Reacting To My Old Vines

17-Mar, 2018
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In today's video, I watch some of my old vines and make faces and words in response. I am the first person to ever do this, so if anyone else does it, let them know they are stealing from me. It was my idea that I had and if someone else does it they should go to jail. I’d love to be the one to arrest them too, so if anyone has some handcuffs I can borrow for when someone steals this idea from me and I have to incarcerate them myself, let me know.
Edit: just saw that there are literally thousands of videos like this one. Sorry about what I said before. If I could delete it I would, but unfortunately I can’t. Also, can no one arrest me, please? I know I said originally that that’s what the punishment should be for stealing a video idea, but I’m now thinking we should just issue a warning instead. I’ll consider myself warned.
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  • Me and my sister quote the road work ahead vine every time we pass a road work ahead sign while she is driving

    Alex DickeyAlex Dickey7 soat oldin
  • Ugh I can’t believe you’ve done this!

    Jay Balvin ManeJay Balvin Mane14 soat oldin
  • Me at the start: ThAtS rEaLy YoU

    14 soat oldin
  • Wair, you are the guy who made the "road work ahead" one? Omg I never used vine but I fucking loved it when I saw it on a compilation, One of my favs for sure. Crazy to randomly see your youtube channel

    BoguiBogui15 soat oldin
  • I was so confused at first why it looked like a girl instead of a boy lmao

    EasyDubsBroEasyDubsBro20 soat oldin
  • Bruh i was confused up until the point where he was like “uh i figured out what happened, uh, that wasnt me”

    Jakob YarnsJakob YarnsKun oldin
  • Back in 7th grade, so many kids wore the costume of the Road Work Ahead vine

    Crystal OdiriCrystal OdiriKun oldin
  • Drew taking about filming the Wendy's video is the cutest thing ever

    Cat ArrisCat ArrisKun oldin
  • Okay I HATED Vine for the most part, I just don't think six seconds is long enough for a video, Vine compilations drive me crazy because they just jump from thing to thing way too fast, but every time I see a road work sign I go "uh, I sure hope it does!" so. thanks for that

    Felix KahnFelix KahnKun oldin
  • I loved this video. There's so much depth to him

    CaipiranhaCaipiranhaKun oldin
  • My friends name is Payton McCall, she didn't know how to swim and she never had a bf...... A lil sus

    Alexus KortasAlexus KortasKun oldin
  • 8:24 is that Paul Zimmer?

    K AK A2 kun oldin
  • Can we just appreciate how good he looks? 👁️👄👁️

    Iqbal QadirIqbal Qadir2 kun oldin
  • *kuntry boi, i luh yuuu* *m l e w h*

    Madison HoltMadison Holt2 kun oldin
  • 2018: 407,000 subscribers 2020: 2.65M subscribers

    Lora CogginsLora Coggins2 kun oldin
  • that vine did inspire people! for example, in inspired a girl in my sorority to steal a nearby roadwork ahead sign :)))

    ChristyChristy3 kun oldin
  • Please add captions and/or turn on auto captions

    Pole TookePole Tooke3 kun oldin
  • Every goddamn time I watch this video (definitely too many to count but not enough to be satisfied) I always get confused at the first with the little girl. I’ve never been like “oh I didn’t know Drew was trans”, but I always think it some fellow vibe he saw that would be childish and annoying because that’s how she create...

    She took The kidsShe took The kids4 kun oldin
  • 15:20 imagine being a kid in that crowd who doesn’t know what’s goin on

    Mega FurryMega Furry4 kun oldin
  • The wendy skit is actually really funny :D

    Shanti HaringShanti Haring4 kun oldin
  • I was cleaning while watching this and I was so confused for a minute- 😭

    Weird KidWeird Kid6 kun oldin
  • ass pal! drewy drew drew toey woey woey!~

    demonsophdemonsoph6 kun oldin
  • drew, your crazy!!! but, well I must admit I like that! I bite back babes

    demonsophdemonsoph6 kun oldin
  • 7:17 my man legit had an ad and then proceeded to do his sponsor

    0zone0zone6 kun oldin
  • Him talking about his two clones. I didn't know Danny and Kurtis felt that way about each other.

    0zone0zone6 kun oldin
  • 0:14 It is Danny

    0zone0zone6 kun oldin
  • I think the lacrosse vine is one of his best. gets me every time. no idea why

    Dirk WentzDirk Wentz6 kun oldin
  • I appreciate the amount of effort he exerts just so he doesn’t have to interact with other humans

    UrsaUrsa7 kun oldin
  • No silly! U got 2.64 million sub smh

    Alpha10priorAlpha10prior8 kun oldin
  • Nice vines Danny

    s8ns8n8 kun oldin
  • thought he was a trans

    snaxz100snaxz1008 kun oldin
  • I understand the “anyone could’ve said it, so I said it and it blew up”. Over on Reddit I said “I’m 14” and they replied “Then what are you doing on an NSFW post” and I said “I don’t go to work” and it got over 120 awards. That’s a simple observation I’m sure many people have made before, but I said it and it blew up.

