LuxuryPranks: Protecting The Kids

24-Avg, 2018
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Sometimes on UZworld, a trend that seemed to be dead and gone for years, resurfaces with a vengeance. Today, we examine a channel called LuxuryPranks and their not so luxurious content. Why is this a thing? How deep does this go? Why isn't my girlfriend texting me back? Two of these three questions will be answered in this video.
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what happens when stars get their own show?
what happens when jake paul and team 10 go on tour?

  • 13:08 awesome some editing Danny gonzalez 👌

    Flash Games and VlogsFlash Games and Vlogs19 soat oldin
  • Its the Dolpin Man boiz!

    HexahegaoHexahegaoKun oldin
  • PLEASE MAKE ANOTHER VIDEO ON LUXURY PRANKS, oml just check their new videos, I’m confused AS FUCK

    Wack YWack Y2 kun oldin
  • Even your ads are funny!!😄

    p qp q2 kun oldin
  • I cant decide if I like Drew or Danny better

    Noah SantosNoah Santos4 kun oldin
  • They are like a bad version of MamaMax

    RusherRusher5 kun oldin
  • For the merch they're just drop shipping for aliexpress. They don't even carry the inventories.

    trident8trident85 kun oldin
  • _LuxuryPranks: the worlds worst horror movie where it's harder to not spot a plot hole than it is to spot a few_

    red and pig radio showsred and pig radio shows6 kun oldin
  • those “Chris Hansen vs predator” videos make me uncomfortable like I recognize he is doing a good thing by catching them, but the way is is oddly obsessed with pedophiles in general gives me the creeps

    Inigo HareInigo Hare7 kun oldin
  • Idk how popular it'd be, but a YT video on how come YT monetized some content on a subject but then demonetized the exact same content from another channel and how the $works on YT. Like, I also confused why a creator did a vide on a missing person and censored herself for certain words but YT monetized a movie using both more dramatic scenes exaggerated for entertainment value and had no problem supporting the creator of the movie.... It was on Gertrude the horrible babysitter taking 2 daughters whose parents were in a circus, called girl next door by jack ketchum, the dramatic movie making $ while the tasteful video was shadowbanned for a bit if that makes sense... Forgot the name of the channels sorry. But why you can't use certain words or subjects even on informative channels making no $ while gratuitous and over the top no respect for victims or families of victims.. even when a new missing person and getting the word out is important and ups the chances of victims being found quickly, those spread the word type videos get punished until it's censored or changed completely....

    Rosemarie KeetonRosemarie Keeton7 kun oldin
  • When he said metal I thought he was going to say men

    Lia JohnLia John7 kun oldin
  • dont ever do maths on my youtube again

    Saya ChristieSaya Christie7 kun oldin
  • You're standing outside little girls window eating eggs, eating eggs illegal, we are taking you to jail.

    laszlo the resistance soldierlaszlo the resistance soldier8 kun oldin
  • I love Drew Golden videos 😂😂😂

    koalakoala8 kun oldin
  • The comment section of this video is the most humorous thing ive seeen innnn years

    Sony HarshikaSony Harshika9 kun oldin
  • ph

    SnoweySnowey9 kun oldin
  • I didn't know you were the "uh yeah I sure hope it does" guy until you showed that sticker!! :O Mind: *BLOWN*

    ๖rēຖ໓ค ๓คгเє๖rēຖ໓ค ๓คгเє10 kun oldin
  • Wouldn't surprise me if some these fake "To Catch a Predator" YTer copies are actual child predators themselves. That would be par for the course with YTers. No offense.

    Nick-E NicoleNick-E Nicole11 kun oldin
  • Is no one going to mention the model # of the ring literally being "wolf"?

    the mangothe mango11 kun oldin
  • 👎👎😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡

    • this comment is hilarious

      Rochelle AnnRochelle Ann14 kun oldin
  • Lol

    RvgRvg15 kun oldin
  • Wait -- Is Drew the road works ahead guy..?

    Chloe O ConnorChloe O Connor15 kun oldin
  • Road work ahead... uh yeah I sure hope it does

    ur a bum bumur a bum bum15 kun oldin
  • Please tell me I'm not the only one that didn't know be was the one that originally said that 😅

    trivagotrivago16 kun oldin
  • chester is a legend

    Olivia MooreOlivia Moore17 kun oldin
  • Anxiety Attack does it for real if you wanna check him out

    Pixelxy8 VideosPixelxy8 Videos17 kun oldin
  • *aww* c’mere *AWWWWW*

    Electro.Dash.666 XElectro.Dash.666 X17 kun oldin
  • Love it!

