Recreating My Favorite Bad Tik Toks

29-Apr, 2020
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I changed my shirt a lot in this video
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The Contortionist - Thrive
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  • The Contortionist represent ❤️👊

    Nicolas WesterlinkNicolas Westerlink7 soat oldin
  • I know the first one was fake, but is it bad that I legitimately thought it was sweet?

    • I thought it was, but it was completely set back by the fact that it was fake.

      HayeonHayeonKun oldin
  • What wa the name of the song that he used in his phone charging joke😂. It was such a good song 🥺

    Ishaan KhandelwalIshaan KhandelwalKun oldin
  • How tf- I have scabies atm, and watching and your parody really jargled my margles, I didn't expect to be so personally attacked

    hayden adamshayden adamsKun oldin
  • lmao im wearing raycons while watching this #raycons

    Veronica DesorcyVeronica DesorcyKun oldin
  • Reasons why I’m a bad boyfriend What the fuck is a boyfriend

    StonkyStonky2 kun oldin
  • 1:14 _The emotional dab_

    Nils_the_humanNils_the_human2 kun oldin
  • NuUuUUUuugets

    Millbomb989Millbomb9894 kun oldin
  • Hey that’s my fire stick

    SHEEPSHEEP4 kun oldin
  • *Lol*

    Ava BremmerkampAva Bremmerkamp4 kun oldin
  • I want there to be a montage of all these dumbass teens, in their 30s, reacting to their old tiktoks.... And I don't say this condescendingly. I too was a dumb ass teen. And I have come face to face with my dumbassery. I just wanna see someone else realize it 😂😂🤣

    It's a MysteryIt's a Mystery5 kun oldin
  • 2:16 who lives in a pineapple under the sea?

    ABAB5 kun oldin
  • “ I think I’m the best growler on this app. “ My theory is that the man who said that is secretly a dog who wanted to pull an epic prank on everyone trying to growl to make them look stupid. Little does everyone know that he’s possessing his owner. Please help me, he’s hiding me in his closet. I stole my phone from him just to tell him I would make one of those “Original jokes” on UZworld. This is a cry for help. My address is-

    Goose mafia SpyGoose mafia Spy5 kun oldin
  • I thought you were going to say "reasons I would be a bad boyfriend... I have a wife"

    Emma PEmma P8 kun oldin
  • 6:18 i choked

    RitaRita8 kun oldin
  • yea no more mailing of the toliet paper

    Raley BaynesRaley Baynes8 kun oldin
  • sooo I just found my new favorite UZworldr, I cant stop cracking up

    Aviana DettmerAviana Dettmer8 kun oldin
  • Lost all my respect with the food tiktok

    Severe NeegusSevere Neegus9 kun oldin
  • i just realized that the clock on screen says 4:20 BWEHBWEHBWEHBWEHBWEH

    soopsoop9 kun oldin
  • The music choice at 9:20 is fire 🔥🔥

    Alex StrasserAlex Strasser9 kun oldin
  • Everyone gangsta till cup full of pokemon bandaid

    Jakob YarnsJakob Yarns9 kun oldin
  • 8:41 É O ADM MANO QQQQ

    Lucas _Lucas _9 kun oldin

    Sally SmokeburnSally Smokeburn10 kun oldin
  • I always forget Drew has an awesome music taste

    NishaNisha10 kun oldin
  • This video makes me want to drown myself but in a good way

    LEGO head 27LEGO head 2711 kun oldin
  • reasons why im a bad boyfriend: im lesbian

    mias editsmias edits11 kun oldin
  • Im giving you a like for the snack one alone

    Shameless CakeShameless Cake11 kun oldin
  • Dude, there was a 20 over there Proceeds to hand over 400 dollars

    asaf virinasaf virin12 kun oldin
  • 7:57 This part gave me nightmares 😨

    leen tabanajleen tabanaj12 kun oldin
  • i was eating while watching the scabies part. i feel sick..

    resieeeresieee13 kun oldin

    gabi domenicogabi domenico13 kun oldin
  • I got a Tiktok ad for this video but... it was someone giving a carrot a c section?

    whywhy13 kun oldin
  • do nada a masculynah

    Enrico NarcisoEnrico Narciso15 kun oldin
  • hey guy!

    MxdisxnMxdisxn18 kun oldin
  • Im sad we didn't get to see shirtless Drew in this one

    JaredJJacobsJaredJJacobs18 kun oldin
  • “just cuz you were AWNIST”

    Becca BeccaBecca Becca19 kun oldin
  • I like how Amanda is comfortable and supportive with your channel that RAD!

