Pretending to be Your Boyfriend (with Danny Gonzalez)

17-May, 2019
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In this episode of "uhhh can you stop doing that?", I take Danny with me down a rabbit hole of boyfriend roleplay videos. It is weird, it is uncomfortable, and it is exactly what you'd expect from a Danny and Drew collab.
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  • This took me days to actually tap on... because i knew i was gonna cringe untill my feet fall off-

    •gacha Editx••gacha Editx•4 daqiqa oldin
  • Are we not going to talk about the horn at 9:59. It builds on the plot, as the were wolf was running through the neighborhood a driver honked to scare it off... it fits 😂

    Amber RascolAmber Rascol33 daqiqa oldin
  • What the hell are those jackets you and Danny look like vault boy

    Nate_orious 000Nate_orious 0003 soat oldin
  • Girls: *watch these ASMR videos because they think he’s hot* Boys: *watch these ASMR videos just to feel something*

    The Pyjama Llama LoewenThe Pyjama Llama Loewen20 soat oldin
  • Pov; You're sick with the coronavirus

    Fanmail AccountFanmail AccountKun oldin
  • yes

    lakabaka lelelakabaka leleKun oldin
  • Idk if I've ever cringed so painfully at anything before this. No one will want boyfriends anymore if enough people see these videos

    Ashley BogdanAshley BogdanKun oldin
    • omg watch Mikaela and Diana's Boyfriend ASMR video. you can see the cringe on their faces its hilarious

      Morgan MarshMorgan MarshKun oldin
  • I'm cringing so hard, I'm only watching because I feel bad to leave Danny and Drew

    Kejla ZotajKejla ZotajKun oldin
  • On the flu one I legitimately got the urge to throw up when he started talking. Maybe it actually gives you the flu? And a severe case of stranger danger.

    Gabrielle ArchambaultGabrielle ArchambaultKun oldin
  • That intro 🤣😂🤣😂

    Dattalex’s ChannelDattalex’s ChannelKun oldin
  • I'm... didnt want my breath to be bad

    Mexican KevinMexican KevinKun oldin
  • here’s a link to my discord if anyone wants to talk

    Six Foot childSix Foot child2 kun oldin
  • Danny and Drew are the best twins ever

    Flash Games and VlogsFlash Games and Vlogs2 kun oldin
  • I'm Jesse :)

    Jesse?Jesse?2 kun oldin
  • That f*cking constant gum chewing is about the most irritating thing i've heard all week

    Nils_the_humanNils_the_human2 kun oldin
  • *plot twist* : They actually are the same person

    LixillaLixilla2 kun oldin
  • them: making the funniest jokes me at 12:30 am: *tries to cover mouth so my parents dont hear me laugh*

    Sophia DiCeccoSophia DiCecco2 kun oldin
  • People that hang with Jesse=little stinkers

    Mad MaxMad Max3 kun oldin
  • The part were they did the asmr im dying 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    Joshua GarayJoshua Garay3 kun oldin
  • Always laugh my ass off when you guys look at each other and say “wanna make a video”

    Adam HaydenAdam Hayden3 kun oldin
  • ' i would never let anyone hurt you' 'no but YOU are hurting me'

    mahek mundhramahek mundhra3 kun oldin
  • I am cringing sooo much, and I am watching a roast video like I am skipping the ASMR part XDXDXDX

    mahek mundhramahek mundhra3 kun oldin
  • Holy moly, I didn't know there would be lip smacking involved. That's like fingernails on a chalkboard for me. Love your stuff... but I'm out! lol

    gutspraygoregutspraygore3 kun oldin
  • These videos make me so viscerally uncomfortable! Especially the flu one, aaaaaaa

    Cola-catCola-cat3 kun oldin
  • Finding Kurtis, Danny and Drew is what has gotten me through quarantine

    It's a MysteryIt's a Mystery3 kun oldin
  • Who actually finds the sound of chewing relaxing??? It’s so grating to me lol

    Sarah DoverSarah Dover3 kun oldin
  • the second kid looks surprisingly like anthony padilla.. and he also sounds like him

    snapplesnapple3 kun oldin
  • couldnt decide if I wanted to shut it off because it made me uncomfortable or keep it on because I was laughing so hard.

    Kenzi louKenzi lou3 kun oldin
  • that's just cringe

    Fernando RojasFernando Rojas4 kun oldin
  • caramel gud

    NicoNico4 kun oldin
  • Dude’s like “no no, I’ll never let anyone hurt you...I’ll just do it myself!”

    Inspiration, Move me BrightlyInspiration, Move me Brightly4 kun oldin
  • Go to 6:52 and turn on cc. You won’t regret it.

    Grace_Maclean _BaileyGrace_Maclean _Bailey4 kun oldin
  • i fell a slepp to this

    Arturs SkangalisArturs Skangalis4 kun oldin
  • Wait are we guy.. Or.. Greg?

