This Movie Has Every Stereotype

17-Apr, 2020
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  • Ugh, THIS guy is back?

    Laser CatLaser Cat7 oy oldin
    • What caught my attention is the 67k likes

      AJ TomadaAJ Tomada22 soat oldin
    • @Wizard Affairs 6.9k likes- I don’t wanna like

    • couldn't put it better myeslf

      FrostInstantFrostInstant5 kun oldin
    • @Roaster Tuber danny

      ꨄ CHL0E ꨄꨄ CHL0E ꨄ6 kun oldin
    • Which guy

      Roaster TuberRoaster Tuber6 kun oldin
  • the italian my big fat greek wedding meets

    Grayson ShireyGrayson ShireySoat oldin
  • These two are so cute

    Waterking 99977Waterking 999775 soat oldin
  • Theres a reason he calls us Little Stinkers. Because nothing ever changes here.

    JakeGoesOnlineJakeGoesOnline6 soat oldin
  • won't lie by the end I did have to make a Dominos order (btw heartbreaking that they don't deliver anymore loL)

    Alex LeeAlex Lee7 soat oldin
  • this movie is the embodiment of "and everyone clapped"

    GaeFootballClubGaeFootballClub9 soat oldin
  • You said we may want pizza. Good thing I just got hot pockets

    Lilly BitnerLilly Bitner10 soat oldin
  • My sister in law plays the "moron sandwich" in the movie hahaha! Her name is Brittany Johnson :)

    Kelly RosenKelly Rosen10 soat oldin
  • The High Ground joke is the best part of this video, Change My Mind

    TJ LlinasTJ Llinas13 soat oldin
  • 7:36 where i live (when its someones birthday) we do as many shots as the year were turning at birthdays. (so 25 years = 25 shots baby)

    ClarisaClarisa20 soat oldin
  • and the toes breathe in a big tongue.... what is it mean? can anyone please tell me? I'm lost...

    Spidey girlSpidey girl20 soat oldin
  • Hahaha! I worked for the catering company that was hired for this movie three or four years ago. Hayden Christianson (or however the fuck you spell it) is a gorgeous man in real life. Can't really comment on much else. Everyone was nice, despite a shitty movie being made.

    Curtis JohnCurtis JohnKun oldin
  • “Where did Hayden get his Italian accent” Easy. From Watto.

    Ed SlushieEd SlushieKun oldin
  • Every time I eat pizza I watch this video. I’ve watched it 6 times.

    Thomas SirianniThomas SirianniKun oldin
  • Don't worry Drew, I was prepared, *I already had a pizza*

    Achilles RumboltAchilles RumboltKun oldin
  • I tried, but i got up to get pizza at 11:36. I couldn't help it. Although an authentic NY slice would be perfect, frozen pizza works too i guess

    lucy pearcelucy pearceKun oldin
  • its kinda weird seeing this movie because my mom spent a large portion of her childhood in little italy (toronto) and i like to imagine this is what her childhood was like

    AlexAlexKun oldin
  • This movie seems like at completely sucks but I’m from Toronto and it’s cool to see the places that they shot at

    Lia ReyesLia ReyesKun oldin
  • Leurs états de santé respectifs les empechent de s'approcher trop pres l'un de l'autre.?? みゃあこさん!ฅ( ̳• ·̫ • ̳ฅ)ニャン ライブ配信の再編ありがとうです!この日のライブ配信は、かならりやばかったですね!1万人を超える人が見ていたもんね(笑)やっぱり人参最高!まさかのカメラ切り忘れでやらかしたのもドキドキでした!今後は気を付けないとねoig

    Ellen SafitriEllen SafitriKun oldin
  • I wish he’d do more videos like this

    SandíaSandíaKun oldin
  • is that kimchi from kim's convenience

    Leah KozLeah KozKun oldin
  • can 100% confirm as a torontonian that little italy is exactly like this. everyone constantly stops to listen to the two main characters conversations at least twice a day

    Leah KozLeah KozKun oldin
  • hot dog but make it a pickle

    Emma WashamEmma Washam2 kun oldin
  • 10:55 An American guy saying the word shag is so fucking weird 😂

    IsaacIsaac2 kun oldin
  • Why did Netflix recommend this movie to me??

    RayRay3 kun oldin
  • I'll simp, not sure for which but I'll simp

    JJL productionsJJL productions3 kun oldin
  • dude, i love pizza

    KJSmithiKJSmithi3 kun oldin
  • fuck. was hoping the lesson was your life will work itself out if you get pissed and eat takeout

    Daniel SaundersDaniel Saunders3 kun oldin
  • Why does this movie give me flashbacks of Twilight’s “you better hold on tight, spider monkey”

    Briene The FoxBriene The Fox3 kun oldin
  • Whoever wants to correct me can do the research lol, but this isn’t the first movie Hayden Christensen has been in where every lady wants to fuck him. I’m pretty sure the movie is called Virgin Territory, and I remember it from 10+ years ago on HBO after I should have been asleep. Nuns getting horny for a “mute” Hayden Christensen. And a literal dick measuring contest. That’s all I remember from this movie. Edit: nun tits.

