The Death of Laugh Tracks

31-Avg, 2020
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  • the criteria for your comment getting pinned differs so much in every video that every comment is insane for like the first 2 minutes

    a e s t h e t i c a s m ra e s t h e t i c a s m r3 oy oldin
    • He had WTF

      this is the onethis is the one4 kun oldin
    • Ye

      TrippaMazing87TrippaMazing87Oy oldin
    • Peepee

      TenelumTenelumOy oldin
    • Congrats on your comments pinned

      Life of TaliseLife of Talise2 oy oldin
    • “criteria”

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  • Im disappointed when people relate my name to big bang theory. Like na bitch i was here first

    Sheldon AllenSheldon AllenSoat oldin
  • So in short Go watch Parks & Rec if you haven't already, and Bing Bang Theory is the most overrated sitcom in history.

    Watson DayWatson DaySoat oldin
  • was anyone else really annoyed that his glasses were crooked?

    Kapil AdhikariKapil Adhikari9 soat oldin
  • Ha did you know that most laugh track are recorded dead people

    Reese's PiecesReese's Pieces11 soat oldin
  • Thank you. Finally someone shares my love of that IT Crowd episode. I cried laughing by the end of that episode.

    マクドナルドカイルマクドナルドカイル16 soat oldin

    It's MeIt's Me21 soat oldin
  • Someone needs to count the exact numbers of jokes in this video I’m personally too lazy so-

    Nina HuangNina Huang22 soat oldin
  • Jokes on you..I checked out the hog dog right after I saw what was on your shirt

    Rob Smith21Rob Smith2123 soat oldin
  • Malcolm in the Middle is widely considered the best show ever, by me.

    PsychedelicPsyduckPsychedelicPsyduckKun oldin
  • The reason I love Drake & Josh so much is that the comedy is so well-written that you don't even notice or remember the laugh track. It feels like a show that was already edited and timed correctly before it was shown to the audience.

    I say whatever I want and you gotta deal with thatI say whatever I want and you gotta deal with thatKun oldin
  • In the opening you made an ironic joke about how your analysis made comedy objective. I get the idea behind it, but full disclosure: it actually is! Comedy is indeed objective but someone finding it funny is subjective, there is a difference

    I say whatever I want and you gotta deal with thatI say whatever I want and you gotta deal with thatKun oldin
  • I feel like single-camera sitcoms could still be funny with laugh tracks but they're funny enough to not need them but multi-camera shows aren't funny enough so they need the help from the laugh track.

    Jack ligJack ligKun oldin
  • That 70s show is the only banger tv show with laugh tracks

    Alex SchofieldAlex SchofieldKun oldin
  • The IT crowd is the only show I've ever watched with a laugh track that's genuinely really funny, it's not trying to be even remotely serious, it's just sill, ridiculous jokes and funny characters. The boss in season 2 is the funniest character I've ever seen in any sitcom, such a funny guy.

    Billy GladmanBilly GladmanKun oldin
  • Its not just you, big bangs or whatever is garbage

    James SimonJames Simon2 kun oldin
  • you should talk about b99 bc its amazing

    catcat2 kun oldin
  • You should put laugh tracks in non laugh track shows and take out laugh tracks in shows that have them to see if it makes it better or worse. 🧐🤔

    scrapefrenzyscrapefrenzy2 kun oldin
  • Seinfeld is the benchmark. You can't compare funny shows without including it.

    SV650NYCSV650NYC2 kun oldin
  • No math could ever prove that Friends isn’t funny. Sorry guys it just is very funny.

    Lauren WhiteLauren White2 kun oldin
  • Shits creek : didn't find it funny.

    Mr. NiceMr. Nice2 kun oldin
  • I literally put Seinfeld on every night to fall asleep lmao

    connerconner2 kun oldin
  • Ash vs Evil dead shits on yall.

    Christian OlssonChristian Olsson3 kun oldin
  • Comedy for the sake of comedy isn't a draw for me personally. It's like slapstick, when I know that I am supposed to laugh it kills the jokes for me. I guess I am saying sitcoms are predictable, and that makes them unfunny, I am guessing most people get caught off guard way less than the 5 or 6 times a minute so it begs the question why they water down their best material with so many pointless jokes.

    tehpanda64100tehpanda641003 kun oldin
  • Fun fact: Canadians absolutely love the Big Bang Theory for... some reason.

    April JeffersonApril Jefferson3 kun oldin
  • that is not a character from the show Silicon Valley, that's my emotional support gay dad!

