Ranking Terrible Life Hacks with My Wife

30-Sen, 2020
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egg spray - twitter.com/haught_topics/status/1306638265118855168?s=20
pistachios - twitter.com/minaisagreg/status/1306639918656114689?s=20
bag proposal - twitter.com/gillibean33/status/1306644185357975552?s=20
car scarf (please don’t do this one) - twitter.com/miasohungry/status/1306642231059570688?s=20
apple juice - twitter.com/hanimunart/status/1306643636998860802?s=20
grass key - twitter.com/bubblbudd/status/1306641026522677264?s=20
underwear - twitter.com/sims4foreva/status/1306641624663912449?s=20
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  • Wife hacks

    swood doodswood dood2 oy oldin
    • I hack my wife every time I get home

      Oodles CanoodlesOodles CanoodlesKun oldin
    • D o d u

      Superbulldog StudiosSuperbulldog Studios2 kun oldin
    • No

      sugar daddy Shanesugar daddy Shane3 kun oldin
    • E

      Tired LinkTired Link4 kun oldin
    • Lol

      BatGobletBatGoblet4 kun oldin
  • Testicles.

    Esdor ColdwaterEsdor ColdwaterSoat oldin
  • wife or sister? 🧐

    hs1626hs16266 soat oldin
  • you guys look like brother and sister

    Jesse KautzJesse Kautz21 soat oldin
  • I totally thought the second one was going in a totally different direction

    julissa dcjulissa dc22 soat oldin
  • No human is capable of outrunning a bear-Mr. Professor

    Nate_orious 000Nate_orious 00022 soat oldin
  • I swear I thought that crisps thing was gonna be the dick in the pumpkin trick

    MymanslippyMymanslippyKun oldin
  • You are truly boxboy

    Phil DupreyPhil DupreyKun oldin
  • E G G S P R A Y

    Ian HadleyIan HadleyKun oldin
  • What’s the other life hack with the umbrella and the pool at 12:05. We just skipping that one?

    Logan MLogan MKun oldin
  • i don’t know why i laughed so much when they wished me a happy birthday 😭😭😭

    magick bazmagick baz2 kun oldin
  • IMAGINE driving down the road, looking at the car next to you & seeing that third life hack 😭😭😭

    Heather JHeather J2 kun oldin
  • Catch me with a lawn made up only of keys

    JamesAllen McCune’sButtholeJamesAllen McCune’sButthole2 kun oldin
  • Thought about using the orange pic for the channel?

    n solomonsn solomons2 kun oldin
  • MORE

    Irl bakaIrl baka2 kun oldin
  • holy crap they look so similar

    Jonathan CiprianoJonathan Cipriano2 kun oldin
  • Your wife has BIG Danny vibes

    Bonnie JaneBonnie Jane2 kun oldin
  • Why is no one talking about how alike they look?

    Alyssa ReevesAlyssa Reeves2 kun oldin
  • on run from law for illegal egg hack

    R GSR GS3 kun oldin
  • 7:53 Cock and ball torture

    Rat CamRat Cam3 kun oldin
  • They messed up when they used a balloon that wasn't shaped like a nutsack

    Tiresias393Tiresias3933 kun oldin
  • Your wife's hot

    Michael LonardoMichael Lonardo3 kun oldin
  • Amanda 👑

    Turtle KingTurtle King3 kun oldin
  • sponsored by squarespace this sponsored by squarespace that what about triangletime? you ever think about that?

    eggy emeggy em4 kun oldin
  • Wait by the end of 2017 but it’s 2020 ???????? 🤔

    Emma GhantEmma Ghant4 kun oldin
  • I still think that troom troom is still worse

    Emma GhantEmma Ghant4 kun oldin
  • I’m scared by the fact I was eating pistachios while watching this.

    rpandya97rpandya974 kun oldin
  • 13:52 I just happened to watch this on my birthday 😎

    Moolin !Moolin !4 kun oldin
  • Superb.