    Austin StoweAustin Stowe3 kun oldin
  • 4:42 holy shiit there is a lump of fur on the back of the couch-

    blondee weebblondee weeb4 kun oldin
  • i got a domino’s pizza commercial

    abby kimabby kim4 kun oldin
  • And now I'm ordering pizza ... 😂😂

    GrapeSoda BrianGrapeSoda Brian4 kun oldin
  • It is because of this review that I now realize I don't get nearly enough applause in my day to day life and it's upsetting.

    Nicole DeRhoneNicole DeRhone4 kun oldin
  • Pizza time🕷🍕

    Violet MoxleyViolet Moxley5 kun oldin
  • hi drew, just commented on your christmas mail video. i watch little italy once a week probably. hayden christensen can do no wrong even when he does wrong (this movie) thanks for bringing it into my life.

    Ellen RaceEllen Race5 kun oldin

    Bob SagetBob Saget5 kun oldin
  • Amanda putting her arm around Drew is adorable

    Lemon zLemon z5 kun oldin
  • I cackled 13:36

    Lennon MahoneyLennon Mahoney5 kun oldin
  • You guys are so cute together

    Cyryl PCyryl P5 kun oldin
  • They look like bro and sis that about to kiss

    Sup JaySup Jay6 kun oldin
  • I demand a twich channel & a movie night with amanda PLEASE

    Raghad KRaghad K6 kun oldin
  • How are they standing?

    Smilte OchaccoSmilte Ochacco6 kun oldin
  • 6:03 Why is the guy from the Canadian Tire commercials in this movie....

    CoastakuCoastaku7 kun oldin
  • Nobody: Drew: *HEY GUY*

    Francis DeangeloFrancis Deangelo7 kun oldin
  • Was that the Canadian Tire guy at 06:03 ?

    Damian SamuelDamian Samuel7 kun oldin
  • 185 15,500 15,685

    Tapemeasuresarefun4Tapemeasuresarefun47 kun oldin
  • OMG, it literally took me till the airport scene to realize that I’ve seen the full movie before. (Maybe it was because when I was watching it, it was so bad I stopped paying attention.)

    clarible funclarible fun7 kun oldin
  • hot dog need hot dog

    PinkMustachePinkMustache8 kun oldin
  • Why have I watched this video 7 times

    Oisín Ó CeallaighOisín Ó Ceallaigh8 kun oldin
  • This whole movie is just to promote the heterosexual agenda

    Annika BenstonAnnika Benston8 kun oldin
  • All the white people you'll ever want

    Walter CalderonWalter Calderon8 kun oldin
  • Hayden was in a non Star Wars movie that I liked, Shattered Glass

    Charles IanniniCharles Iannini8 kun oldin
  • Ok but wtf is curry powder ? I'm an indian but I've never seen "curry powder"

    Divisha AgarwalDivisha Agarwal8 kun oldin
  • This video feels like 2 years old Jesus Christ

    Jasper ModieJasper Modie9 kun oldin
  • “It’s over Nicky, I have the high ground” 😂🤣😂🤣

    Joey TeterJoey Teter9 kun oldin
  • “he sounds like if spaghetti could talk.” now that’s some WAP

    Dank ShadesDank Shades9 kun oldin
  • the funny thing is i had already planned to eat pizza and i had pizza toast for lunch so i guess i was in a pizza mood

    Ryan ChalmersRyan Chalmers9 kun oldin
  • I. Sorry but it there a clip with an Italian person on the phone and they aren't yelling or being non ententially loud then they aren't Italian or is it just my family lol

    Rosina FritzRosina Fritz9 kun oldin
  • Wow... this looks awful. I just want to point out though that, while it is weird that he has a random Italian accent, Canada also has Italians living here?? We also have little Italy districts 😂

    Sarah AntoniettiSarah Antonietti9 kun oldin
  • Well I love some of the stereotypes elements to spice up the movie.

    Annie TangAnnie Tang9 kun oldin
  • Spaghetti CAN talk!

    TheWintergoatTheWintergoat9 kun oldin
  • Why does he say "Hey Guyyy"

    dank4 memedank4 meme9 kun oldin
    • Because each of us is a guy

      b3z3jm3nnyb3z3jm3nny8 kun oldin
  • FYI y'all GOTTA watch Shattered Glass. Christiansen's only good movie.

    EliteRanger02EliteRanger029 kun oldin
    • Revenge of the Sith... Attack of the Clones...

      Don Cheadle OfficialDon Cheadle Official8 kun oldin
  • As an Italian i can confirm that we only eat pizza. Even if I live 2k km from Naples I go there everyday to get one (1) slice of pizza. That’s simply how being Italian works.