    Eva ByrneEva Byrne18 kun oldin
  • I could watch you straight for an hour or two with all the sponsora and everything Oh wait I'm doing it right now shit

    No SoundNo Sound20 kun oldin
  • Hey drew I’m a big fan can you sub to me

    Pigdddro 7798Pigdddro 779821 kun oldin
  • my favourite brand "aofly" can't get enough of it.

    Daniel SaundersDaniel Saunders21 kun oldin
  • 5:10 wtf? literally who wants to watch that

    Heather JHeather J21 kun oldin
  • So...wait did you get the ring?

    Ricardo Aguilar G.Ricardo Aguilar G.22 kun oldin
  • Klingon

    raif ranjharaif ranjha22 kun oldin
  • f

    mountainmoonmountainmoon22 kun oldin
  • So did you get the ring?

    Asdruval PerezAsdruval Perez22 kun oldin
  • If the face is blurred, its fake. 99.9% of the time

    Mom I made itMom I made it26 kun oldin
  • Can someone please explain the vine road work ahead yeah i sure hope it does i don’t get it

    Kamilė KlevinskaitėKamilė Klevinskaitė26 kun oldin
  • dream making 3 mil in a few videos, laughing form 2020

    peanut butterpeanut butter27 kun oldin
  • I read the thumbnail as "the heteros of youtube" oh my god i need to read a book or something

    ManicCarrotManicCarrot27 kun oldin
  • First lady says "you set this up in the first place !" Then he says "my wife set this up!".. I thought that was very weird

    Dana BananasDana Bananas27 kun oldin
  • I just imagine walking the streets of Florida and seeing some guys sitting and facing each other in the one guys doorway

    Diamond Car07Diamond Car0728 kun oldin
  • its v cool that u make the sponsor portion of ur videos entertaining. like I actually watch them. and don’t skip. 10/10

    Mia HatcherMia Hatcher28 kun oldin
    • am I now realizing this is a 2 year old video? yes. yes I am.

      Mia HatcherMia Hatcher28 kun oldin
  • The thumbnail was cursed

    supdograinbarffsupdograinbarff28 kun oldin
  • 13:07 good thing you censored that, there could be children watching!

    HumterHumter29 kun oldin
  • So did he ever get the ring or 👁

    cOuchcOuch29 kun oldin
  • When I saw this I thot of anexi war

    Riley ChapmanRiley Chapman29 kun oldin
  • Please sell signs again omg

    Andrew T.B.Andrew T.B.29 kun oldin
  • The ending shot, yeah, I’ve been there

    David LeyrerDavid Leyrer29 kun oldin
  • I’m obsessed with alien Chester

    Gus FriedrichGus Friedrich29 kun oldin
  • 21:20 peep the $1 bill taped on his wall

    Kei TsukkishimaKei TsukkishimaOy oldin
  • Yeah he sales a construction sign as merch what about🙄🤚🏽

    Daisy GarayDaisy GarayOy oldin
  • Totally random but like... is that Not Even Emily on the poster thingie on the background when Drew is talking about Honey?

    Anonymously Strange GAnonymously Strange GOy oldin
  • me when drew was doing math 👁👄👁

    kierakieraOy oldin
  • I mean he does look an awful lot like the road work ahead guy

    M HM HOy oldin
  • Drew as the moon kinna looked like kurtis

    Amber AdamsAmber AdamsOy oldin
  • There's nothing I like more than Drew breaking down numbers. We need more videos of drew just calculating shit.

    Josh MeighanJosh MeighanOy oldin
  • The video where he reveals the ring is called “Why Is Everyone Mad about Everything?”

    Brenda C.Brenda C.Oy oldin
  • ever get the ring?

    Vampire PugVampire PugOy oldin
  • You talkin U2 to me?

    General Waste ProductionsGeneral Waste ProductionsOy oldin
  • Also it's gross to be telling young ppl to message them when they feel like they are being targeted, rather than someone qualified and real.

    TheMangomelon789TheMangomelon789Oy oldin
  • Gotta say Drew. I love you and all but even tho it's a dick move by them they are technically not doing anything wrong. Like sure you making stickers too is fine and a goo thing but those people did just make a good move

    Mootney VlogsMootney VlogsOy oldin
  • My brain hurtd

    Susie EngelSusie EngelOy oldin
  • I saw luxury pranks at a DQ once

    Nolan VNolan VOy oldin
  • Ngl jay station looks like a narrower Davis Aurini.

    M KM KOy oldin
  • Danny... u looks strange... Did u cut ur hair?

    Miguel ZambiancoMiguel ZambiancoOy oldin
  • ✨c h e s t e r✨

    PockyakiiPockyakiiOy oldin
    • Yes we love ✨c h e s t e r✨

      Nehal BNehal BOy oldin
  • Their videos are still the most entertaining videos ever tho it's so bizzare that it's almost like a parody of to catch a predator and all those types of shows these guys are great and I hope they never stop the guys are genuinely funny

    Jimmy HopkingJimmy HopkingOy oldin
    • @Hollow Cup Yes they are.