    Ta HayTa Hay4 kun oldin
  • Amanda looks different but I can’t put my finger on what has changed

    Pseudo NymphPseudo Nymph4 kun oldin
  • life hacks are peak "your scientists kept thinking if they could and never stopped to think if they should"

    CameraBoxCameraBox5 kun oldin
  • What's bem bem

    Campbell C.Campbell C.5 kun oldin
  • Why do people keep saying this is his wife's channel I'm new

    MRNicoPicoMRNicoPico5 kun oldin
  • no joke it took me almost 2 months to get 1 bowl because my mom didn't buy any

    dulce tyggdulce tygg5 kun oldin
  • A way to make the key thing work would be to put it in a flower pot

    DeeperOrpheus 26DeeperOrpheus 265 kun oldin

    nessa :]nessa :]5 kun oldin
  • Pause on 4:16

    A Epic MistakeA Epic Mistake6 kun oldin
  • the egg spray makes me feel genuinely nauseous just looking at it. it's just so viscerally wrong.

    Eliza W.Eliza W.6 kun oldin
  • This is the first video ive seen with his wife, and seeing them for 5 seconds, i ship it 😂😂❤

    eihwaz359eihwaz3596 kun oldin
  • How are you married? I thought you were 13

    s 9s 96 kun oldin
  • The cake is a lie

    SkeppyFan14SkeppyFan146 kun oldin
  • @12:05 honestly that's brilliant cuz they don't give girls pockets. Just put two leggings on and two pairs of panties and the outer pair is a pocket. Honestly smart.

    Pole TookePole Tooke7 kun oldin
  • She looks lit in those high waisted jeans. Keep it up girl! 🤙🏻

    Pole TookePole Tooke7 kun oldin
  • I wish Amanda was in this one

    Sabina MoeSabina Moe7 kun oldin
  • Yo... slight chance they brother and sister.

    Dylan BadolatoDylan Badolato7 kun oldin
  • “”””is this a bad time to tell you I’m allergic to oranges”””””

    Kofi EllisKofi Ellis7 kun oldin
  • Squeeze those saggy balloon balls hidden from view under a desk, bc nothing about that sounds creepy at all. 👌

    Nuckin FutsNuckin Futs8 kun oldin
  • I’ve gone suddenly camping 😂

    KieranDyckKieranDyck8 kun oldin
  • 🤣

    Anonymous BabyAnonymous Baby8 kun oldin
  • 3:31 POV you are nut

    ThanosThanos9 kun oldin
  • the egg spray made me gag

    39 fish39 fish9 kun oldin
  • why does drew remind me of milhouse from the simpsons with the glasses on

    Paige HerdPaige Herd9 kun oldin
  • Imagine mowing your lawn and hitting your key

    B RichardsonB Richardson9 kun oldin
  • I remember at one point watching drew when he was at 300k and now he’s only 450k away from 3 million

    Will BarnhillWill Barnhill9 kun oldin

    Sage JenningsSage Jennings9 kun oldin
  • Should've used a heart-shaped balloon like they did in the life hack video so it would look like balls.

    Ryyi23Ryyi239 kun oldin
  • 7:22 In what world do life jackets cost thousands of dollars?

    Ryyi23Ryyi239 kun oldin
    • Umm...Its a joke

      Arjun S.Arjun S.7 kun oldin
  • I only watched you cause i assumed you were gay

    Gabriel SchGabriel Sch10 kun oldin
  • 4:03 thats suspicious... thats weird

    Qaris WilsonQaris Wilson10 kun oldin
  • Is that among us reference (pumpkin hat)?

    Herdina PrimasantiHerdina Primasanti10 kun oldin
  • I love how almost every comment has 1k likes.

    clxoudiieclxoudiie10 kun oldin
  • How can you be married? Aren’t you like 12?

    CameronCameron10 kun oldin
  • The life vest made from bottles actually work, it looks dumb but I saw a lot of kids who made them and learned how to swim in them, it was funny seeing a bunch of young boys put empty bottles inside their shorts and swim but it worked 🤷

    RiskyRisky WiggyWiggyRiskyRisky WiggyWiggy11 kun oldin
  • At exactly 7:56, I spit my mouthful of soup all over my phone screen.

    caprimaudcaprimaud11 kun oldin
  • Stress “ball”

    texas_poon_tappatexas_poon_tappa11 kun oldin
  • There is a much simpler and more effective way to do the duct tape on socks thing by wearing one pair of socks putting a plastic bag over it and then put another pair of socks on

    Suzanne Van der spuySuzanne Van der spuy11 kun oldin
  • Do you guys eat your pistachios with or without the rind?