    Kevin KiwiKevin Kiwi10 kun oldin
  • 1:14 It’ 7 am, Drew, do not tempt me.

    Kevin KiwiKevin Kiwi10 kun oldin
  • Why do you have 2 rolls of toilet paper on your desk?

    Zoe MariaZoe Maria10 kun oldin
  • I watched it. It wasn’t that bad but there was that one scene where the female cop felt up the guy while searching him and making inappropriate jokes that made me uncomfortable. Like that’s illegal and gross and she’s literally taking advantage of him. Had the genders been flipped it wouldn’t have been used for comedy or if had been a male cop. It was really gross and not funny at all.

    Purple LilyPurple Lily10 kun oldin
  • Let it be known the I have the high ground joke ranks high.

    seankkgseankkg10 kun oldin
  • I’m eating pizza rn

    IñakiFalconIñakiFalcon10 kun oldin
  • i just noticed how much Emma Roberts looks like my 5th grade teacher.

    Mr MaleekMr Maleek10 kun oldin
  • He acts like I’m not actually broke “Want pizza? HAHAHAHAHAH lol”

    Raven AxeRaven Axe11 kun oldin
  • Cruel intentions was better at the airport, even tho some scenes didn't make sense xd and what he did to her irl cri

    artistic personaartistic persona11 kun oldin
  • Making someone high and wanting t make out with them while drunk is gross

    artistic personaartistic persona11 kun oldin
  • I'm just disappointed there wasn't a scene where he brutally slaughtered orphan children.

    Jules. exeJules. exe11 kun oldin
  • Man... I was living in Toronto the first time I saw this movie (it was a bit of a meme at my school) and the geography of this movie is hilarious. He enters his apartment in Little Italy, and then goes up to his rooftop which has a view of.... distillery. Which is like 6km away. I love it so much...

    oh wormoh worm11 kun oldin
  • This just proves how quote worthy gordon Ramsey is

    BrooklynBrooklyn11 kun oldin
  • It's over Nicky! I have the high ground!

    William CorrêaWilliam Corrêa11 kun oldin
  • Did... did Amanda say they kicked the soccer ball... into the hoop?

    FinalGirlFinalGirl11 kun oldin
  • Ha! You're wrong! It's Saturday

    Karim FrançoisKarim François11 kun oldin
  • You and your wife watching movies is now my life

    Ridley TweedleRidley Tweedle11 kun oldin
  • Great video as always Danny! I am truly Greg!

    Micah GuillemetteMicah Guillemette12 kun oldin
  • Ah yes. Nothing funnier than a man being publicly sexually assaulted.

    Micah GuillemetteMicah Guillemette12 kun oldin
  • In this town: Only food they have is pizza Competitions are the MOST serious thing in this town Everyone has an accent

    Earl TanEarl Tan12 kun oldin
  • damn i just ate a pizza before I watched this and had to order another one smh

    Nick VVNick VV12 kun oldin
  • It's not even an Italian accent. It's a Jersey accent.

    ifinditamazingifinditamazing12 kun oldin
  • Damit Canada, I trusted you

    Kimchi SeagullsKimchi Seagulls12 kun oldin
  • Why is Anakin Skywalker and Stevie from Madam Secretary in a bad hallmark movie

    CoffeeOperator 2CoffeeOperator 212 kun oldin
  • double pizza

    Super Durp1234Super Durp123413 kun oldin
  • There’s a reason they call it little stinker, because nothing ever changes

    Wow YouroWow Youro13 kun oldin
  • Emma Roberts has had a very successful career why is she stooping so low Not to mention Andrea Martin...

    Caralyn AufieroCaralyn Aufiero13 kun oldin
  • Watching this is funny because last night my friend was high and her private story was her saying dr phil is black and that harambe is real and coming to kill her

    liaxuryliaxury13 kun oldin
  • The Italian movie where the only actor who is actually Italian is one of the side characters.

    MeeBee2020MeeBee202013 kun oldin
  • I just found your channel and you're hilarious. Your wifey is a great foil for your humor too. I plan on binging all of your stuff now, and I desperately crave pizza. Thanks.

    nubbiecakesnubbiecakes13 kun oldin
  • Shoutout to my man Kimchi playing himself

    Joe MJoe M14 kun oldin
  • I got a pizza add before this video and my profile picture was pretty accurate to my face

    This has to be CreativeThis has to be Creative14 kun oldin
    • w a l t e r ?

      bruh momentobruh momento5 kun oldin
  • I seriously got interrupted by a pizza commercial in the middle of this video.

    Cynthia CAACCynthia CAAC14 kun oldin
  • all i have to say is WTF

    Lock.mp3Lock.mp314 kun oldin
  • I mean Drew was right, now I’m craving pizza

    BarelyTsunamiBarelyTsunami14 kun oldin
  • Can’t wait for “Dex’s Diner: A Star Wars Story”.

    Elijah CookElijah Cook14 kun oldin