The Dobre Brothers Terrible Apology

18-Okt, 2019
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  • If you guys ever grabbed me like that I definitely would of fought back that shits not cool and it’s ultimately fucked up idc how tired you are that’s not an excuse

    Beth MBeth MYil oldin
    • @Supremekrispykream I hope so too

      reindelereindele7 kun oldin
    • @Dr. Phil this video is sponsored by hello fresh-

      Princess KimPrincess Kim7 kun oldin
    • Beth snapped

      JaredJared17 kun oldin
    • haha

      Invincible HeartInvincible Heart22 kun oldin
    • @Australia no, their content is bad and they don’t care about the people they only care about the money

      S • u • n • F • l • o • w • e • rS • u • n • F • l • o • w • e • r22 kun oldin
  • I know i am a year late...but.. .who are the dobre brothers? Never heard of them. How famous can they be to have shows and offer meet and greets?

    Luigi MitrottiLuigi Mitrotti2 soat oldin
  • A regular lamp grew up into an adult lamp

    Unicorn loverUnicorn lover18 soat oldin
  • Pretty sure they just painted eyes on top of their eyelids

    LilyLilyKun oldin
  • What are your live shows?

    Matthew PatrickMatthew PatrickKun oldin
  • Kevin smith can be very particular about meet and greets with fans after his shows, and even says beforehand that he will not sign anything. When my brother went to one of his shows he got a shout out from a friend who talked about his testicular cancer (with my brothers permission). Kevin joked about it and stuff, which was what my brother was hoping for, but after the show my brother brought his beat up Batman hat and said “I’m one ball boy, and I know you said you wouldn’t sign stuff so it’s okay if you say no, but do you mind signing my hat?” Know what Kevin did? Signed the hat, cause he probably appreciated my brother for not only letting his story be told and being the butt of a joke, but also because my brother was kind and prefaced why he would understand if he declined.

    cmm3699cmm36992 kun oldin

    Sarah LongbottomSarah Longbottom3 kun oldin
  • I am fifteen and have toured for a week straight and I was setting up the events.

    Joshua MillerJoshua Miller4 kun oldin
  • I know that look. They have for sure been quite high a couple of hours back, and not on weed. Now their dopamine is drained and they're just not able to see how talking or smiling would make anything any better🙃

    Aphersthlm 1Aphersthlm 14 kun oldin
    • You se the aftermath on the look on their faces. They are not tired they had burnt out a receptor to a signal substance there is no mistake in that😂 apathic stare, tense muscels on the jaw and around the eyes. Some of them have more of the look than the other but yeah. They felt like shit at that point. Just as they should😂

      Aphersthlm 1Aphersthlm 14 kun oldin
  • im still so intrigued by the person who did the bit with them. like was that a crew member or did they say to some random fan "hey can we pretend to beat you up for a skit"

    YarnsYarns5 kun oldin
  • They are all asleep on cocaine

    Nicolas daniel laskosky motaNicolas daniel laskosky mota5 kun oldin
  • Dude how can you be tired dobre brothers?!STOP THAT!!Or maybe.....................................Just knock it off

    Derek McdowallDerek Mcdowall8 kun oldin
  • godamnn look at that like ti dislike ratio

    Thomas StricklandThomas Strickland9 kun oldin
  • i met myself i die a little more inside every day

    Luca CafieroLuca Cafiero10 kun oldin
  • I just imagined how the kpop idols behave at meet and greets, the difference is astounding haha. And those people are definitely exhausted with how busy they are, yet they know how to treat their fans.

    kookietaekookietae10 kun oldin
  • subscribing because he's funny

    Ispy ClipzIspy Clipz11 kun oldin
  • bruh thats were my grandparents live

  • Literally no one: Dobre Bros: 😐😒😑😐

    Ruth KeysRuth Keys11 kun oldin
  • When Drew was reading that apology all I could think of is how the Dobre Brothers would sound saying their apology with that little lisp and it just made me crack up

    Ciera PaigeCiera Paige12 kun oldin
  • I almost choked on my food when I saw that clip of you, Danny, and Curtis beating up your fan.