    Femo MemoFemo Memo4 kun oldin
  • I feel like having no laugh track + good writing allows for layering like callbacks visual gags etc while a laugh track is like you can have one joke. Time to laugh

    meggnoggsmeggnoggs4 kun oldin
  • For every show that i watch now if it has a laugh track i instantly want to stop watching it unless it is a really really really good show

    Teagan KruminTeagan Krumin4 kun oldin
  • UZworld just tryna sell me Big Bang theory

    ELMO PeopleELMO People4 kun oldin
  • Would be interesting to cut out the laugh tracks from laugh track shows and insert them into non-laugh track shows.

    Krisztina SomogyiKrisztina Somogyi4 kun oldin
  • You could do this with 30 Rock, mostly because it might have THE most of any show. (Also it's hilarious)

    H.T. GremoryH.T. Gremory4 kun oldin
  • I’ve had a hard time rewatching old shows bc I can’t ignore the laugh tracks. Big Bang I thing was by far the worst from all the shows I’ve watched

    Kathy VictoriaKathy Victoria4 kun oldin
  • Totally agree with the watching friends when falling asleep!!!!

    CZ CZCZ CZ4 kun oldin
  • You should totally have done flight of the conchords, it's great if you haven't watched it. It's free on HBO

  • Wtf was that...

    rahul thawarerahul thaware4 kun oldin
  • You Should've Used Two And A Half Man

    Jovan PabonJovan Pabon4 kun oldin
  • I hate the new resurgence of Friends. That was on a lot when I was a kid, and it never got a laugh out of me really. Even shows like Two and A Half Men I thought were better. Malcolm in the Middle was by far one of my favourites. Also had a knack for Always Sunny and recently Review. I have a preference for non laugh track shows because it's just icky to be told when to laugh most times. Comedy is subjective and when shows give you the opportunity to laugh at their content, it kinda makes it more entertaining.

    KennyKenny5 kun oldin
  • Schitts Creek is definitely not a show where you can watch 3 random episodes and expect to get it. The story and characters are complex and compelling. A lot of the comedy comes after really getting to know the characters better.

    elphbwckdelphbwckd5 kun oldin
  • Try doing this with the show 'The Middle' & 'Modern Family.'

    Ansie's Bakes and CooksAnsie's Bakes and Cooks5 kun oldin

    Jerel JokesJerel Jokes5 kun oldin
  • I have always loved shows where serious issues, good characters, and comedy intersect. For me, Scrubs did that perfectly. Over the top fantasy sequences, hilarious friendships, but what actually made us care was their growth as doctors and people, so when we watched them deal with Trauma, we actually cared.

    KaneinjaKaneinja5 kun oldin
  • I find you as okay, mediocre. Is a nice jaw structure, DREW GOODMEN --_--_--_-- what is bad about laughing racks? thE muels?

    Fancy fishFancy fish6 kun oldin
    • i really like this comment . idk what it means Tho

      #gay peole fore homphobia#gay peole fore homphobia3 kun oldin
  • Should've used arrested development

    Venkatesh SawantVenkatesh Sawant6 kun oldin
  • That's funny you mention falling asleep to friends, all throughout high school I would repeatedly put on friends specifically to fall asleep to. I remember finding the laughs really annoying, and that it would be perfect to fall asleep to if it wasn't for them. But now I'm thinking maybe it was the laughs that made it good for that purpose all along...

    MimmiMimmi6 kun oldin
  • If you haven’t seen it you’d love Sopranos

    ArealfosArealfos6 kun oldin
  • Malcolm in the Middle is one of my favorite comedies ever. I think you should give Schitts Creek another chance, it’s super funny and the characters are not all the same. Also, I’ve seen all the episodes of Friends dozens of times and I still find them hilarious.

    Nick ZamoraNick Zamora6 kun oldin
  • The smash mouth of sitcoms..

    Dat GuyDat Guy7 kun oldin
  • oh so this's what I will use math for

    sara ahmedsara ahmed7 kun oldin
  • I used to think Malcolm in the Middle was a British because of how often the characters lost or failed and the lack of happy endings. It's a real British style of comedy

    Adil RahmanAdil Rahman7 kun oldin
  • Laugh tracks are not a thing in my country, I don't think that there's a single show we have that has laugh tracks. However I grew up watching American comedy shows so I never found it weird. My parents on the other hand started watching American comedies when they were already adults and to them its the weirdest thing ever. My mom literally cannot watch those kinds of shows.

