What is Rick Lax doing?

3-Mar, 2020
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is rick okay? am i okay?
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  • ploopy

    the snake that rattlesthe snake that rattles8 oy oldin
    • Still last

      Jake WolfJake WolfKun oldin
    • Yes very ploopy

      「Slothø」「Slothø」Kun oldin
    • ploop

      bobaboba5 kun oldin
    • @Meme Land why

      Jake WolfJake WolfOy oldin
    • After I comment this, no one else can reply

      Meme LandMeme LandOy oldin
  • It really bothers me that Drew has 1 second left on that microwave. Just one second of cooking time left.

    Evan SwiechEvan SwiechSoat oldin
  • You have to be related to Danny Gonzalez

    W. H.W. H.2 soat oldin
  • You do realize you have to open your mouth to blow up a balloon right?

    Zoë ConnerZoë Conner4 soat oldin
  • Isn’t it so annoying when you can’t find the thumbs sideways button 🙄

    Goose and CrookshanksGoose and Crookshanks9 soat oldin
  • My English teacher showed my class ricks video. She is the greatest boomer in history.

    Just some random person on the internet SJust some random person on the internet S12 soat oldin
  • i found out energy drinks are bad when i chugged two in the span of 20 minutes and then was sick all day

    Amadeo SonierAmadeo Sonier15 soat oldin
  • How come you’re married and I’m not?

    C OC O17 soat oldin
  • First comment in three months

    Tom LincolnTom Lincoln22 soat oldin
  • You didn’t use a cup, you used a glass...that’s why it didn’t work.....obviously

    adam bragaadam braga22 soat oldin
  • I played this on 2.0 playback with my family being loud al I heard at the beginning is holy fuck

    Bananabois GamingBananabois GamingKun oldin
  • okay who wrote these captions??? example: 8:17 drew: "honey, how come the hammers in the sink?" capshins: "honey you have to come back here you're so messy" what is wrong with their ears

    sayori orsomethingsayori orsomethingKun oldin
  • When he said wedding ring I thought he said wetting ring I'm like isn't it supposed to get wet 9:02

    rightnow1776rightnow1776Kun oldin
  • Ostrich eggs 🥚

    Rachel BubeckRachel BubeckKun oldin
  • Ah I see your problem, You see, you purchased and used Sugar Free Red Bull, the Magic only works with Red Bull. Also your shirt is the same color scheme as the sugar free red bull.

    SilentWorkForceSilentWorkForceKun oldin
  • He was using redbull with sugar .. and for the fruit hes using monster . So he is 100000% not lying at all. Like never would he do that . Oh my

    LiL BoudLiL BoudKun oldin
  • You didn't put the balloon peice in the cup when you cut it, obviously it wouldn't work

    Canned OrgansCanned OrgansKun oldin
  • I can’t tell if you’re tall or the kitchen is small.

    Elton FortenberryElton Fortenberry2 kun oldin
  • Everyone gangsta until Rick lax breaks into your house pours redbull on you and then folds you

    Benedict SkinnerBenedict Skinner2 kun oldin
  • Alternate title: Drew Gooden handles various phallic objects while complaining for 15 minutes

    LesbianageLesbianage5 kun oldin
  • This would have worked if he didn’t use sugar free smh

    chad bleachchad bleach5 kun oldin
  • The guy that shows pictures of him drinking three energy drinks a day, he goes from a fat, white guy, with glasses to a fit, black guy. Incredible

    Kyvacado 09Kyvacado 095 kun oldin
  • See, I just clicked on this video for some nostalgia comedy and it turns out I haven't liked it yet. You've really gotta add an easier *like* button access function for playlists to your website.

    Paul KellyPaul Kelly5 kun oldin
  • i know this is probably annoying but i can hear your john mulaney influence so much i love it so much

    ameliaamelia6 kun oldin
  • You know it genuinely pisses me off that people like rick exist and it's worse that people who think this is real exist da fuk

    quaaludesquaaludes6 kun oldin
  • I'm sorry? What was that intro?

    quaaludesquaaludes6 kun oldin
  • Shup

    Vasu SinghVasu Singh6 kun oldin
  • Rick reminds me of Zoolander

    Dean LucianoDean Luciano6 kun oldin
  • Rick is watching you right now

    lanie frenchlanie french7 kun oldin
  • Man, it seems like drew lost his mind in this one guys.

    ok then.ok then.7 kun oldin
  • You used sugar free redbull obviously that's why it didn't work 🙄😏

    Marlena thorvaldMarlena thorvald7 kun oldin
  • I love Red Bull flavored baguette

    Random Spaghetti noodlesRandom Spaghetti noodles7 kun oldin
  • Oh mon dieu | distress french noises |

    Pendora WunderkammerPendora Wunderkammer7 kun oldin
  • “Did it ever exist ? Am I asleep right now?” Me too. 😂

    Rin WrldRin Wrld7 kun oldin
  • I think I know why the fruit and vegetable one didn't work Its bc Rick didn't use red bull for it he used monster energy

    misaki ayuzawamisaki ayuzawa8 kun oldin
  • Why is there a single second left on the microwave? Why did you do this to me?

