Motivational Memes to Get Us Through the Apocalypse

20-Mar, 2020
1 638 501 Ko‘rishlar soni

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  • Bruh that’s Gilbert Gottfried not Tom Hanks

    GodOf GamingGodOf Gaming13 daqiqa oldin
  • No way Propose day is on my bday

    MalvinangeloMalvinangelo4 soat oldin
  • where's his engagement ring?

    Tuba RashidTuba Rashid8 soat oldin
  • drew i can’t find

    Maddie JonesMaddie Jones12 soat oldin
  • I mean you’re really not supposed to be positive with Covid, it’s much better to be negative.

    lucid dreamerlucid dreamerKun oldin
  • Hello 8 month old drew I’m here from the future to tell you … it gets much much worse.

    The brick JediThe brick JediKun oldin
    • It does

      GodOf GamingGodOf Gaming12 daqiqa oldin
  • I don’t wear a mask anymore , I just tell people that I’m motivated and a go getter and they seem to distance themselves

    Tyler CSMTyler CSMKun oldin
  • LOL the Tom Hanks render was made by @beeple_crap on Instagram! He makes 3D renders every day, been doing it for 11 or so years I think without fail

    Goopy GoopsterGoopy GoopsterKun oldin
  • Im aa huge fan of the beatles. So when I heard those celebrities singing John Lennon's masterpiece of a song. "Imagine". I nerarly DIED

    Pippin's WorldPippin's WorldKun oldin
  • daddy's money CAN, in fact, buy you balls. there's this cool thing called gender affirming surgery and-

    EmmaEmmaKun oldin
  • 5:17 I can't tell if this is edited, I hope to god it isn't.

    Luke LanidesLuke LanidesKun oldin
  • So if a few weeks felt like nine months drew, what did nine months feel like? I’m so sorry you’ve lived through years of the apocalypse.

    Oliver StollerOliver Stoller2 kun oldin
  • These quotes sound like they came from an A.I.'s fever dream.

    ChronostasisChronostasis2 kun oldin
  • How dare drew assume that I don’t come to him for news I’m here for the info not to laugh

    Josi FishJosi Fish3 kun oldin
  • the rock is daddy, danny u silly boy!

    Madison BurtonMadison Burton3 kun oldin
  • Wow. Instead of being motivated, I'm pissed. How tf can anyone find this word diarrhea "deep" and motivational? I give people waaaaay too much credit. You fucking assholes always embarrassing me and shit. Lmao!

    Filthy Fingers of FuryFilthy Fingers of Fury4 kun oldin
  • When its actually 9 months later... BAHAH still distracting us through this very long nightmare

    Anna SAnna S4 kun oldin
  • We really need to be distracted and yur killing it with a big "WASH YOUR HANDS" sign behind u lol

    David LafayeDavid Lafaye5 kun oldin
  • 6:57 Only Indians could-

    Kalpita MookherjiKalpita Mookherji6 kun oldin
  • hey drew... its been nine months

    Bridget ColeBridget Cole6 kun oldin
  • video: seven months ago me: oh my god

    Brooklynn McCoyBrooklynn McCoy6 kun oldin
  • If only he knew how bad it would get

    James HutsonJames Hutson7 kun oldin
  • “Sources wonder why Kristen Wiig agreed to do this”

    Kitty OrleansKitty Orleans7 kun oldin
  • Its finally been 7 months

    Gunnar ReitenGunnar Reiten7 kun oldin
  • is noone going to talk about how 6ix9ine and lil pump and 13 others are following a motivational clown page 😃

    WrennyyyWrennyyy9 kun oldin
  • Is anybody else just binging Danny Gonzalez videos?

    Calvin N.Calvin N.10 kun oldin
  • 8 months in 4 days!! 😄😄😄

    no lol.10 kun oldin
  • "It seems like we've lived through 9 months of this in the span of a couple weeks!" All of us still dealing with corona almost 9 months later: 👁👄👁

    Talia-Rose DiorioTalia-Rose Diorio11 kun oldin
  • 0:18 aaaaAAAAAA

    Hold My SpoonHold My Spoon11 kun oldin
  • You live in orlando, so I'm pretty sure you can handle any stroms, such as hurircnaes.

