater TotTater Tot14 kun oldin
  • A year later im still flustrated

    LiltingElfLiltingElf14 kun oldin
  • I love watching rich people with nothing to do or complain about struggle to find something to say. God I really hope their massive house works out ok for them, I'd hate it if they spent millions and didn't like it. Or maybe I'd laugh myself silly. "Please feel sad for us we're unhappy" Tough shit eh. I just had a thought... they're trying to make a house big enough that they can just vanish into a section and don't have to deal with each other all day. This is like the worlds worst 90's rap video.

    Paul MurgatroydPaul Murgatroyd14 kun oldin
  • “I am not having a shirt on”

    _Patootie __Patootie _14 kun oldin
  • Frustrating*

    encycl07pediaencycl07pedia14 kun oldin
  • So, I literally have been wearing Dollarama flipflops since spring. I do have another pair of shoes, they're my winter boots I bought 2 years ago. Even if I was rich, I'd still buy flipflops, but maybe upgrade to Walmart $$

    Explore with JDExplore with JD14 kun oldin
  • Their new house reminds me of when I cheat in the Sims and give myself an obnoxious amount of money and build an obnoxious house. I wonder if they have a dungeon that they have to walk all the way downstairs......

    SavedraSavedra14 kun oldin
  • 3:43

    justice mildenbergjustice mildenberg16 kun oldin
  • Thanks Drew! I beat Pokémon Sword while watching this video!

    fuzzyhoneybee •fuzzyhoneybee •16 kun oldin
  • The ace family: no one ever builds their own house My dad who built my mother her dream home: 👁👄👁

    Catherine RussCatherine Russ16 kun oldin
    • Your mom must be very greatful for such a good man. Thats so sweet of him.

      Ida FoxIda Fox14 kun oldin
  • He makes the bad things sounds so good with the music lol

    RujanRujan17 kun oldin
  • My

    The real kanna Is back ._.The real kanna Is back ._.17 kun oldin
  • Entitled greedy bastards. It's so flustrating.

    Quest 21Quest 2117 kun oldin
  • I already have express VPN but I still watch the ad reads because they're so entertaining.

    Kylie CarrollKylie Carroll17 kun oldin
  • does he not know the guy from the "ace fam" is pointing at the subscribe button from kid UZworld like if your not happy for no research >:(

    Frog loverFrog lover18 kun oldin
    • So the Ace does know their demographic are little kids. And they are lying, scamming, click baiting, and manipulating kids so they can pay their bills.

      Juliana ColeJuliana Cole8 kun oldin
  • i have respect for shukri sharaf 11:46 😂

    Aettow !Aettow !18 kun oldin
  • 22001st

    Aiden Is hopefully still aliveAiden Is hopefully still alive18 kun oldin
  • "The fitness gym"

    Olly EvansOlly Evans18 kun oldin
  • why the fuck would you have or need a 11-room house? unless you plan to have your friends fucking live there a 3 room and 2 bath house is good enough for me

    alchemistalchemist18 kun oldin
  • I don't wanna say that Drew Gooden and Danny are the same person but the have the same sponsor.

    Arunav DuggalArunav Duggal19 kun oldin
  • They’re not even building it, hard working people in the *old* days actually *built* their houses. These people, are hiring workers to build their house, workers with tools and gadgets.

    Oculus A AllyOculus A Ally19 kun oldin
  • I love commentary videos but of course these people are terrible, did you just make a expose on how money makes people change lol ? M'yuh seven?

    OB1 ADOBEOB1 ADOBE19 kun oldin
  • This video made me flustrated

    Ninki MinjajNinki Minjaj20 kun oldin
  • He mentioned Jenna and now I'm sad because she's gone from UZworld.

    Maddie TannieMaddie Tannie20 kun oldin
  • me when thinking about the ace family: 😬😔😣🤢🤮

    Sadie MartinSadie Martin21 kun oldin
  • *the ace family is really FLUSTERING me*

    Sadie MartinSadie Martin21 kun oldin
  • These people calling you "Ace family" constantly is like when your workplace constantly refers to their slaves... I mean employees as family. Screw them and their bourgeois lifestyle.

    ExperienceItStudiosExperienceItStudios21 kun oldin
  • I would be much more interested if they were just really excited and proud of everything instead of complaining. They honestly could have just shown off their clothes if they wanted too no reason to be modest, everyone owns clothes that's much more relatable then trying to act humble.

    ruthruth21 kun oldin
  • When their complaining about going up and downstairs goes outside..... goes up a staircase

    L1FEL1FE21 kun oldin
  • Iiiiiiii just subscribed xD

    VhersityVhersity21 kun oldin
  • Love to see the youtube and e-fame generation complain.. Its never enough huh.

    psdeluxpsdelux21 kun oldin