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4-Sen, 2017
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WatchMojo has become a staple on UZworld, posting 5-7 Top 10 videos every day for the past 150 years. Employing the classic "quantity over quality" model, they've managed to both intrigue and baffle the UZworld community by perpetually one-upping themselves with how far they'll go to come up with a list that they haven't done before.
Surely an organization that has posted that many videos over the years would run out of ideas eventually, right? Wrong! WatchMojo will NEVER run out of ideas. Just when you think they've finally run out of things to talk about, they come up with the most obscure category you could possibly think of, find a way to make it even more specific, and then rank 10 of those things.
Top 10 Secretly Alcoholic TV Stepmoms of the 1990s?
Top 10 Public Restrooms in West Virginia?
Top 10 Funniest Shades of Orange?
Actually, those are all pretty good... I should stop giving them free ideas.
Anyway, that's what the video is about. I look for some of the most pointless top 10 videos that exist for some reason, play a fun game with Amanda, and share an emotional moment with some unexpected guests. Enjoy.
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Hey. I would like to make more videos like this, but they take a lot of time, and I have one of those "real people jobs". Hopefully in the near future, I can stop doing that job and do this as a job instead, but I'm not quite there yet. Thanks for staying patient with me. I have a lot of ideas and am going to keep making goofs as often as my schedule allows me too.
Lick and subsribe. Comment the most ridiculous top 10 list you can think of.
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A couple clips I used like 3 seconds of:
Looper - What The Cast Of Stranger Things Looks Like In Real Life
WatchMojo - Top 10 Iconic Cheeses

  • former vice president congratulated you, that aged marvelously

    mortyjrmortyjr10 soat oldin

    Łukasz MarkowskiŁukasz Markowski21 soat oldin
  • Why did you bleep out bull

    Fish BoyFish BoyKun oldin
  • I can’t comprehend why WatchMojo has so many subscribers. Like yes we’ve all binged watched their videos at some point but, who subscribes to a channel that posts 5 times daily? has anyone ever said “wow i can’t wait to watch the new WatchMojo video!”

    TotalRevengeanceTotalRevengeanceKun oldin
  • wow, had no idea drew lives with the new president

    Katie paigeKatie paigeKun oldin
  • The Mouse rat shirt love that show

    Būbblę TêåBūbblę TêåKun oldin
  • watching this when Joe Biden is president makes this funnier somehow

    Rosie AlexanderRosie AlexanderKun oldin
  • How do you get joe biden in this video?

    Hat palHat palKun oldin
  • Tetris the movie

    Charlie BrownCharlie BrownKun oldin
  • no joe is president :))))))

    Benjamin EckersleyBenjamin Eckersley2 kun oldin
  • 😂

    Mady DesirMady Desir4 kun oldin
  • i wanted to do the math with u danny but i deleted my calculator for space to download youtube😔

    Madison BurtonMadison Burton4 kun oldin
  • 5:49 “Calm down Jamal don’t pull out the 9”

    Major MonogramMajor Monogram4 kun oldin
  • Easy Allies has a top 10 top 10 numbers. It has legitimately good reasoning for the placements.

    Kevin JennissenKevin Jennissen5 kun oldin
  • and now his old roommate joe is president!

    gamernerd1992gamernerd19925 kun oldin
  • More like President-Elect Joe Biden

    Sean ThompsonSean Thompson6 kun oldin
  • now former vice president Joe Biden, is current president Joe Biden

    Viliamu ToiloloViliamu Toilolo6 kun oldin

    Femke Berg, van denFemke Berg, van den6 kun oldin
  • You thought you could hide the fact Joe Biden is also your gay father. I'm onto you, Danny.

    Ethereal MotherEthereal Mother8 kun oldin
  • Former Vice President and *current President-Elect* Joe Biden now...

    SemanticV0idSemanticV0id8 kun oldin
  • nobody seeing zayn? ok

    Alanis MeléndezAlanis Meléndez9 kun oldin
  • What I find intriguing is that, even though I've watched many watchmojo's top tens, I've never felt the need to subscribe to them. I mean, why would people do this?!