    KJN 2000KJN 200014 kun oldin
  • Lmao how tiring is it to just smile in front of a camera??

    Radical __nobleRadical __noble14 kun oldin
    • To be fair I get why that might be draining to someone who's pretty introverted after talking to all these people. But at the same time if someone is literally paying money just to say HI to you, you should definitely suck it up for a couple hours

      Ruby RedRuby Red7 kun oldin
  • Sanna sanga

    raif ranjharaif ranjha15 kun oldin
  • Kvinka klovves

    raif ranjharaif ranjha15 kun oldin
  • Nice video Danny

    Kumar crew YTKumar crew YT17 kun oldin
  • You are shockingly pasty. Like borderline translucent

    karlwashere123karlwashere12318 kun oldin
  • 5:10 i just need to save this

    Obsessed With BunniesObsessed With Bunnies19 kun oldin
  • 0:31 "snap out of it!" *pterodactyl noises*

    Obsessed With BunniesObsessed With Bunnies19 kun oldin
  • Guys follow him so he can beat Danny in subs>:3

    Tokyo GamešTokyo Gameš21 kun oldin
  • ur white

    brunytoonstvbrunytoonstv21 kun oldin
  • oh drew... you don't need to apologize. we understand why you beat that guy to death and made him look dead. you guys were exhausted. ignore all the haters and stay strong ❤❤

    Devin StockerDevin Stocker21 kun oldin
  • That gurl is like 13 ----- why tf is she watching the “dobre brothers.”

    Unknxwn 0Unknxwn 021 kun oldin
  • The fact that the fans are the ones who has to instigate a hug or greet after buying their "meet and greet" is so scummy. They just suck and shouldnt have fans at all.

    psdeluxpsdelux21 kun oldin
  • 5:01 Spot on recreation of the dobre brothers. Lmao I’m dyeing 😂 😂 😆

    S • u • n • F • l • o • w • e • rS • u • n • F • l • o • w • e • r22 kun oldin
  • Every Video of Drew’s makes it look like he’s a dad giving you a life lesson, I’m not complaining lmao, but it’s just ironic 😂

    Meddi NewcomerMeddi Newcomer24 kun oldin
  • If you guys ever grabbed me like that I definitely would of fought back that shits not cool and it’s ultimately fucked up idc how tired you are that’s not an excuseoh drew... you don't need to apologize. we understand why you beat that guy. you guys were exhausted. ignore all the haters and stay strong ❤❤

    Tyson BullTyson Bull24 kun oldin
  • i literally thought that video was a joke at first

    Hannah FultonHannah Fulton25 kun oldin
  • lol mainstream celebrities manage to do fan meet ups for days with the same energy, this is late but LOL wow trash. you chose to squeeze as much money out of your fans as possible

    brodameronsbrodamerons28 kun oldin
  • The like to dislike ratio on this video is just 😍😍😍😍

    AliceAlice29 kun oldin

    jacob mjacob m29 kun oldin
  • The Dobre's are like the RPG characters that only improved Luck and nothing else, meanwhile Drew and Danny are the ones that improved Charisma, Intelligence, and Luck each time they levelled up to become a well rounded character.

    Mega_Bird700Mega_Bird700Oy oldin
  • These poor fans are literally paying 75 dollars to meet robots when they could just pull out their Siri and have a better experience talking with it than those 4

    Panna JohnsPanna JohnsOy oldin
  • billie eilish interview

    Shaheen RiahyShaheen RiahyOy oldin
  • Who even are the dobre brothers?

    IsaacIsaacOy oldin
  • Okay but like can we talk abt how this lil girl who came to hug & take photo with them is similar to Tris from incompatible???

    Vanessa SantoroVanessa SantoroOy oldin
  • Why they all look like crackheads tho? 🤣

    Rusty ShacklefordRusty ShacklefordOy oldin
  • I wonder if the fans are told not to talk to them or something because of time limits. It seems strange she didn't try to talk to them at all.