    Boa 41Boa 4119 kun oldin
  • “ This person has feeling for you but not just feelings, they have scabies” really caught me off guard

    Icy SkyIcy Sky20 kun oldin

    Dugan MtbDugan Mtb21 kun oldin
  • Haters be like: ThAts NoT yOUr bAthRoOM

    Sushi AylaaSushi Aylaa21 kun oldin
  • “Mine never grew in” not me laughing my lungs up at 3am

    fia 112fia 11221 kun oldin
  • thanks for telling us about scabies, looks like I've just figured out what my nightmare's gonna be about tonight!

    PterazeiPterazei22 kun oldin
  • The funniest joke in this video is that he was curling EMPTY cans 🤣🤣

    Holli ThomasHolli Thomas22 kun oldin
  • Song in the Raycon add?

    Gideon ZogbaumGideon Zogbaum23 kun oldin
  • 6:15 yeah that just made me a lesbian. brb calling my bf to dump him. can no longer be attracted to males.

    Heather JHeather J23 kun oldin
  • 4:37 just a timestamp for me dont worry

    eternaleternal23 kun oldin
  • fyi my dog did look around when you barked so you may be onto something

    abby coomberabby coomber24 kun oldin
  • 7:15 imagine u send ur crush the video without watching it... But he/she sends it to their crush without watching it either... 💔

    Alvee TrunAlvee Trun24 kun oldin
  • 8:34 tiktok pyro be like:...

    Apple DustApple Dust24 kun oldin
  • Dude never got his coffee

    Mathias HummerMathias Hummer24 kun oldin
  • drew makes me laugh so much. I was having an awful day and this is just a chefs kiss vid thank u for being so funny 😂

    Claira SutterClaira Sutter26 kun oldin
  • ayyy The Contortionist

    XelatabXelatab26 kun oldin
  • damn my phones about to die, drew can i borrow your nose for abit

    Infertile PiggyInfertile Piggy27 kun oldin
  • I was going to use his "send this to ur crush" until he mentioned the scabes or whatever they were. It was funny at the start then weird at the end.

    Harsh savadaraHarsh savadara27 kun oldin
  • Lmao does the clock say 4:20? Or am seeing things?

    Roris BelliesRoris Bellies27 kun oldin
  • Bark boy

    Why was this madeWhy was this made28 kun oldin
  • Reasons I'm a bad boyfriend : I'm a little stinker

    pretty Bpretty B29 kun oldin
  • I had scabies as a kid...the bumps never went away

    NerdabelleNerdabelle29 kun oldin
  • But he didn't get his coffee

    ItalianHuskyItalianHuskyOy oldin

    Unknown SingerUnknown SingerOy oldin
  • I like watching the war between the straights and the gays in the comment section

    satansatanOy oldin
  • why would you ruin my life with scabies I was having such a good day and then bam poop worm time

    ThanosThanosOy oldin
  • drew was littrally wearing lauras top

    pocketed pilotpocketed pilotOy oldin
  • I love Drew even more when i remember he also loves the Contortionist, so solid

    Kat Rueda-LynnKat Rueda-LynnOy oldin
  • Reasons why I’m a bad boyfriend: The only relationship I’ve had was from when I was 2.

    DarkShadic 9632DarkShadic 9632Oy oldin
  • tiktok good. tiktok good. tiktok good.

    very low bloodsugarvery low bloodsugarOy oldin
  • this video is phenomenal

    Emma ThornberryEmma ThornberryOy oldin
  • The "Married for two years" was my favorite part of the video.

    Joseph LachJoseph LachOy oldin
  • this was beautiful

    Kathleen JamesKathleen JamesOy oldin
  • She’s playing animal crossing ooooo

    CallieBestGirlCallieBestGirlOy oldin

    Manuel Vitor AzevedoManuel Vitor AzevedoOy oldin
  • Welp. I think it's safe to say I still don't need tik tok. Thanks for showing me that.

    Lauren WickertLauren WickertOy oldin
  • I can't poop. I can't fart. I hate it. All my lols.