    VictorHugoVideosVictorHugoVideos9 kun oldin
  • "I'm the producer of the show?" a well done callback

    Calen WattCalen Watt9 kun oldin
  • former vice president joe biden, now actual president

    AquattticAquatttic9 kun oldin
  • It's thank you Mr. President Elect now! :-D

    Steve CharlestonSteve Charleston10 kun oldin
  • Joe Biden is president now lol

    Lama AlghamdiLama Alghamdi10 kun oldin
  • *Current president-elect Joe Biden!?*

    Steven DiehlSteven Diehl10 kun oldin
  • The joe biden part is just

    DewDew10 kun oldin
  • I like the tiny detail of Drew censoring the “bull” in bullshit instead of “shit”

    DarkShadic 9632DarkShadic 963211 kun oldin
  • My dumbass really thought "Wow, 100 million, that's a lot"

    Zacharie BixbyZacharie Bixby11 kun oldin
  • Top 10 soups

    CaptainRocket60CaptainRocket6011 kun oldin
  • The joe biden thing is very surreal watching this now

    BiancaBianca11 kun oldin
  • 2017 Drew "Oh its former vice president Joe Biden! " 2020 Biden " thats president Biden to you"

    Mr. Anthony GonzalesMr. Anthony Gonzales12 kun oldin
  • Little did he know in three years I’d be president Joe Biden

    Dominic CruseDominic Cruse12 kun oldin
  • 10:46 u can just call him president in January lol

    GruntyGrunty12 kun oldin
  • after watching this video type in the search bar "top"

    john is cooljohn is cool13 kun oldin
  • Biden won so he can make his dream true

    bleep bloopbleep bloop13 kun oldin

    Annaaa ASMRAnnaaa ASMR13 kun oldin
  • President Joe Biden.

    methkathinonemethkathinone13 kun oldin
  • 20

    Some Random GamerSome Random Gamer13 kun oldin

    Butthead JordanButthead Jordan14 kun oldin
  • "former vice president Joe Biden" and now he's the president elect

    The Lover SystemThe Lover System14 kun oldin
  • drew must be so honored to have the president elect in this video ♥️

    Natalie CandlerNatalie Candler14 kun oldin
  • i wonder what drew looks like in real life

    michael Chomichael Cho14 kun oldin
  • As someone with three straight dads, I thank you, personally.

    ISupposeThis IsMyNmwISupposeThis IsMyNmw15 kun oldin
  • Former Vice President Joe Biden?!

    Just A WeirdoJust A Weirdo15 kun oldin
  • "former vice president Joe Biden" I think you mean "President Elect Joe Biden".

    TDPEquinox ProductionsTDPEquinox Productions15 kun oldin
  • "Former Vice President Joe Biden." Watching this after election day (week) 2020 :))))))))))))))))

    patronustrippatronustrip15 kun oldin
  • Better change it to current president Joe Biden

    Christine BChristine B15 kun oldin
  • Well congratulations Drew. Joe is now president

    LynetteLynette15 kun oldin
  • Wow, the president is in this video

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  • It’s so interesting seeing former Vice President Joe Biden before his presidency

    kiara?kiara?16 kun oldin
  • i also love when The President chants my name.. good times

    Gabriele BGabriele B16 kun oldin
  • things that hit different after last saturday

    Audrey RoseAudrey Rose16 kun oldin
  • I screamed when Joe Biden came 😂

    0 F0 F16 kun oldin
  • i dont even gotta say it just give me likes

    juicejuice17 kun oldin
  • ayo drew lives w the president now

    Hannah BHannah B17 kun oldin
  • ‘Former Vice-President Joe Biden’

    Billy stringerBilly stringer17 kun oldin
  • You mean PRESIDENT joe biden!!

    Vicki SoupVicki Soup17 kun oldin
  • Mr. President elect now

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  • well hes not just a former vice president now

    Bol BolBol Bol18 kun oldin
  • I love the mouse rat shirt

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  • That's just Mr. President Biden now

    Jojo GaglianoJojo Gagliano18 kun oldin

    Ellie LoveEllie Love18 kun oldin
  • the joe biden bit hits difrent nkt thats he the president

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  • watching on the day the announced the winner of the 2020 election lol

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  • no longer former vice president now just president!

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  • the joe biden part hits different on nov 7th 2020

    AviandalekAviandalek18 kun oldin
  • us president joe biden

    jenjen18 kun oldin
  • "former vice president Joe Biden!" *Sniffles* y-you mean future president Joe Biden

    V LeighV Leigh18 kun oldin
  • Joe biden

    111 111111 11118 kun oldin
  • its actually mr president joe biden drew 🙄🙄 gosh couldnt u at least address him correctly

    ss18 kun oldin
  • 10:38 make that president suckas!