    Christine SaygerChristine SaygerOy oldin
  • Dobre Pomarańczowe Brothers

    KickiuszKickiuszOy oldin
  • That drew danny and kurtis fan looked like danny too

    adorkablesosadorkablesosOy oldin
  • They look wasted.

    Ribula1Ribula1Oy oldin
  • Me at anytime 3:20

    Gabrielle SimonsGabrielle SimonsOy oldin
  • It's so obvious that these guys have never had to suffer through a customer service job, nor could I ever picture them surviving one. If they had any clue of what the real world is like outside of their perfect bubble they might be homeless..... Or onlyfans models more likely....

    JonNewshJonNewshOy oldin
  • big lamp

    CrispyCrispyOy oldin
    • lig bamp

      Alastor But with a gunAlastor But with a gunOy oldin
  • i was in orbit when they started beating that person up

    Onion BoiOnion BoiOy oldin
  • i can’t believe this video is almost a year old

    Ariana MarajAriana MarajOy oldin
  • I got so excited when you mentioned you were in STL. I feel like no one visits

    Yasaman MostafaviYasaman MostafaviOy oldin
  • See the money is in kids content, you don't even have to care or like your fans and they still throw their parents money at you...parents will spend more money on you than regular fans would...that's sad...I myself paid like premium price for an Aphmau beanie baby thing for my 6 year old...why is a stuffed animal $25!?!?

    Morrigan ArianrhodMorrigan ArianrhodOy oldin
  • If my influencer treated me like that they wouldn’t be my influence anymore

    Brandon B. RichBrandon B. RichOy oldin
  • I like your shirt Drew

    retared Aladdinretared AladdinOy oldin
  • Imagine just acting like them and just saying in the most monotone voice and turn around and say “greeting fellow lizards”

    Neath The ninjaNeath The ninjaOy oldin
  • It's pretty telling that they only apologized for the interaction that found it's way online. That's classic shitty person behaviour. Don't apologize when you do something wrong, just if you get caught.

    Connor DoubleYouConnor DoubleYouOy oldin
  • An apology FaceTime sounds... so uncomfortable

    Big MaxBig MaxOy oldin
  • Can't believe they attacked their own fan like that. Two against one is unacceptable.

    shatterjackshatterjackOy oldin
  • I hate how most of the time when Drew says a joke people take it so seriously. Also who else wants them to go on tour again obviously not in 2020 because of what's going on.

    LOvidsLOvidsOy oldin
  • I cant believe theres people like that. I met penn and teller after one of their magic shows, they dont even charge for it, and despite it being like 11 o clock at night after a two hour show they were still super nice.

    Haley FiskeHaley FiskeOy oldin
  • 4:53

    Nial YavuzturkNial YavuzturkOy oldin
  • The grab kills me every time

    heyhowsitgoingheyhowsitgoingOy oldin
  • Stl gang

    ZephyrZephyrOy oldin
    • That wasn’t an endearing name, we have lots of gangs

      ZephyrZephyrOy oldin
  • Taylor swift's meet and greets are free and she spends five minutes talking to everyone

    Divine AsmrDivine AsmrOy oldin
  • Why you look like milton krupnik. drew?

    BUCCBUCCOy oldin
  • I want Drew to slap me with a hand full of mayonnaise and olives

    Dolly LainDolly LainOy oldin
  • Hi Drew you’re epic thanks for being epic and alive and a human love u okay bye

    lily nicole.lily nicole.Oy oldin
  • honestly this is the time where i actually wanted the parents to say something, anything really. like i didn't pay $75 for you to be rude to my daughter ???? refund me??? take your stupid ass picture back with your stoic ass personalities????

    Katie FinleyKatie FinleyOy oldin
  • When they did there first ever meet and greet I was first in line so technically I was the first fan they met but like I don’t watch them no more that was before they started posting dumb stuff like “sCaRy mOnsTeR fOunD aT 3:00 Am” they actually looked glad to meet us

    Red is not susRed is not susOy oldin
  • Hahahahaha

    DroppedYTDroppedYTOy oldin
  • sounds like youre saying "hella fresh"

    LimehLimehOy oldin
  • Kurtis was TRYING not to laugh I cannot

    Mackenzie FullerMackenzie FullerOy oldin
  • who in the world thought that someone would just go "let's beat up this person"

    ComputerDefeatedComputerDefeatedOy oldin
  • Having seen Drew and Drew’s (but as his Danny Gonzalez persona) parody clip now every time I see the original I expect them to just break out hitting the girl.

