Why Did I Write That Down? | Reading My Old Terrible Jokes

24-Apr, 2018
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Thank you so much for helping me reach half a million subscribers! Insane. To celebrate this achievement, I've decided to react to some old terrible jokes that my brain not only came up with, but decided they were worthy of documenting. I may not be turning these ideas into sketches, or books, or stand-up bits, but at least I'm finally using them for something.
Let me know if you like this new set-up. My goal for the next couple months is to branch out as much as possible and try different things every week to keep my content fresh, and to hopefully grow as a creator. My next video is going to be pretty different than anything I've posted on this channel, so stay tuned for that.
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Also sorry the frame rate is so bad when the camera changes. This is a new camera and I accidentally turned the settings way down before recording the entire video lmao.

  • Glad to know im not the only idiot.

    Spicy PuffinSpicy Puffin2 yil oldin
    • @em is trash stfu u little maniac

      Surrgeon_FPSSurrgeon_FPS10 kun oldin
    • idot*

      Kokomushroom 13Kokomushroom 13Oy oldin
    • Glad to know that everyone is an idiot in there own way!

      General Obi Wan KenobiGeneral Obi Wan Kenobi2 oy oldin
    • em is trash im

      PennylessPennyless2 oy oldin
    • Idot*

      Eden YoungEden Young2 oy oldin
  • why is nobody talking about the pyramid of toilet paper on the desk that keeps getting taller?

    Katherine WarrenKatherine Warren13 daqiqa oldin
  • A message to poop: You are what I eat Is an unironic gem

    SwissSauceSwissSauceSoat oldin
  • i’m still laughing over “message to poop: you are what i eat”

    king explosionking explosionSoat oldin
  • On today's installment of, "Once Cringy Comedians who were the fun kind of dork and so now have a better love life than me" In all seriousness though, some of these aren't half bad daddy Drew :)

    Jack Of HeartsJack Of Hearts3 soat oldin
  • this is so cute watching this when he has 2.6 million followers and he’s so grateful for 500k

    Jordyn MitchellJordyn Mitchell3 soat oldin
  • are we just not going to talk about the skit

    molly kmolly k7 soat oldin
  • Curious Jorge

    Chantal GérardChantal Gérard12 soat oldin
  • this video made me realize drew is one of my favorite people

    Nikitta N.Nikitta N.Kun oldin
  • One of my drunken notes was: "hey Canadian guy, how do you spell Canada?" Canadian guy: "oh thutll be Cee ay... Ay ay..."

    Experiment 626Experiment 6262 kun oldin
  • I found a note on my phone that said "Dora was the og backpack kid...so she invented the floss"

    Lauren DaviesLauren Davies2 kun oldin
  • You don't pronounce Jorge as "horhe", it's the same pronounce as George

    Giovanna PedrosoGiovanna Pedroso2 kun oldin
  • drew thinks in potential vines

    RelaxiaRelaxia2 kun oldin
  • Shut up, Drew. Shut the fuck up. These are all hilarious

    Smells Ahoy!Smells Ahoy!3 kun oldin
  • I know this is unoriginal now but I'd also like to share some of my randomly dumb notes: - "my brain is a used condom" Me, 2019 - brodge - My boyfriend snored on a call and I laughed my ass for three minutes straight - rememeber to tell my grandkids about my underwear getting stuck between my buttcheeks - "teacher... nO!" "if i didn't have makeup on i would've taped my entire face" - "drawing" (and the image attached was the letter H) - "instead of being depressed, just UwU" My boyfriend, 2020 - Fitted sweatshirts are just leggings for your arms - "You're not a fart so stop following me!" My aunt to my dog 2020 - I'm bored and it's xmas wtf - y a m e t e

    Worst Username In the WorldWorst Username In the World4 kun oldin
  • watching this in 2020 my man's got 2.6 mil 👏👏👏

    Alba MaddenAlba Madden4 kun oldin
  • I have a note that just says “we filled this city on Pizza Rolls.”

    Ed SlushieEd Slushie4 kun oldin
  • I loved the ymca one, (slaps face while laughing)

    Kyvacado 09Kyvacado 094 kun oldin
  • I was dying while matching this

    Games N stuffGames N stuff4 kun oldin
  • I think a frat guy shotgunning nitro cold brews would be a funny idea

    slopcrusherslopcrusher5 kun oldin
  • Here's my middle school jotted-down note: "Hey what's your aunt's favorite cold state?" "I dunno, Alaska!" ...