    Lady_JaydenLady_Jayden4 kun oldin
    • *Or folks*

      Lady_JaydenLady_Jayden4 kun oldin
  • Guys , not all ASMR are bad. Listen to BoyfriendAudio and Cardlin audio

    RanjiniRanjini4 kun oldin
  • i got so used to danny and drew whispering i got startled when they started crying loudly

    dr pilldr pill4 kun oldin

    dr pilldr pill4 kun oldin
  • i was watching this with my quality gamer(tm) headphones, and it was so cringy, man, ugh. When the asmr audio clips started and he was chewing gum and stuff, personally, i was physically repulsed, jesus christ. My lesbian self did not help in the slightest to calm the amount of cringe. To summarize Omg theyre so cringy how have they not realized, jesus christ.

    99 Dreams with a Hint of a Nightmare99 Dreams with a Hint of a Nightmare4 kun oldin

    It's Just Dem BoysIt's Just Dem Boys5 kun oldin
  • Why is no one talking about the beginning lmao

    Kareena NagpalKareena Nagpal5 kun oldin
  • :so what did you do? :uhh my dog died. :dang. :you lucky

    detail from beyonddetail from beyond5 kun oldin
  • *What the heck happened to your face?*

    Ava BremmerkampAva Bremmerkamp5 kun oldin
  • asmr: deranged man kidnaps and whispers romantically at you

    TeclinsoroTeclinsoro5 kun oldin
  • Plot twist: Drew actually likes these and is showing Danny them to see if he is just a weirdo or really cool

    Ethan kozollEthan kozoll6 kun oldin
  • Why do these asmr boyfriends talk to their 'girlfriends' like theyre babies

    chaotic31chaotic316 kun oldin
  • When did Anthony Padilla start doing ASMR?

    iliana bazeouiliana bazeou6 kun oldin
  • Omg can’t wait for the tour

    Boba FettBoba Fett6 kun oldin
  • HAAHAHA PLEASE- whenever the dude kissed above the camera, drew just panicked, and danny just looked WORRIED while touching his forehead😭😭😂

    Brenna WallaceBrenna Wallace6 kun oldin
  • I'm eating cereal while watching this, and I spit on my keyboard multiple times because I laughed

    Yevgen4000Yevgen40006 kun oldin
  • Danny has a precious smile..

    Bakugo's right tittyBakugo's right titty6 kun oldin
  • I am going to make a painting where drew's face is the moon and danny's face is the sun. I feel like it just fits.

    Kyler EvanovichKyler Evanovich7 kun oldin
  • “They’re not just gonna drive in circles for hours.” This made me start cackling like the wicked witch, so I guess I’m even more of a stereotype now-

    Light PetalsLight Petals7 kun oldin
  • 7:19 Tud Bundy asmr

    Roblox BenoRoblox Beno7 kun oldin
    • Ted not tud

      Roblox BenoRoblox Beno7 kun oldin
  • The bathroom scene was a lil too real for me😭

    Karlyssa DuttonKarlyssa Dutton7 kun oldin
  • “So you understand it was ridiculous of you to call me?” “Of course” “And you understand that I am coming over?” “Of course” *Drew looks under desk* *together* •Wanna make a video•

    Ridley TweedleRidley Tweedle7 kun oldin
  • 2:12 bruh how did i not realize this whole time that's his wedding ring?? LMAO i thought it was just a random ring this whole time

    Ethne AcostaEthne Acosta7 kun oldin
  • Ok Dennis was fine but the last ones were- YIKES

    Kz NotCrazyKz NotCrazy7 kun oldin
  • Dang Drew and Danny should do the ASMR roleplay thing as a job.

    Rebekah PattisonRebekah Pattison8 kun oldin
  • "Oh, a full moon, I'm changing! AAAAAAAHHHHH!" "Hey..." "As soon as I saw soon as I-" *"Ya thirsty?-"*

    《 Broken 》《 Broken 》8 kun oldin
  • Actually fell asleep there 🌜

    Mr & Mrs HudsonMr & Mrs Hudson8 kun oldin
  • i cant wait for them to find out about yagami yato, lmao

    Εφη ΡετσηΕφη Ρετση8 kun oldin

      Krisy RuskiiKrisy Ruskii3 kun oldin
  • This ASMR is so uncomfortable for me 😬😬

  • it's my headcanon that they slept in the same bed

    Jade BeauJade Beau8 kun oldin
  • This video makes me really uncomfortable, but I still watched it like 20 times cause the commentary is pure gold.

    ZedZed8 kun oldin
  • this was my first Danny / Drew video and i thought they were twins for the first minute. Then at 2:13, drew says "Danny we're both married" so I thought "ooh they're married to EACH OTHER, damn married couples do look alike" I have since learned that neither of those assumptions are true and they are not brothers or married. They're just..the same person.

    No ThxNo Thx8 kun oldin
  • 4:45 why is Danny so disgusted

    YeahYeah SingingChallengeYeahYeah SingingChallenge8 kun oldin
  • you were two different people

    Rio SolRio Sol8 kun oldin
  • 5:57 I don't know about you, but I sure didn't hear "gum."

    「S」「S」9 kun oldin
  • i physically couldn’t look at my phone without wheezing.