      Jimmy HopkingJimmy HopkingOy oldin
  • Weed.

    Frigid DudeFrigid DudeOy oldin
  • 13:08 Did he miss the censorship bar? Where was it tryna go?

    MadannMadannOy oldin
    • It was a joke

      Nehal BNehal BOy oldin
  • I remember when i watched this channel before thinking it was real lmao

    NextInLineNextInLineOy oldin
  • Can I 1 like? No ok

    Hold Up! YTHold Up! YTOy oldin
  • Chester is my favorite anime character

    JameyJameyOy oldin
    • yEs

      Nehal BNehal BOy oldin
  • i’m surprised as to how nobody is fathomed by drew’s effort in doing the math for a dumb video

    mintrytheconfusedmintrytheconfusedOy oldin
  • I have a phobia to stickers so

    Jay, a person that exists • 69 Years agoJay, a person that exists • 69 Years agoOy oldin
  • Nice shirt

    fraise_the_milkbreadfraise_the_milkbreadOy oldin
  • Danny looks a little different in this video.

    GamerBoyHHQ 2000GamerBoyHHQ 2000Oy oldin
  • ''why would they push him out the door?'' - drew gooden 2018

    Anna EnglishschoolAnna EnglishschoolOy oldin
  • You dumb moon! Don't you know it's day?!?

    Connor DoubleYouConnor DoubleYouOy oldin
    • ?

      CrampedTurtleCrampedTurtleOy oldin
  • the censorship is flawless

    Carter RossCarter RossOy oldin
  • i like Drew bcs he apologizes for promoting fun merch when its just...his job, and i think his subscribers are mature enough to understand that

    Femo MemoFemo MemoOy oldin
  • I just now realized he was the one who made that vine.

    I am indeed a rat.I am indeed a rat.Oy oldin
  • Parker and Chester: *pretend to catch predators for money* UZworld: "yeah okay cool" MamaMax: *exposes predator communities on the internet for the sake of protecting children while making no money and being a genuine badass* UZworld: "So you have chosen... Death."

    Spooper SenshiSpooper SenshiOy oldin
    • FR XD

      Nathan GibsonNathan GibsonOy oldin
  • oh almost had him 😂😂😂

    Hayyan AlhaddadHayyan AlhaddadOy oldin
  • oooohh... something real racial going on in that first one... :

    Hannah E PHannah E P2 oy oldin
  • GiVe mE A sMOoCh! 😂 who talks like that

    Valeria HackerValeria Hacker2 oy oldin
  • little stickers for little stinkers

    Emily EmEmily Em2 oy oldin
  • how are you catching a predator if you blur out their faces isn't the point so that people know that these people with these names and faces are bad

    moxxi to the maxmoxxi to the max2 oy oldin
  • Are these the same dolphin man guys? or are they both different creators?

    Nanki SinghNanki Singh2 oy oldin
    • Same people

      Charlie GCharlie G22 kun oldin
  • Imagine being their neighbors “Uh... pretty sure our neighbors keep inviting pedophiles over...”

    GiDDGiDD2 oy oldin
  • I legitimately thought he’s the one who created the actual sign “Road work ahead” and I was confused cause he looks like he’s 5

    Alex ValkAlex Valk2 oy oldin
  • yeah i sure hope it does

    GooBeryGooBery2 oy oldin
    • Road work ahead

      Nehal BNehal BOy oldin
  • Your videos are like vine videos... but longer, and not dead

    Ethan BrownEthan Brown2 oy oldin
  • Omg these are the guys from Danny’s video about the dolphin man!!! XD

    Agnethe Birch-JensenAgnethe Birch-Jensen2 oy oldin
  • We watched Coby person's vid in our class about ✨internet safety✨

    Mounisha NidadavoluMounisha Nidadavolu2 oy oldin
  • Is Drew Gooden an accountant and a hitman at the same time?!?

    YBDub 418YBDub 4182 oy oldin
  • The video was so good but I’m so impressed because the advertisement was one of the best parts. Genius.

    Beverly NewmanBeverly Newman2 oy oldin
  • "Jaystation"... Hmmm catching predators? *How* *ironic*

    Plantern 45Plantern 452 oy oldin
  • A way funnier video to be sponsored if it was a apology

    Aarohan DasAarohan Das2 oy oldin
  • "its past 2:00am on a thursday night, and your standing outside a little girls window eatin eggs!" "yeah... i should go."

    Ethan CollinsEthan Collins2 oy oldin