    Agust DeeAgust Dee7 kun oldin
  • Most of the laughter tracks were recorded in the 1940-1950s your hearing the laughter of the dead

    DaybouyDaybouy7 kun oldin
    • 💀

      Devrishi baruaDevrishi barua7 kun oldin
  • Came back after watching Nathan's video, hits different now

    LizLiz8 kun oldin
  • Gotta do one of these for cheers. They use the laugh track the best

    Adam HockeyAdam Hockey8 kun oldin
  • In Australia, for a long time it was Friends from 7:00-8:00pm then Seinfeld from 8:00-9:00pm. Every night I'd sit down and have dinner while watching Seinfeld. The land was at peace. But then... In September 2020 channel 10 brought the rights to broadcast The Big Bang Theory in between Friends and Seinfeld. So now Seinfeld has been pushed back to 9:30 start time. So now i dont have anything of quality to watch while i eat my dinner. All I want is to spend an hour of my time with a smile on my face. But instead I get Sheldon being an unfunny ass hole to everyone and some shitty acting from the rest of the cast sprinkled on top. This just really pisses me off in an indescribably way. The Big Bang Theory took something good away from me and it will always be a thorn in my ass. And that's my rant on The Big Bang Theory.

    Dion HalpinDion Halpin8 kun oldin
  • You have to watch past season one of schitts creek 🥺

    Jacob EllisJacob Ellis8 kun oldin
  • I wish you would have done 30 Rock. I’m interested to know what the joke count in that show is

    Paul DurkoPaul Durko8 kun oldin
  • Parks and Rec truly is an underappreciated show. I actually watched it before watching The Office and while both are great, I think Parks really nailed SO much right... just skip the first season!

    wrestlingbuff87wrestlingbuff878 kun oldin
  • What you've said about pausing for laughter reminded me of the Marx brothers. Many of their movies originated from shows they performed when they were in vaudeville, performing in front of live audiences. They knew how long they had to pause between jokes during those live performances (e.g., 1 second for such-and-such joke, half a second for another), and they took that knowledge and applied it to their taped performances so that the movie audiences wouldn't miss any of the jokes. Of course, the Marx brothers didn't add laughter to (most of) their sequences (there may have been some crowd scenes where their laughter was part of the joke). Anyways, I'd be interested in hearing your thoughts on this.

    tintinismybelgiantintinismybelgian9 kun oldin
  • I think Bojack Horseman is one of the prime examples of an incredibly deep story that still has an onslaught of jokes

    aqualadaqualad9 kun oldin
  • Freaking BLESS YOU for including the IT Crowd

    Grace PrdaGrace Prda9 kun oldin
  • I really think you should have included Raising hope and my name is Earl

    WeldhawkWeldhawk9 kun oldin
  • I'm gonna quote someone's tweet that I found on r/rareinsults: "If I'll ever win a lottery, I would buy the licensing rights to "FRIENDS" and edit out all the laugh tracks, to remind people how unfunny this show actually is"

    Igor KopacyńskiIgor Kopacyński9 kun oldin
  • Malcom in the middle was a friend group favorite. The circle game still lives man.

    Notta NukeNotta Nuke9 kun oldin
  • Can't believe they took parks and recreation off of Netflix

    A Normal GuyA Normal Guy9 kun oldin
  • Laugh tracks make me angry

    #%#%#%##%#%#%#10 kun oldin
  • The IT Crowd is so good that I forgot it even has a laugh track.

    Phil MortimerPhil Mortimer10 kun oldin
  • 10:00 guess what I was watching the same episode today. This scene popped up and I didn't understand why they were laughing

    Arannya GarnaikArannya Garnaik10 kun oldin
  • Honestly, I never found Big Bang Theory enjoyable, mainly because both the jokes and the characters struck me as very mean-spirited. The "friends" were all mean to each other, and the show seemed to revolve around mocking both "nerds" and women. Plus a lot of the jokes just... weren't.

    Akumako CrossAkumako Cross10 kun oldin
  • Schitts Creek is so good to me because they aren’t force feeding you jokes. It’s more “chill” compared to the others but that’s probably why I enjoyed it more. More slow burn than the rest

    Evaaa A1Evaaa A110 kun oldin
  • Any math teacher watching, that listened to him counting the jokes, is shaking in their chair.

    Cole WillenbergCole Willenberg11 kun oldin
    • He said "and" in the numbers, which implies a decimal.

      Cole WillenbergCole Willenberg11 kun oldin
  • I want to create a series where it's screaming tracks instead of the laugh tracks. I think it will be very successful.