    ChebicChebicOy oldin
  • I’ve gone 72 hours without sleep, was beginning to hallucinate, yet still spent 2 hours babysitting. I’m a 13 yo instead of a grownass adult.

    RowanRowanOy oldin
  • God bless! Believe in your heart and confess with your mouth that Jesus Christ is our Lord and Savior and died on a cross for our sins so we may live again in Heaven where there is no pain or suffering! God is our Father and Creator and raised His Son Jesus from the dead! Confess and repent of your sins and God will freely forgive you! Trust God and live for Jesus as He died for you! 💕

    olivia graceolivia graceOy oldin
  • Weed.

    Frigid DudeFrigid DudeOy oldin
  • um anyway, biden 2020

    daddy smurfdaddy smurfOy oldin
  • Dude I've been up for 48 exhausted 😴 so im trying my hardest to watch this video and not just fall asleep..I feel like automatically,constantly,apostrophe mostly confidentially sincerely sorry..I hope u forgive me

    David LafayeDavid LafayeOy oldin

    Anna EnglishschoolAnna EnglishschoolOy oldin
  • Give her free tickets for another show!! 😂😂 Poor girl is gonna think douchebags are what she’s supposed to look for in a guy.

    GiDDGiDDOy oldin
  • So is this the video that inspired James Charles to fake this same thing for a fan at his meet n greet?? (where he acted dead then immediately called her back and hugged her)

    Jennifer BrownJennifer BrownOy oldin
  • I just wanna comment to say the girl looks INCREDIBLY similar to Jennifer Lawrence in that clip

    Total War TimelapsesTotal War TimelapsesOy oldin
    • I’m getting shailene woodley

      livamourlivamourOy oldin
    • @UCzlHOUSWE269TjvLpPodoaA Honestly it's what clickbaited me, I was like "wait did the Dobre brothers meet Jennifer or something? and if yes, why does she look like she just woke up from sleep? I have to see this to know"

      Total War TimelapsesTotal War TimelapsesOy oldin
  • I Know u

  • actually- I had a similar experience! My mom was the woman who spray tanned them in a prank video, and I saw them at a movie theater once, they were sitting around and so I walked up to them, not wanting to be rude so I had apologized before I even said anything, and I told them my mother was in one of their videos, and I thanked them that she had that experience and they looked at me so annoyed and bored and I found it so rude- It was only Lucas and Marcus, so I’m not sure about the others, but this ALWAYS seems to happen with them, they’re just annoyed when they have to interact with fans and I find it so odd.

    slurryzslurryzOy oldin
  • #noaccountability

    Mr & Mrs HudsonMr & Mrs HudsonOy oldin
  • who is me and why am I guy

    Cody DavidsonCody DavidsonOy oldin
  • We in St. Louis have the weirdest decor.

    Harper LammleHarper LammleOy oldin
  • Ooof, I met some members of an up and coming pop-rock band last summer and it was pretty similar to this girl's experience. Super awkward.

    Kayla MarieKayla MarieOy oldin
  • i cant believe people took that vid srsly

    Bass Of SlapsBass Of SlapsOy oldin
  • that fake fighting video is fucking hilarious

    Warrick RhodeWarrick RhodeOy oldin
  • He has eaten takeout, EVERY single tay.

    Arianna GilsonArianna Gilson2 oy oldin
  • The Dobre brothers

    Internal ScreamsInternal Screams2 oy oldin
  • I am about 82% sure the Dobre brothers are drugged out of their minds.

    John ShipmanJohn Shipman2 oy oldin
  • Ah remember the outside times?

    Cat LifeCat Life2 oy oldin
  • grabs then punches hehehhehe

    paul acederapaul acedera2 oy oldin