    SoCalMinionSoCalMinion5 kun oldin
  • Am I the only one who actually wants to read that book he was gonna write?

    Emily TredwellEmily Tredwell6 kun oldin
  • Bro, the *what if they don’t like me* hit way too hard.

    DisasterInACanDisasterInACan6 kun oldin
  • sorry, the poopin and loopin one is fucking hilarious

    TrickwardTrickward6 kun oldin
  • Heynongman!

    Jesse BatemanJesse Bateman7 kun oldin
  • My notes are mostly Twitter dms I had to prewrite for adhd reasons But I did find this: 39,000 eggs = $819,000 Listen I don’t know either

    Iz BernhardIz Bernhard7 kun oldin
  • My notes have a list of 10 reasons you should fear gen z

    RowanRowan7 kun oldin
  • I have a note that just says “bufferfish”

    KamaKama7 kun oldin
  • His notes: actually kinda deep and cool writes paragraphs sometimes My notes: *photo of my feet on a tan colored blanket captioned "Beach day!!!☀️"*

    Preeti PrasathPreeti Prasath7 kun oldin
  • my old notes are just fanfics or diary entries but I think the only "joke" I have written down is 'My teachers always used to tell me I was a gifted child, turns out I was stupid and it was just too early to tell' I think that will forever be the peak of my humour- barely even get a chuckle from the giggliest of the human population. I'm just forever destined to be the unfunny friend who desperately tries to make at least _one_ person laugh, to at least hear the genuine joy in the stifled chuckle of someone, but I guess I'm gonna be the woe is me weepy little writer lmao

    Chloe’s CreationsChloe’s Creations7 kun oldin
  • MCA is already a pretty famous rapper, he was a member of the beastie boys..;

    Bobo JojoBobo Jojo7 kun oldin
  • I have a note on my phone that literally just lists the most popular foods from different restaurant chains

    JustSome BeatSaberJustSome BeatSaber7 kun oldin
  • Now we just need to get Drew to do acid and he'll really have some confusing notes written down.

    Levi TollefsonLevi Tollefson7 kun oldin
  • Drew stole that shirt that says "pants" from that one guy in BowlingforSoup

    NEWT A5NEWT A58 kun oldin
  • the "what about country music" was something i actually had to pause to laugh for a minute

    RR8 kun oldin
  • That toilet paper in the background on his desk is shaped like a triangle. Illuminate confirmed.

    sourdough toastsourdough toast8 kun oldin
  • It’s so interesting to see Drew’s sense of humor develop. I can see so much of his current style in these old jokes, they just lack polish and practice.

    tiktik1494tiktik14949 kun oldin
  • there’s a note in my phone that reads “i was about to fall asleep, and the thought, ‘i was molested by a naked mole rat’ popped in my head and i felt this needed to be documented” and i think it sums up my brain pretty well

    Shrek Oh yeahShrek Oh yeah9 kun oldin
  • in your thumbnails you look like bj novak

    Krys MinnKrys Minn9 kun oldin

    Krys MinnKrys Minn9 kun oldin
  • 11:41 deep stuff

    SquiddySquiddy9 kun oldin
  • 6:57 I literally know exactly what you talking about I always get nervous when talking to people older than me or the same age as me and sometimes younger they have to be at least 3 years younger than me to feel like I have worth in the conversation and I stutter when people try talking to me cause I don't really know what I add to society.... On another note I didn't know you smoked weed and that's literally the best thing I've ever heard plus I'm pretty sure most people when they're high think that they're having like revolutionary ideas and it's pretty funny

    Jessi WalkerJessi Walker9 kun oldin
  • I think I get the butterfly for dinner one. It's super sweet. It's about buttefies in your stomach.

    Jeremy ShapiroJeremy Shapiro10 kun oldin
  • The "Why MC A" one was fucking hilarious.

    HutchHereHutchHere10 kun oldin
  • "If i'm not pooping i'm looping - DJ with chronic diarrhea" was actually extremley funny.