    Dan KasoffDan Kasoff11 kun oldin
  • 0:18 me: lol *starts crying*

    Pizza WindsorPizza Windsor11 kun oldin
  • If I’m pessimistic I’m either right or happily surprised :,)

    RowanRowan12 kun oldin
  • Oh.... oh we’ll live through an actual 9 months of it Keep washing your hands and wearing your mask, people

    Shanna SShanna S12 kun oldin

    Terran milkyTerran milky12 kun oldin
  • “I’m not a science”-Drew Gooden. I now live by that

    PatrickPatrick13 kun oldin
  • the reason the grammar is so bad is because they're mass produced in india and the translation software they have sucks

    Water BirdWater Bird13 kun oldin
  • that "7 months ago" is both cute and depressing at the same time

    honey Bluehoney Blue13 kun oldin
  • Good news, we are getting close to living though it for nine months

    Be Right Back StudioBe Right Back Studio13 kun oldin
  • Waiting for this video to hit 9 months mark.

    The Same PersonThe Same Person14 kun oldin
  • me when drew says "it feels like its been 9 months of it" but im in the future where its actually been 9 months

    Skye TaylorSkye Taylor14 kun oldin
  • “It feels like we’ve lived through nine months of it in a span of a few weeks” Me watching this after 9 months of it:

    RayRay14 kun oldin
  • 5:39 Why be normal when you can be in a pickle.

    Sanjha KSanjha K15 kun oldin
  • hehe.. feels like 9 months in a couple of weeks, hehe....

    The Ginger EditorThe Ginger Editor15 kun oldin
  • 10:18 as a guy i can tell u i am the most driest texted ever and my girlfriend hates me for it

    frog guy charliefrog guy charlie17 kun oldin
  • hot dog on hot dog

    pyro gamingpyro gaming17 kun oldin
  • aww March the good old days👁👄👁

    Puppii GlhoryaPuppii Glhorya17 kun oldin
  • we HAVE been here for 9 months

    kareem abusalahkareem abusalah18 kun oldin
  • its 9 months now.

    Player _Player _18 kun oldin
  • You know what's even better about these? Some people take them seriously

    momo sakuramomo sakura18 kun oldin
  • Pro tip, you don’t have to wear a mask, so long as you tell the people you expose to tell their grandma to be an optimist. Then it’s not your fault when she dies.

    Aiden Is hopefully still aliveAiden Is hopefully still alive19 kun oldin
  • danny and drew keep making videos on these instagram accounts and i regret to say i recognize all of them as indian. the syntax is instantly recognizable and also most of those google image results turn up in my whatsapp group chats

    undergroundsoul94undergroundsoul9419 kun oldin
  • "It feels like nine months of it" Now it is but it feels like 5 years.

    Luke LanidesLuke Lanides20 kun oldin
  • What is this song 3:26 nvm its Celebration - Lvly

    Poob WompPoob Womp21 kun oldin
  • watching this around 9 month later. feels like decades. stay sane fellow GREGS.

    Choi ChoiChoi Choi23 kun oldin
  • I can't believe this was SEVEN MONTHS ago.

    GodlessPhilosopherGodlessPhilosopher24 kun oldin
  • Why is the internet trying to make chains from Payday 2 motivational

    DeckedOutPistolDeckedOutPistol24 kun oldin
  • 0:28 yes...we r here to be DESTRUCTED

    Blue FireBlue Fire25 kun oldin
  • “it feels like we’ve lived through it for nine months” and now in late october we’re actually approaching the 9th month of covid🧍

    ashes2ashtonashes2ashton25 kun oldin
  • 3:44 Um _actually-_

    Finn ChFinn Ch25 kun oldin
  • The beginning hits different after almost 9 months...

    TafellappenTafellappen26 kun oldin
  • "it feels like we've been through nine months of it" me watching this nine months later:

    Al BentAl Bent27 kun oldin
  • Cut off one head and two more shall take its place Hail Hydra!