    Рози РозаРози Роза9 kun oldin
  • I come back to this video every so often just to watch "What the hell!? This isn't me!" because it makes me laugh so damn hard.

    LegownzLegownz9 kun oldin
  • My band was going to a competition and we passed a road work sign and everyone quoted the road work vine simultaneously

    Sammi WilliamsSammi Williams9 kun oldin
  • i love the lacrosse practice vine it makes me laugh out loud every time XD

    Alexis RubertinoAlexis Rubertino9 kun oldin
  • i did'nt know drew was a little girl

    Sajan SahikarmiSajan Sahikarmi9 kun oldin
  • You made me look up if he is transgender

    Saad HeheSaad Hehe9 kun oldin
  • I never knew you were the road work ahead guy until now!😂

    Angie UvaAngie Uva10 kun oldin

    TorettaToretta10 kun oldin
    • @wesley yes, yes I am

      TorettaToretta9 kun oldin
    • i cant tell if ur joking or not

      wesleywesley10 kun oldin
  • imagine thinking you came up with "i thought my name was"'s a bill cosby bit from like the 70s. "but dad i'm Jesus Christ" look it up. it's amazing.

    Eric GerwatowskiEric Gerwatowski10 kun oldin
  • This was really cute and I’ve been thinking about starting a UZworld channel for a while because it’s so relaxing watching other people’s funny content so that motivational speech was really nice

    Lalabunny BunbunLalabunny Bunbun11 kun oldin
  • actually crying at "is wendy working today"

    Ridley TweedleRidley Tweedle11 kun oldin
  • aww. 407,000. how cute...

    Ridley TweedleRidley Tweedle11 kun oldin
  • For a second I thought he was a girl once

    GREG CROCGREG CROC11 kun oldin
  • I couldn’t figure out what was happening at the beginning...

    painted jellybeanspainted jellybeans11 kun oldin
  • So I’m new to watching drew and I had no idea he made vines and for SOME REASON I thought he was trans 😭😭

    prod leshenprod leshen11 kun oldin
  • Every time I see a 'road work' sign I say this vine and my mom doesn't understand. You know how stupid it is to have to take 30 minutes explaining this to my mother. She is 61 years old.

    Lilith AutzLilith Autz12 kun oldin
  • Every time my brother and I are in the car and see a Road Work Ahead sign we say, in unison, “road work ahead? Yeah, I sure hope it does.” My parents don’t understand us.

    ᄂHimiko TogaᄀᄂHimiko Togaᄀ12 kun oldin
  • The story behind those vines just makes them better.

    patronustrippatronustrip12 kun oldin
  • No one: Absolutely no one: Me: iF yOuR rEaL aBoUt MaYoNaSsE

    Lynsey JonesLynsey Jones13 kun oldin
  • I was so FUCKING CONFUSED at the beginning lmfao

    Heather JHeather J13 kun oldin
  • I rewatch this video all of the time Idk I think it’s nice to see someone reacting to their old content and clearly being proud of it and the second hand nostalgia *kisses a chef* Keep it up baybee

    Tyler WilkinsTyler Wilkins14 kun oldin
  • Drew: no one cares that much about mayonnaise me, after watching a guy read and react to an article where someone wrote how important mayonnaise is to America and implying they hated their daughter because she didn't like mayo: uh...

    lapidotlapidot14 kun oldin
  • hehe legit in my band class we had a sub and just watched vines the entire time. when the road work ahead one came on, we were all just reciting it perfectly-

    Marcella MilesMarcella Miles15 kun oldin
  • I was actually so confused at the start

    Cal NCal N15 kun oldin
  • I HAD NO IDEA YOU WERE THE “ROAD WORK AHEAD” GUY!!!! Oh my god!!! That’s on my top 10 favorites list

    RachaelRachael15 kun oldin
  • When you didn’t have Vine so you had to watch crappy compilations on UZworld-

    JOI RINGJOI RING16 kun oldin
  • I made the road work ahead joke to my dad. He said it wasnt funny. We are no longer on speaking terms

    spare change for a crippling meth addictionspare change for a crippling meth addiction16 kun oldin
  • I got so confused at first

    Med MohamedMed Mohamed16 kun oldin
  • I'm so dumb and sleep deprived, I thought that first girl was drew

    Eri EriEri Eri16 kun oldin
  • I like the mentality of your shirt. After watching this I have built 10 apartment buildings 64 cat cafes and planted and raised 579 trees

    DewDew17 kun oldin
  • i want an answer what did the: "road work ahead uh yeah i sure hope it does" vine mean, i don't get it.

    roxana Mroxana M18 kun oldin
    • Is this comment a joke? Cause like if it's not I'll explain it to you but I'm just double checking.

      Patrick LoftisPatrick Loftis17 kun oldin
  • where you an boy or girl?!!?!?