    Jazmine LakeyJazmine Lakey8 kun oldin
  • "I opening Facebook, and now I closing Facebook" 😂😂😂

    Carolyn GracyalnyCarolyn Gracyalny8 kun oldin
  • hey

    Mirela KaradelievaMirela Karadelieva8 kun oldin
  • Hey Drew.. Rick actually heated up the bread in his video before pouring the red bull on, so I think thats probably the issue you're running into with your bread. May want to give it another shot and use all the correct techniques as demonstrated by Rick.

    Dustin LDustin L8 kun oldin
  • Rick literally got a fucking brioche baguette and pretended it was a normal baguette

    babushkas kompotbabushkas kompot8 kun oldin
  • Ow. Hot. Ow. Hot. Ow. Hot. Haven't you ever seen someone hold an egg yolk before?

    KAYLEE SmithKAYLEE Smith8 kun oldin
  • It only works with original, not sugar free #rick4life

    Bazbe 0Bazbe 08 kun oldin
  • soooo..... is no one gonna talk about how the microwave is at 1 second? 🐁

    mikan tsumikimikan tsumiki8 kun oldin
  • Wet buegette

    The milky MatrixThe milky Matrix9 kun oldin
  • i poured red bull on my dog and now i can roll her up

    CementChicken1CementChicken19 kun oldin
    • @CementChicken1 su you’re literally me

      CementChicken1CementChicken12 soat oldin
    • why..?

      CementChicken1CementChicken12 soat oldin
  • drew either you got even funnier or i got even sadder lol

    ajaj9 kun oldin
  • You didn’t do them right smh 😔

    CutiecashCutiecash9 kun oldin
  • You see the problem is you used sugar free red bull instead of normal. Real magicians know this.

    seankkgseankkg10 kun oldin
  • Duck is my favorite egg

    Рози РозаРози Роза10 kun oldin
  • Best part of the video is Drew's subtle but constant wide-legged stance

    Lillian PinkstonLillian Pinkston10 kun oldin
  • I got a lipstick ad as soon as I clicked and it was of them like showing off their lips if you understand what I mean and I thought it was you at first LOL

    Mouse in your frying panMouse in your frying pan10 kun oldin
  • Facebook is the place idiots go to feel smart

    The Real Dutch Plan Der LindeThe Real Dutch Plan Der Linde10 kun oldin
  • there’s no hot glue, THANK GOD

    ari roseari rose10 kun oldin
  • "Honey, why is the hammer in the sink?" "I don't know, who are you? You don't sound like my wife!" That part got me good. Lol😆

    Riley ThackerRiley Thacker10 kun oldin
    • @Deathmoon 1416 oh

      RubyRuby5 kun oldin
    • This was stolen. Intelli-Gent posted this exact comment 3 months ago

      Deathmoon 1416Deathmoon 14165 kun oldin
    • 8:18 😉

      RubyRuby10 kun oldin
  • h

    riley56kriley56k10 kun oldin
  • 4:43 the sounds of exasperation

    Ridley TweedleRidley Tweedle11 kun oldin
  • I subscribed for the humor and I stay for the existential crises

    KristenKristen11 kun oldin
  • my boyfriend's nana reposted one of those redbull videos 😭😂

    KristenKristen11 kun oldin
  • Drew: Is there a camera in here?? Also Drew: *Looks everywhere except the camera*

    Gravity PotterGravity Potter11 kun oldin
  • Why did I think he was holding a pad in the thumbnail. I was like,, who's period is orange..??

    Olivia LidzkaOlivia Lidzka11 kun oldin
  • You used sugar free Red Bull, that’s definitely why your “magic” failed. No other excuse!!

    James BeattyJames Beatty11 kun oldin
  • Hey Drew, anyone ever tell you you sound just like John Mulaney? It was pretty uncanny here.

    Ramsha JamilRamsha Jamil11 kun oldin
  • Hey look I am nowhere near first because there are already a million comments! So I am not going to be annoying and comment that I’m first when I not.