    8BLOO88BLOO811 kun oldin
  • Posture check

    Nick WheelerNick Wheeler11 kun oldin
  • lmoa why do you have a map of the dc metro system

    Xavier DomenicoXavier Domenico11 kun oldin
  • You insane person. I can’t believe you left wet socks on your feet for that long

    Kat HunnicuttKat Hunnicutt12 kun oldin
  • I just clicked on this thinking that it said "ranking life hacks with my terrible wife" and got so concerned- turns out I was just having a stroke

    MaryKate LoglerMaryKate Logler12 kun oldin
  • You literally are identical

    Owen EOwen E12 kun oldin
  • uzworld.info/player/video/m3u-p7Wmc9SPfGs it’s a Rick roll

    K BK B13 kun oldin
  • But... what if you have to mow the lawn? Wouldn’t that damage the lawn mower or ruin the work you put into the hack? I’m-

    East of EdenEast of Eden13 kun oldin
  • His wife look like kenma

    In to the dark adaptationIn to the dark adaptation13 kun oldin
  • “Ducktape is good for many thing, a makeshift shoe is not one of them” Words to live by

    MinceraftMinceraft13 kun oldin
  • Egg

    George UrbanGeorge Urban14 kun oldin
  • I'm sorry but his wife looks like his mom

    Byleth EisnerByleth Eisner14 kun oldin
  • She looks old.

    cold weathercold weather14 kun oldin
    • Lol no she doesn’t. Point out one single feature that looks old on her idiot. She literally doesn’t look old

      Daniel SDaniel S7 kun oldin
  • Her earings are so cute!! TTuTT

    Emily PearceEmily Pearce14 kun oldin
  • Please make more videos with Amanda

    thhomas 4lifethhomas 4life14 kun oldin
  • My compliments to the editor

    Benjamin PhillipsBenjamin Phillips14 kun oldin
  • Wait until someone mows the lawn and runs over that key.

    Ryder HarrisRyder Harris15 kun oldin
  • Mr.rock thinks this is the best video on yourtube

    mr rockmr rock15 kun oldin
  • i read “rating life hacks with my terrible wife” and i was like w u t

    Strawberry-Milk _CowStrawberry-Milk _Cow16 kun oldin
  • how is no one talking about how almost every time drew has glasses on they’re tilted

    ツAvaツAva16 kun oldin
  • i hate that on the website it says “age: under review”

    Zoe PZoe P16 kun oldin
  • the sleeping in the car lifehack makes it look like you got kidnapped

    TekunoooTekunooo16 kun oldin
  • Drew is giving me ENORMOUS ADHD vibes, and I'm loving it.

    Tal CaineTal Caine16 kun oldin
  • Amanda lookin hella cute with them earrings. His husband is lookin alright, I guess.

    SynthslayerSynthslayer17 kun oldin
  • The fact that they didn’t comment on how the stress ball looked like a nutsack proves that their comedic standards have risen too high.

    The NutThe Nut17 kun oldin
  • E

    Maria HowlettMaria Howlett18 kun oldin
  • Im making egg

    Chronic_LotusChronic_Lotus18 kun oldin
  • imagine driving and all of a sudden you see two people and one just has a whole scarf over their face. so comfy!!

    Georgia SmeltzerGeorgia Smeltzer18 kun oldin
  • If she wants to wear a ceramic pumpkin on her head then she's earned the right to, as a woman. I'm tired of men saying "it will fall off" bullshit

    coattailcoattail19 kun oldin
  • 7:52 it looks like he is squeezing a sack of balls, I'm sorry

    Meryem AltintasMeryem Altintas19 kun oldin
  • We have the same set of plates an cups.

    SamSam19 kun oldin
  • Where do you buy ball sack balloons?

    Chrissy CorsonChrissy Corson20 kun oldin
  • 5 min crafts needs to make life hacks to fix problems their own life hacks caused

    Dan the Stan manDan the Stan man20 kun oldin
  • Drew and Amanda do not look like they know how to hold knives

    Coleman HoytColeman Hoyt20 kun oldin