    Jakeyy HillerJakeyy Hiller18 kun oldin
    • He was watching that girl's vines as a joke. That's not actually him. Hope this helps.

      Patrick LoftisPatrick Loftis17 kun oldin
  • Drew you the king

    St.Paddy 813St.Paddy 81318 kun oldin
  • Oh my gosh. The peanut butter vine made me die laughing. Ngl it was so jarring, and knowing your sense of humor better now with UZworld it's aged like fine wine. Hahahahaha. Chef's kiss

    Heather MHeather M19 kun oldin
  • Little tree with glasses

    M WachterM Wachter19 kun oldin
  • "2 videos in 1 week? Who's this guy and what did he do with Drew?" "Rest assured, he's in the basement."

    StonkesStonkes20 kun oldin
  • From 100k to 2.6 million subscribers in 2 years gj

    Adonijah JonesAdonijah Jones20 kun oldin
  • He could have made a great prequel joke in the intro

    Ezra WoodwardEzra Woodward20 kun oldin
  • Drew’s vine humor was way ahead of its time

    m jm j20 kun oldin
  • Why tf do all the “I didn’t know drew was the road work ahead guy” comments have all the likes

    Turtle TurtleTurtle Turtle21 kun oldin
    • Right?

      Patrick LoftisPatrick Loftis17 kun oldin

    Cal CatCal Cat21 kun oldin
  • that shirt makes sense now

    I STAN TWICEI STAN TWICE21 kun oldin
  • He kinda looks like that vine guy

    Taping SucksTaping Sucks21 kun oldin
    • Yeah I know

      ohvurdatop247ohvurdatop24721 kun oldin
  • I actually really love the two ducks vine 😂 I think it just catches me off guard

    Kwill BeeKwill Bee22 kun oldin
  • andrew, dont interrupt

    peppermintpeppermint22 kun oldin
  • *D O I T*

    Stupid_gamingHDStupid_gamingHD22 kun oldin
  • Wood fired pizza? How will pizza get a job now?

    BixlsBixls22 kun oldin
  • he kiddo can you give me the... _T O O L_

    Hunter HurstHunter Hurst23 kun oldin
  • I was very confused at first

    MTG playzzMTG playzz23 kun oldin
  • Wait he was a girl back then?

    Brown E GirlBrown E Girl24 kun oldin
    • No. He was watching that girl's vines as a joke. That wasn't actually him.

      Patrick LoftisPatrick Loftis17 kun oldin
  • if john mulaney did vine and youtube

    Leerick BautistaLeerick Bautista25 kun oldin
  • I need to know how to kill a man Drew do they have classes on murder

    retared Aladdinretared Aladdin25 kun oldin
  • Foetus Drew is so chirpy it's like watching two different persons

    Ishani AhmedIshani Ahmed25 kun oldin

    Spirit Kat !Spirit Kat !27 kun oldin

    Neo.nNeo.n27 kun oldin
  • Ooh, so Drew was gay as a kid and probably still is? Huh, you learn something new everyday.

    Henry WorksHenry Works28 kun oldin
    • No. That wasn't him in the beginning. He was watching a little girl's vines as a joke.

      Patrick LoftisPatrick Loftis17 kun oldin
  • what i love the lacrosse one lmao it’s so funny 😭😭

    JuliaJulia29 kun oldin
  • the vengaboys???? is playing in the back of the road work ahead vine???? that was my senior quote why didnt i know

    Megan KillMegan KillOy oldin
  • wait so drew was a girl?

    Ronny HayunRonny HayunOy oldin
    • That wasn't him. He was making a joke.

      Patrick LoftisPatrick Loftis17 kun oldin
  • I relate to the first one,,,,,,payton is a bitch :(

    Erika BakerErika BakerOy oldin
  • 8:26 he look russian

    Ghillie M.G.Ghillie M.G.Oy oldin
  • Who’s that girl from the start

    Fraser Gaming TvFraser Gaming TvOy oldin
  • The beginning is so fucking funny wtf you are comedy gold

    Karina LebronKarina LebronOy oldin
    • And he confessed he was boy crazy!

      Henry WorksHenry Works28 kun oldin
  • This video is literally having the joke explained to you

    RyanRyanOy oldin
  • The one with the guy holding a camera in the bathroom would’ve been even funnier if he was decked out in camo

    Kylie CummingsKylie CummingsOy oldin
  • You remind me ALOT of Danny Gonzales

    mythw01fmythw01fOy oldin
    • wdym? this is danny gonzales

      Alastor But with a gunAlastor But with a gun23 kun oldin
  • As stupid as it is I still quote "water in your hands" like every day my friends hate me

    TheHedgehogGiraffeTheHedgehogGiraffeOy oldin
  • "Road work ahead! Uh YEAH I sure hope it does!"

    TheRoyaleCookieTheRoyaleCookieOy oldin
  • you forgot your other clone, Danny Gonzalaz

    Ari JonesAri JonesOy oldin