    Me CoderMe Coder11 kun oldin
  • N word 10:07

    Omlabeast YTOmlabeast YT11 kun oldin
    • Ur so dumb

      Sinus infectionSinus infection10 kun oldin
  • Is that The Contortionist displayed behind you?? Nice dude ✌🏻

    yung beanyung bean11 kun oldin
  • He kinda looks like Andrew glouberman from big mouth

    Connor BuskirkConnor Buskirk11 kun oldin
  • So uh how did the bread taste

    YeeHaw TimeYeeHaw Time11 kun oldin
  • My favorite type of egg, ez the egg flavored egg

    Mr. FoolMr. Fool12 kun oldin
  • Who tf is Rick

    i dont care that u broke your elbowi dont care that u broke your elbow12 kun oldin
    • Yes

      RubyRuby10 kun oldin
  • I wish we could've watched Drew stuff the wet rolled up portable baguette in his pocket

    Vicktoria VeelaVicktoria Veela12 kun oldin
  • It was the dang wine glass!! xD

    Elizabeth YorkElizabeth York12 kun oldin
  • Is there one second left on the microwave?

    TARDISTARDIS12 kun oldin
  • Lmao I hate Rick Lax

    Zack DobrowskiZack Dobrowski12 kun oldin
  • i am completely dead inside discord.gg/A2aD3E7W

    snaily ettasnaily etta12 kun oldin
  • Dude, why the fuck would so many people just believe something that can be disproven so easily?

    RobRob12 kun oldin
  • hahahah this guy didn't even realize his clone made fun of him

    reidbead719reidbead71913 kun oldin
  • The fact that Danny's microwave was at 0:01 entire time is driving me insane.

    OkbutmydogscomefirstOkbutmydogscomefirst13 kun oldin
  • 0:01 on the microwave

    Margaret BarbourMargaret Barbour13 kun oldin
  • You should do a asmr 😺🖐

    Chicken wingChicken wing13 kun oldin
  • I don’t know why you came up in my recommended, but I just sat through that whole video and laughed my ass off. I really like the concept of John Mulaney but not his face or choices, you’ll make a great substitute. You’ve earned a sub

    Tuesday Δ SagendaTuesday Δ Sagenda13 kun oldin
  • really? I could've gotten a VPN? IVE MOVED 3 TIMES TODAY AND I COULDVE JUST BOUGHT aN aPP???????????????????????

    guyguy13 kun oldin
  • i just realized this was uploaded on my birthday. 8 months later. thank you, i was not expecting a gift

    shrubshrub13 kun oldin
  • Eggggg

    The CoolestThe Coolest13 kun oldin
  • pooop

    The Living dragonThe Living dragon13 kun oldin
  • 2:12 boss battle begins

    PxxpPxxp13 kun oldin
  • I opening Facebook and now i closing facebook

    Call him ColCom -Call him ColCom -13 kun oldin
  • Could it be that drew is using sugar free?

    VeteranRedBeardVeteranRedBeard13 kun oldin
  • Ever notice that you swallow without thinking about it

    AnimeGodOliAnimeGodOli13 kun oldin
  • I like that jacket in the sponsor section

    clunk_FESTclunk_FEST14 kun oldin
  • idiot it needed to be a wooden hammer how dare you doubt the great Richard laxative

    JoeyJoey14 kun oldin
  • idk guys, i think danny is going crazy. mainly because the microwave is still at 0:01

    Gr3enR0sesGr3enR0ses14 kun oldin
  • Over easy

    5PM to Nowhere5PM to Nowhere14 kun oldin
  • do you need to piss or something? why are you bouncing about so much?

    Daniel SaundersDaniel Saunders14 kun oldin
  • I can't tell whether Drew's kitchen is really small, or if he's just pretty tall. _That ryhmed_

    Mimi LuvvxXx6Mimi LuvvxXx614 kun oldin
  • 10:37 minutes before his stomach folding

    Azmi ZahXDAzmi ZahXD14 kun oldin
  • I agree with you Drew, I also don't like Rickardo Laxative.

    JhongYTJhongYT15 kun oldin
  • Clearly the first one didn’t work because you used a wine glass instead. Amateur.

    Heather JHeather J15 kun oldin
  • Just stumbled on this annnnnnnnnnnnd subbed.

    RiccoBRiccoB15 kun oldin
  • My favorite kind of egg is egg

    Ava WAva W15 kun oldin
  • I can smell this video through my phone

    kiki_pride 493kiki_pride 49315 kun oldin