    The_One_TitanThe_One_Titan28 kun oldin
  • I too have smiling parents

    Isaiah VelasquezIsaiah Velasquez28 kun oldin
  • 0:13 honey, *hehehe* , you have a big storm coming

    vanessa ramseyvanessa ramsey28 kun oldin
  • 2:03 ... what a line

    younginyoungin29 kun oldin
  • hehehehe nine months like thats ever gonna happen oh shit

    Francis BusamFrancis Busam29 kun oldin
  • This is 7 months ago.....

    Blue Collar Men ProductionsBlue Collar Men ProductionsOy oldin

    Santiago AcevedoSantiago AcevedoOy oldin
  • guys i can confirm these pages are indian cause one of my friends followed these pages and these qoutes randomly appear in my feed but i know for a fact that it is indian

    girl on the edgegirl on the edgeOy oldin
  • 7 months later, its all worse....

    Sammy MarrcoSammy MarrcoOy oldin
  • I'm from the future from where we have ACTUALLY been living like this for almost 9 months and it's felt like 3 years

    JustAbbyJustAbbyOy oldin
  • "Sometimes I wish I was an octopus", Same bro

    Firebird963Firebird963Oy oldin
  • im sorry i j rewatched this but did I just see dark.motivation followed by 6ix9ine and lil pump I-

    Avis SomethingAvis SomethingOy oldin
  • I feel like the intro can be done again today on the same theme.

    Miki Shiki ShowMiki Shiki ShowOy oldin
  • 7 months now

    George Le GoodGeorge Le GoodOy oldin
  • Don't call my mans chains a clown. He's a pickle

    That bloody spyThat bloody spyOy oldin
  • Please put hot dog on hot dog, thanks.

    Nick LaroccoNick LaroccoOy oldin
    • Pause

      Kingeugene 123Kingeugene 123Oy oldin
  • hi im from the future. it's still happening

    lovesickcrownlovesickcrownOy oldin
  • now it feels like its been a couple weeks in nine months

    Kate AnneKate AnneOy oldin
  • Drew Gooden: says bizarre. Me: is that a jojo reference?

    GarinGarinOy oldin
  • omfg I remember watching this in march no fucking way that was half a year ago-

    josephinejosephineOy oldin
  • hate that thisi was posted 6 months ago and the intro is still relevant

    sorayasorayaOy oldin
  • No virus can kill an optimist The virus: this gun can

    I ScottI ScottOy oldin
  • Sooooo...Seven months later and here we are..

    Danny DeVitoDanny DeVitoOy oldin
  • Me watching this 6 months later

    Will GreenWill GreenOy oldin
  • As a trans guy I would like to inform these people that you can in fact purchase testicles

    James AlanJames AlanOy oldin
  • “it feels like we’ve lived through nine years of it in the span of just a few weeks” oh just u wait...

    Tiara. xx_Tiara. xx_Oy oldin
  • 6 months later and 🧍🏼‍♀️ things are worse

    taylor the simptaylor the simpOy oldin
  • lol I’m dead this is too much

    Randris92Randris92Oy oldin
  • I dont know why

    L o t u T u l i pL o t u T u l i pOy oldin
  • "It seems like we've lived through nine months of it in the span of a couple weeks" Oh boy past Drew do I have news for you...

    Emma O'NeillEmma O'NeillOy oldin
  • “it seems like we’ve lived through 9 months of it, in the span of a couple weeks” imagine how tired we are of it now 😐

    kira vkira vOy oldin
    • Answer: very

      unlikelyJupiterunlikelyJupiterOy oldin
  • How are you gonna misspell the *enfasized* words. Unbelievable.

    sisisisiOy oldin
  • wait why

    GamerPepperPig99GamerPepperPig99Oy oldin
  • This is the first video I have seen with 100k likes and only 500 dislikes

    RachaelRachaelOy oldin
  • This intro aged bad... oct. 2020

    Jenessa AtkinsonJenessa AtkinsonOy oldin
  • It's scary that this was made 6 months ago.

    Pranay SainiPranay SainiOy oldin

    Penny GrahamPenny GrahamOy oldin
  • Hi, I’m from the future I am the last survivor. Save your family’s while you have the chance

    Darryn CrowDarryn CrowOy oldin
  • "cut off one head and two more shall take it's place" becareful drew, thats a nazi reference -nazi's

    Anthony ComanAnthony ComanOy oldin