    HutchHereHutchHere10 kun oldin
  • kurtis conner could make green screen sketches out of most of these

    Reed KohReed Koh10 kun oldin
  • 6:13 thumbnail joke

    Cinema NerdCinema Nerd10 kun oldin
  • Drew smoking any weed ever is unimaginable

    todorokataratodorokatara10 kun oldin
  • Omg I used to listen to sleeping lessons when I was a toddler.

    JGuitarman23JGuitarman2310 kun oldin
  • "pedophile phil" broke me lmao

    lillililli10 kun oldin
  • my Nan: ‘having a stroke’ Drew: comedy gold!

    Surrgeon_FPSSurrgeon_FPS10 kun oldin
  • Thank god I’m not the only one with random unfinished phrases in my notes

    LTMC MediaLTMC Media11 kun oldin
  • Drew, you didn’t need to make a fake rapper named MCA, one already exists. He was in the Beastie Boys

    GramifyedGramifyed11 kun oldin
  • congrats on 500,000 subscribers

    Zachary ShoukaZachary Shouka11 kun oldin
  • i have a note in my phone which is just two very crudely drawn stick figure girls scissoring

    grace middlebrookgrace middlebrook11 kun oldin
  • Most of these are terrible but I think curious Jorge has a lot of potential

    I guess so YTI guess so YT11 kun oldin
  • my notes are full of my diaries and some useless fucked up things lol

    audreyaudrey12 kun oldin
  • why does 3 toilet paper turn into 6 toilet paper behind him

    YeyzonYeyzon13 kun oldin
  • the evil baby joke is literally ripped from family guy lmao

    onometreonometre13 kun oldin
  • Frat boy trying to shotgun a coffee is one of the funniest mental images of all time

    Ryan SmithRyan Smith13 kun oldin
  • Since others are sharing here's my weird, unexplained note that I don't even remember writing: "Threw in a well Ass me n tell" I don't know what it means and it haunts me

    Spicy MeatballSpicy Meatball13 kun oldin
  • That tp stack be growin

    RobRob14 kun oldin
  • 11:40 damn that actually made me really sad

    alison legaardalison legaard14 kun oldin
    • Until the mood change right after which was rlly funny

      Owen BOwen B13 kun oldin
  • when he put in the song sleeping lessons i was so happy bc that's my favorite song ;-;

    small_ onesmall_ one15 kun oldin
  • A lot of this stuff is actually hilarious to me. The Sike-ic is genius

    Business CactusBusiness Cactus15 kun oldin
  • that is not how you spell psyche, sike is not a word, and psyche-ic would be the proper use

    chora pisceschora pisces15 kun oldin
  • The "Message to poop, you are what I eat" joke was actually hilarious imo

    Porter CranePorter Crane16 kun oldin
  • Ok some of these are actually really good

    CrumbiteCrumbite16 kun oldin
  • My favorite one I found was this: I was texting my friend Just now Bottle

    Smol GhostSmol Ghost16 kun oldin
  • God I wanna get high with Drew Gooden

    Drank DuckDrank Duck16 kun oldin
  • I never thought drew would be one to get high lmao

    Ur moms toast nuggetsUr moms toast nuggets17 kun oldin
  • i must be dumber than 20yo drew when he’s high bc i have no idea what that MC A joke is supposed to mean

    Baylor WisemanBaylor Wiseman17 kun oldin
  • I have a note on my phone that just says 3, it's like a year old and I forgot why I said 3 its driving me insane, 3 what?

    Kaylee KeenKaylee Keen17 kun oldin
  • He’s so little

    Idiot CircusesIdiot Circuses17 kun oldin
  • Jorge is actually the name of George in the Latin American dub of the cartoon: "Jorge el Curioso".

    AquinAquin17 kun oldin
  • It is my birthday!!! 😊😊

    Britt O'NeillBritt O'Neill17 kun oldin
  • Lmao excited about 500k but now he got 2 mil

    Hailey HaileyHailey Hailey18 kun oldin
  • I feel robbed of my “hey guy”

    Łãÿš Pøtãtø ÇhįpšŁãÿš Pøtãtø Çhįpš18 kun oldin
  • the last thing in my notes is hanna rios

    Limp SkimpLimp Skimp18 kun oldin
  • Generally my notes are pretty boring but there is one I always scroll past that just says “a tough pillow to swallow” and I don’t know what I was thinking when I wrote it but it makes me smile

    Fisher BensonFisher Benson18 kun oldin
  • I didn't know Drew invented UZworld, I thought he invented the universe.