    Ava MagnussenAva Magnussen9 kun oldin
  • sorry but some subtitles dont make sense to me like at 4:40 it says “adjusts headphones” and “smirks” as a visual commentary, but uh you’d be able to tell that from looking. you use subtitles when you’re hearing impaired, not blind. if you were blind you wouldnt be able to fucking read the subtitles. edit: 6:19 says “pointing at mouths.” 8:08 says “grabs bucket.” i feel like im going nuts someone help me

    doodle bopperdoodle bopper9 kun oldin
  • Poking your eyes asmr

    Molten_ JesseMolten_ Jesse9 kun oldin
  • As a pansexual who has a preference for girls...this made me EXTREMELY uncomfortable

    Luna The Gacha Girl YTLuna The Gacha Girl YT9 kun oldin
  • The second guy makes me feel like he kidnapped us

    Raccoon.with.a.pencilRaccoon.with.a.pencil9 kun oldin
  • 12:47

    Toyz does a ThingToyz does a Thing9 kun oldin
  • To be fair to the third scenario where he's holding the bucket for the GF to throw up in, often when someone throws up the shock is also making them cry really hard, at least it does when it happens to me due to how painful it is to have your diaphragm constantly contracting out of control and emptying your entire everything into a bucket or toilet. The "I know, I know" is a common comforting thing to say when someone's crying and vomiting too hard to speak properly, like he's really saying "Yeah, I get that it sucks and that's OK, we've all been there, I'm here for you"

    RPGLover87RPGLover879 kun oldin
  • A mistake I've made everytime I watch this video: trying to eat

    Abby ScottAbby Scott9 kun oldin
  • 14:27 possibly the best time i’ve ever paused the video

    Ellie BeamEllie Beam9 kun oldin
  • This so freaking cringey!!

    min sanamin sana9 kun oldin
  • "I'm not cute when I'm jealous, shut up" you're right, you're really not, throw that gum away because it's making this EVEN MORE ANNOYING

    Bethany HallBethany Hall9 kun oldin
  • When he said "open up" my head literally jerked away from my screen

    Makennah CrawfordMakennah Crawford9 kun oldin
  • This video made me uncomfortable

    Big Boi JenkinsBig Boi Jenkins10 kun oldin
  • *as a gay, I’m assuming this is just for the straight girls because w h a t*

    •smashed_lemon_drops••smashed_lemon_drops•10 kun oldin
    • I'm straight but if all men were like this I'd rather be single forever

      theatheaKun oldin
  • this autoplayed then connected to my tv DURING the whispering part and needless to say i am not going to talk to my family for a week.

    jellyjelly10 kun oldin
  • People thought the Marvel Universe was well fleshed out. Nah they got nothing on the P.O.V boyfriend universe

    Amelia Taylor-BlasiAmelia Taylor-Blasi10 kun oldin
  • This was playing in the background when I began crying, then they got to the part at 15:03 It made me cry even more.

    XeoneyXeoney10 kun oldin
  • the moment when you realize you and drew use the same bbq sauce: oh wow i use the same bbq sauce, cool

    Micheal ScottMicheal Scott10 kun oldin
  • This is uncomfortable

    Alaina AskedAlaina Asked10 kun oldin
  • I’m pan but not for him

    Tanaka The Bisexual KingTanaka The Bisexual King10 kun oldin
  • The ending with danny and drew being asmr boyfriends was both hilarious and horrifying

    Milkywater aestheticMilkywater aesthetic10 kun oldin
  • 5:57

    Kyle The Motherfucking ManagerKyle The Motherfucking Manager10 kun oldin
  • 3:18

    Kyle The Motherfucking ManagerKyle The Motherfucking Manager10 kun oldin
  • Drew"You're like his girlfriend in this" Danny"I accept" Drew"Danny we're both married" Danny: looks at ring "oh yeah"

    Kyle The Motherfucking ManagerKyle The Motherfucking Manager10 kun oldin
  • asthma attack AFTER bear attack

    Joanna MastronJoanna Mastron11 kun oldin
  • 8:07 *Liquids come out of the persons pockets* "Thanks man the doctor gave me some dude's urine test... Yeah Idk why.."

    Denizly CisnerosDenizly Cisneros11 kun oldin

    Emily RoccoEmily Rocco11 kun oldin
  • The sad thing about these people is that they probably don't have a girlfriend, Which i think is a good thing if they keep posting these videos.

    behind you.behind you.11 kun oldin
  • this made me so uncomfortable i didnt watch the whole thing. i am back a year later to finish what i started.

    Luca AriveLuca Arive11 kun oldin
  • "You suck. You cheated on me, manipulated me and treated me like an object. I hate you. Everyday in this relationship is hell. Im always sad and distracted and i dont want to hurt you more by staying in this longer. Please let me leave" "Nononono shhhhh shhh i know nononono"

    Maria -Maria -11 kun oldin
  • "want me to give you a head massage?" no no please no no no *strokes camera* *sirens*

    Olivia NuskeOlivia Nuske11 kun oldin
  • Toronto bc? Lol that is not a place. You meant Toronto Ontario

    Kalvin NKalvin N11 kun oldin