    LucindaLucinda11 kun oldin
  • So what I'm hearing is that Malcom in the Middle is the best... yes

    mortyjrmortyjr11 kun oldin
  • I dont think you can count jokes right? They're subjective, whats funny to me can be the opposite for you. Great video but the data is crap

    That One GuyThat One Guy11 kun oldin
  • Parks and Rec is comedy gold and I really wish more people watched it. They're missing TF out

    rokrangedrokranged11 kun oldin
  • I think your system was flawed here. You counted everything that the writers intended as a joke. This lumps together Raj playing a card and a genius joke from any other series. I think it'd been better if you counted anything that you thought was funny.

    Caesim9Caesim911 kun oldin
  • When I was watching the IT Crowd, I got a bit annoyed by the laugh track... I mean, audience... on the other hand, usually when they started laughing I was already laughing.

    George v VGeorge v V11 kun oldin
  • Its a good thing the laugh tracks died.

    Jesse ThompsonJesse Thompson11 kun oldin
  • thinking the francis segments aren't that good is a hot take i wasnt prepared for

    TreeTree11 kun oldin
  • Laugh Tracks- Knocked Loose

    Damian WaikelDamian Waikel11 kun oldin
  • i have a personal beef against friends’s laugh track specifically bc my sophomore year roommate would play friends aloud to fall asleep and the laughtracks punched me in the eardums and shattered any semblance of “white noise” literally every time. it was actual hell lol

    ChristyChristy11 kun oldin
  • One reason I love watching Seinfeld..they actually had a audience to give the show a genuine moment of laughter..

    Nickey JohnsonNickey Johnson11 kun oldin

    Samiha RahmanSamiha Rahman12 kun oldin
  • Don't hate me but i never knew that Young Sheldon was a spin-off until now.....smh

    Stephanie PenixStephanie Penix12 kun oldin
  • Listen here Drew. Why can't I out ketchup AND mustard on my hotdog???

    Hayley CrowHayley Crow12 kun oldin
  • I never hear anyone talk about the IT Crowd and it’s one of my favorites, I’m just excited it got mentioned

    TonyRB123TonyRB12313 kun oldin
  • The middle is also a nice show

    whyu eggwhyu egg13 kun oldin
  • S a u c e s

  • If ya wanna watch a show that handles laugh tracks well, watch The Ranch. That show gets so serious at one point that the laugh track completely disappears for a couple episodes. Although its ending wasn't strong, it's still worth a watch.

    Jeremy BrownJeremy Brown13 kun oldin
  • The Big Bang theory is that weird show that is simultaniously overhated and overloved

    VrolijkVrolijk14 kun oldin
  • 13:33 I felt that 😂😂

    BabyNarcoBabyNarco14 kun oldin
  • The hardest I have laughed lately was watching one of your videos.

    Miriam KellyMiriam Kelly14 kun oldin
  • Season 7 of Parks and Rec should never have been made Change my mind

    BreezeeFiveBreezeeFive14 kun oldin
  • the it crowd is brilliant

    harvey jonesharvey jones14 kun oldin
  • Omg my dad loves Big Bang, and I do mean LOVES it. He usually has a pretty good taste in shows so I don’t hold it against him. I don’t really hate it, more indifferent toward it, funny moments here and there and I don’t mind having someone like Ms. Cuoco to help pass the time. But I don’t notice laugh tracks that much anymore because I feel like growing up in the 90’s (where I feel like they hit their peak) helped numb them to me lol also, on a different note, Friends sucks

    Joey TeterJoey Teter14 kun oldin

    NachoNacho14 kun oldin
  • As a middle eastern who didn't encounter laugh tracks since the age of 22. I can say they were always cringy for the rest of the world.(or at least 6.3456 people of it)

    Parham AminiParham Amini14 kun oldin
  • Hey Drew you probably won't see this but if you liked Succession, the creator of that wrote 2 British shows called Peep Show and Fresh Meat. Fresh Meat is my least favourite of the 3 but I enjoy all of them. He also wrote 2 British satire films, In The Loop and Four Lions. I 100% recommend all these but (and I legit don't think I'm biased here as I grew up on American sitcoms) British comedy is better than American comedy

    Channel 4 Ripoff companyChannel 4 Ripoff company15 kun oldin
  • Perks snd rac

    short lecturesshort lectures15 kun oldin
  • I asked a producer for advice when I was writing a sitcom and she stressed that I should write it as a dramedy because sitcoms are viewed as old fashioned now. I think that laugh tracks were one of the elements that definitely didn’t help the genre stay as relevant sadly.

    JulietteJuliette15 kun oldin
  • I hate those laugh tracks , I hope that it dies.

    ardilla de disneyardilla de disney16 kun oldin