    StonkesStonkes20 kun oldin
  • Drew’s Ex girlfriend is reading this saying: “ these jokes would have kept us together!!! 😔 😞”

    ENC.ENC.20 kun oldin
  • "You see, the way my brain works is that it doesnt" Im gonna use that now

    LVBBoiLVBBoi20 kun oldin
  • When I draw something I always leave little notes so my future self doesn’t think that I though that it was good

    Isabelle SIsabelle S20 kun oldin
  • I feel like everyone in college that I know and just personally had a tough time making genuine friends. I feel like friends possibly made in class are semester-only and we never talk again. College can be VERY lonely before you’re able to find like a few core friends or whatever

    CarmenCarmen21 kun oldin
  • The MC A joke was written on my 20th birthday and I feel like that’s all you need to know about me

    Katie MarieKatie Marie21 kun oldin
  • WHY MC A?

    Valerie AmayaValerie Amaya21 kun oldin
  • "gurious gorge" - me on my notes 2k15

    Sophie SherzaiSophie Sherzai22 kun oldin
  • “Cockliment” “The inherent eroticism of standing too close to a crt tv” “I’m gonna put grunkcore on the aux because I hate all of you” “Hey shitass, wanna see me make a subway sandwich?” “You’ve injactulated for the last time” “The business man got bread The goose followed suit” “I look like Fred Durst in human form” “Ur dick looks like my balls”

    I Eat GarbageI Eat Garbage22 kun oldin
  • If that happened to me I’d be so upset

    Tara PlamondonTara Plamondon22 kun oldin
  • Drew's mustache scares me

    VishrutiVishruti22 kun oldin
  • this is one of my favorite videos :,) the self depreciating paragraphs in between half developed ideas really hit lol. a king

    Pol AtPol At23 kun oldin
  • one of my notes says "JALAPENO" and nothing else

    christinechristine23 kun oldin
  • this guys got great eyebrows

    Grace GriffinGrace Griffin24 kun oldin
  • I used to get really really tired, stay up until 6am and then fall asleep and start lucid dreaming really weird stuff. Then I would wake up after 5 minutes of dreaming weird stuff and write things down in my notes. Here are some of them: Son, if you dont stop this tomfoolery you're going to become a full time youtuber! And what about you dad? What's your job? I'm an ad revenue collector, thank you very much! Step aside, collarbone... or you win this Turkey lady. "OH MY OH MY OH MY GOBBLE GOBBLE! THE CHICKENS IN THE COOT AND THE POOCH WHIPPERSNAPPER!" Damb Yym is where it's at Eoonann Likes fishing Eats 3 lunches in a day But like an AA thing He has to admit his big old ass meals all day

    Rubber DuckiezRubber Duckiez24 kun oldin
    • this is my remaining brain cells trying to comprehend reality

      audreyaudrey12 kun oldin
    • @J. .K haha I never saw this reply, but thank you, im glad my dumbass brain could give you some serotonin

      Rubber DuckiezRubber Duckiez17 kun oldin
    • I am so glad that I clicked newest first, this is a masterpiece

      J. .KJ. .K24 kun oldin
  • Bro, that’s crazy, he wished me happy birthday, and it’s actually my birthday

    tutorials and playing stufftutorials and playing stuff24 kun oldin
    • Well happy birthday lol

      J. .KJ. .K24 kun oldin
  • Me in 2020: Is that...toilet paper?

    AnOddballAnOddball24 kun oldin
    • Lets rob him

      J. .KJ. .K24 kun oldin
  • I'm sorry *His cabinet is open*

    Crazy LillyCrazy Lilly24 kun oldin
  • i thought they were going to be good but drew was just so embarrassed by them that he would say they're bad. these are genuinely bad.

    TauhidTauhid25 kun oldin
  • PLEASE make another one of these. They're comedy gold, I scream-laughed the entire time.

    Kathryn ClarkKathryn Clark26 kun oldin
    • @Mr. Sandman lol I'm not offended, just figured I'd mention it anyways.

      Kathryn ClarkKathryn Clark26 kun oldin
    • I don't want to offend you or anything but he posted this 2 years ago I'm not sure if he's gonna read this comment

      Mr. SandmanMr. Sandman26 kun oldin