    HasherellaHasherellaOy oldin
  • E

    SuperMadMuffinSuperMadMuffinOy oldin
  • Drew: *I have one big cheek* Spankman: *I got your ONE BIG CHEEK*

    Blue FireBlue FireOy oldin
  • "Theres more good tiktoks than bad" might be the most false statement stated, ever

    AJL11AJL11Oy oldin
  • Thrive is my new favorite song now bc of this video:P drew’s got some bangerz

    HecttticHecttticOy oldin
    • @Hectttic I haven't listened to these bands (and these genres) before, except for Dance Gavin Dance which was cool ! I will also definitely check out The Garden then. As for me I listen to progressive stuff, especially prog metal (almost daily since 2017 haha). I love the song structures, the long epics, the different feelings you can have listening to one song only, and the unpredictability in the music in general ! There is just so much stuff to discover : Bands such Leprous, Periphery, and Dream Theater which are popular in the prog sphere for a good reason : they are extremely talented and dedicated to their craft. Still, they are humble artists. Lesser known acts are super fun to listen to as well ! There are always rare gems to find, like Artificial Silence To get an idea of the genre, I recommend listening to the song ”A dream in Static” by Earthside, the vocals make it amazing and the instrumentation is tight as well ! And if you want a prog epic that's not too long, ”Forced Entry” by Leprous would be an excellent choice (even though they deviated from that sound since) ^^

      Théo ZurettiThéo ZurettiOy oldin
    • @Théo Zuretti I mostly listen to post-hardcore and alt-metal like Saosin, Hum, Deftones and Dance Gavin Dance. But one of my favorite bands I can’t put a genre to that I LOVE is The Garden. They’re so weird and it took me a while to like them, but now I listen to them like every day. My favorite songs by them are Sneaky Devil and Thy Mission. What other artists do u like?:0

      HecttticHecttticOy oldin
    • @Hectttic This actually made my day :') Glad you enjoyed it ! We seem to have the same taste in music, what artists do you like to listen to usually ? I'm interested in discovering new stuff !

      Théo ZurettiThéo ZurettiOy oldin
    • @Théo Zuretti YOOO i just listened to it, it was great!!

      HecttticHecttticOy oldin
    • Hell yea, it's my favourite too ! Check out the song 'clairvoyant' by them if you want to listen to something similar ^^

      Théo ZurettiThéo ZurettiOy oldin
  • The big baby has been named Wallace by my friends

    Money BoyMoney BoyOy oldin
  • Drew Gooden became my favorite boy when I thought my phone started playing two apps at once but he just listens to The Contortionist.

    Westley CampbellWestley CampbellOy oldin
  • Por que o Masculynah tá em todo vídeo gringo de tiktok

    Mim LauraMim LauraOy oldin
  • All the dislikes are from trump supporters

    Dog TownDog TownOy oldin
  • Reasons why I am bad boyfriend: I'm a girl and I only give my heart to todoroki and other anime characters I am animesexual.

    BubblzzBubblzzOy oldin
  • i had scabies when i was younger n now i just have these bumps n scars on my elbows that still sometimes itch

    septic ratseptic ratOy oldin
  • I think the clock is high... It’s not moving

    Michael BuffingtonMichael BuffingtonOy oldin

    lillylillyOy oldin
  • Gross dude scabies oh my my god

    M gM gOy oldin
  • so I'm looking for brazilians so I know I wasn't the only one who recognized Arthur Benozzati aka masculinah

    hmm tijonisshmm tijonissOy oldin
  • The reason that I don’t like Tik Tok because people say I’m addicted to Tik Tok but no they’re addicted to nicotine

    GodOf GamingGodOf GamingOy oldin
  • How do u know my name

    that one Guythat one GuyOy oldin
  • 6:20 is definitely my favorite part of this video LMAO

    stephanie squashystephanie squashyOy oldin
  • meu deus a masculinah

    Karine VitóriaKarine VitóriaOy oldin
    • @hmm tijoniss Kkkkkk eu procurei horrores ai decidi comentar

      Karine VitóriaKarine VitóriaOy oldin
    • eu tava atrás desse comentário kakakakakk

      hmm tijonisshmm tijonissOy oldin
    • kkkkkkkkkk

      Alice GatesAlice GatesOy oldin
  • Love how Drew put an ad right in the middle of the first cringy tik tok

    Buster BaileyBuster BaileyOy oldin
  • bro but why did you have to teach me the scabies shit

    Okaro ShinnOkaro ShinnOy oldin
  • 😂

    ananOy oldin
  • can we all just admit we love tik tok content

    Jamie WhiteJamie WhiteOy oldin
  • Drew: Please don't make me do this, guys, PLEASE don't make me do this... Literally everyone: ...we're not? No one's *making* you do anyth-- Drew, filming himself dancing: Haha so crazy that you guys are literally forcing me to do this

    A ZA ZOy oldin
  • 8:42 *MASCULINAH*

    Mara PereiraMara PereiraOy oldin
  • The only difference between you and your girlfriend is the glasses

    haaahaaaihaaahaaaiOy oldin
  • When he was doing the food one I got an add after he said nacho and it was for taco bell's nacho party pack

    polo marcopolo marcoOy oldin
  • ive never laughed so hard

    Krazy KristinaKrazy KristinaOy oldin