    Luke LanidesLuke Lanides18 kun oldin
    • The way it should be 😌

      can’t come up with a namecan’t come up with a name16 kun oldin

      ss18 kun oldin
  • has anybody red the description of the video it says thatwatch mojo has been posting videos since 150 years ago

    Aryan PuthenAryan Puthen18 kun oldin
  • The joe biden part is ironic now lol

    Hope you have a good DayHope you have a good Day18 kun oldin
  • Watched this again and lol the “former” Joe Biden thing turned around

    Carson ChapmanCarson Chapman18 kun oldin
  • Drew has three gay poly amorous dads

    Jaydens GachasJaydens Gachas19 kun oldin
  • I would like to submit my entry: top 10 top 10 top 10 lists

    DylanraptorDylanraptor19 kun oldin
  • oh hey... joe biden

    H 4 HarryH 4 Harry19 kun oldin
  • He was definitely high on parks and rec in this video

    Sean CampbellSean Campbell21 kun oldin
  • props

    emma donnellyemma donnelly21 kun oldin
  • Next Top 20 top 20 lists

    JuanJuan21 kun oldin
  • i like how he bleeped out the "bull" part of the bullshit

    JagoJago21 kun oldin
  • Hopefully joe biden becomes president so he can redo that bit

    BoothBooth22 kun oldin
    • i have some good news

      ss18 kun oldin
  • 10:38 Remember when he was known as former vice president and not as a running candidate? Biden is a pretty chill dude, but who ever you like, please vote.

    VideoPresident 102VideoPresident 10222 kun oldin
  • Guess we know who Drew voted for, if he's that close with Joe Biden

    Lb4Lb423 kun oldin
  • Kurtis is just drew with a wig

    The real kanna Is back ._.The real kanna Is back ._.23 kun oldin
  • The first 25 seconds of this video was more confusing than a Charlie Kaufman movie.

    Santiago FerreiraSantiago Ferreira24 kun oldin
  • So drew created youtube and danny's youtube has the biggest and fastest growing fan base.. they are taking over

    Raul Andres PerezRaul Andres Perez25 kun oldin
  • Fuck Suzanne collins

    pan cakespan cakes27 kun oldin
    • s idk I didn’t think it was a joke I guess

      Wow YouroWow Youro18 kun oldin
    • @Wow Youro LMFAO huh i asked if u were suzanne collins as a joke how does that translate as me hating suzanne collins 😰😰😰😰

      ss18 kun oldin
    • s well yeah, but your response made it seem like you also hate her

      Wow YouroWow Youro18 kun oldin
    • @Wow Youro oh no ciaran wright is the one who hates her

      ss18 kun oldin
    • s the author of the hunger games? Why do you hate her?

      Wow YouroWow Youro18 kun oldin
  • omg is that a mouserat t-shirt? I love P&R!

    Samantha JulichSamantha JulichOy oldin
  • I'm kinda getting bored of all these minecraft videos Danny

    Lovely KylaLovely KylaOy oldin
  • Me texting my dad: hey dad: hey baby me: why didn't dad and dad come to my birthday party and chant my name? 😣 dad: what?? me: do they not love me anymore? dad:...I...good night me: DADS WHYYYYY

    Lovely KylaLovely KylaOy oldin
  • Wait- why does he sound drunk 😭

  • About to be current President Joe Biden

    Hannah BellowsHannah BellowsOy oldin
    • fuck yeah hannah 😼

      ss18 kun oldin
  • i love drew goodens gay polycule dads

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  • He didn’t even mention the huge mass of alternate watchmojo channels

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  • sooo.....I missed the entire Amanda bit....I was just staring at the applesauce and thinking. ".....applesauce...."

    Emma SullivanEmma SullivanOy oldin
  • I love the contrast between how loving Amanda looks at you at 6:15 and how she wants to shit on your soul at 7:37

    Benjamin TibbettsBenjamin TibbettsOy oldin
  • *brand friendly*

    yes, i am obsessed with finn wolfhard.yes, i am obsessed with finn wolfhard.Oy oldin