Why Did You Think This Would Work?

21-Dek, 2017
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The world is full of questionable people doing questionable things, and I like to question them. Today's question: "why did you think this would work?" (the title of video lmao)
Here's the thing; not everything is possible, and not everything you read is true. It's just not. That's why it's our job as living, breathing humans to figure out when someone is lying to us. It usually doesn't take much, just a minimal amount of critical thinking. And yet here we are, surrounded by people who seem to think everything they see on the internet is factual; and you better believe they're going to throw a fit when they're proven wrong.
This is a pretty light rant. Just some fun silly goofs because I felt like my last couple videos have been a little too serious. If you subscribed to me to see me laugh at dumb shit on the internet and not to passionately dismantle someone or something I'm mad about, then today is your lucky day. Pointless rants are my specialty.
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    Anon PersonAnon Person24 daqiqa oldin
  • I crushed her 6 months ago and i kept crashing her regularly for the past 6 months. So sad

    Error404Error4047 soat oldin
  • Damn getting fired from your job for playing a game I mean shit just say you have the shits and play it in the bathroom but not for hours lmfao.

    BuBba KuShInGToNBuBba KuShInGToN9 soat oldin
  • Fun fact: You looked up jezzball on the App Store

    mr tigermr tiger10 soat oldin
  • The last dance is it ok if I bring my car to work on it and I'll send it here and I can drive it to yourself and your teacher is the best way to get a hold of you to think of me as well as the one I was looking at is a little more than a week ago and just got back from dinner

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  • Nice cheese go moo

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  • We’re not even gonna talk about when they got a real thermometer and got a 102?

    Jack GtrampJack GtrampKun oldin
  • he reminds me John Mulaney. sounds like him, like what the hell, it just doesn't make any sense...period.

    Ali AbdiAli AbdiKun oldin
  • “There are real people who exist who, uh, walk around the Earth among us” There are idiots among us

    Octo's AdventuresOcto's Adventures2 kun oldin
  • When I was younger I really hoped that that hologram dog would work...it didn’t 😔😂

    Lea KernsLea Kerns2 kun oldin
  • Zez ball...yup

    devin reeddevin reed2 kun oldin
  • Terragenisis is actually a good game ngl

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  • hey

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  • fun

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  • Don't expose me. I used the love calculator to be my love fortune teller

    aireen ;aireen ;3 kun oldin
  • 8:52 👀

    Oliver AdamsonOliver Adamson3 kun oldin
  • oh jesus. imagine being so depressed to the point where all it takes is a rigged love calculator to push you to suicide. i really hope you and sarah have moved past this and that you are okay now.

    Olivia NuskeOlivia Nuske4 kun oldin
  • I f'ing slayed JezzBall.

    St. PinkertonSt. Pinkerton4 kun oldin
  • The one at 11:00 had me dead because I actually know a Sarah C and Andrew M, which, admittedly is a bit weird. They actually got married not too long ago, btw, so like..

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  • I hit thumbs down button twice, it no work :(

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  • I just got a text from the doctor and I saw that you were going to be there in a while and then I just realized I was at the same time and

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  • Lowkey when I saw this thumbnail I thought it was Danny

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  • In quarantine.. just binge watched all of Kurtis Conner's videos the past 24 hours. Now on to Drew...

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  • "That's pretty fun app! I gotta say, pretty fun, good time having it, it's free, app to do, and then look at all the fun ad!" -Drew Gooden, 2017

    Mary CrawfordMary Crawford5 kun oldin
  • Hey drew, what is the most popular mobile game in 2020? 8:52

    Gabe BeasleyGabe Beasley5 kun oldin
  • when i was like 12 i downloaded a laser pointer app thinking it would work

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  • said he had to be a lot more than he did and I think he’s going on the floor to the back and I think he’s a good person to have him and his wife lol I think he’s going on the floor is lava daddy and he said he is going on the same thing and he is so underrated he has to do that for him so he is a good daddy daddy I just want you and daddy and he is just like you do it is just like that I mean I don’t get a job I mean you know how I can get a hold on me I just want you know I don’t know why you are not doing that.

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    • Why is daddy suggested so much.

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  • in case you were wondering what he said originally it was "why did you think you could do this"

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  • 0:40 I mean, that game doesn't look too stupid. I have seen that game around, and it seems C-tier, in comparison to all the Shit-tier games on mobile. I'm of course talking about the terraforming game.

  • Re: the scale app, I bet it’s people trying to use their phone to weight out weed and other drugs

    Larry FishLarry Fish8 kun oldin
  • Me and the boys putting our crushes names in the online love calculator when our teachers werent looking 😎

    Jorja The AlienJorja The Alien9 kun oldin
  • 7:27 or you for saying stupider

    KlickKlick9 kun oldin

    Domino the dog OJDomino the dog OJ9 kun oldin
  • When I was 7, I downloaded a ghost detector app and ran around with my cousins trying to hunt ghosts.

    KennedyKennedy10 kun oldin
  • I remember when I played jesball or whatever that game was it was super fun

    Sojourn Gulrajani-BrownSojourn Gulrajani-Brown10 kun oldin
  • I made sure and like it twice

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  • When you hit the thumbs up button 20 times to show how much you like the video

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  • Nice video danny💕

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  • Lol I used the love calculator in Facebook when I was 14.

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  • Wow I cannot believe that 4.1K people really didn't like the video.

    Nathan CarboNathan Carbo12 kun oldin
  • what the hell is jez ball drew you are living in a different reality you are a figment of your world travelling to universe to universe you can’t escape what you have ended up in

    laporte studioslaporte studios12 kun oldin
  • as a kid i downloaded a fingerprint scanner that would tell me my current mood. thing is, even if it did work, what would be the point?? why would i need an app to tell me what emotions i'm experiencing. I was like 10, there weren't a lot of emotions i was having at 10.

    Robin ParkerRobin Parker12 kun oldin
  • Nice cheese go moo

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  • 99.9% of people can’t figure out how to play this!!😱 (These types of ads are fucking annoying.)

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  • How to get a squier their good side of the road and I was in the middle of the night and I was in the middle of the night and I was in the middle of the night and I was in the middle of the night and I was in the middle of the night and I was in the middle i got the middle button and this came out

  • I used to use those love % calculators in middle school

    SecondFavoriteColorsSecondFavoriteColors14 kun oldin
  • /

    upsidonkeyupsidonkey14 kun oldin
  • scuicide

    Ghillie M.G.Ghillie M.G.14 kun oldin
  • I had a nightmare and now it’s 5:00 am and I woke up at 3:00 am 👍

    Adela BeckAdela Beck14 kun oldin
  • Here's my review of this video: Remember that you have to be accepted as well as well as your comment radiates the sense now that the earth has a well meaning

    Generic NameGeneric Name15 kun oldin
  • I just used the pregnancy app and I'm apparently having a 3 triplet which is a boby. They somehow spelt boy wrong.

    CraszCrasz15 kun oldin
  • nice cheese go moo

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  • i hit the like button THRICE, did you feel it?

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  • I hit the dislike button twice but it didn't work. So I decided to just hit the like button ONCE. Maybe it will work next time. Thank you anyway!

    lisekvitflolisekvitflo16 kun oldin
  • 13:04 the app is already soo low effort yet they can’t even make the review look real

    Grape ColaGrape Cola16 kun oldin
  • Is anybody else going back to Drew's old videos and is noticeing the difference in how he talks

    Patrick Wilk MortensenPatrick Wilk Mortensen16 kun oldin
  • 5 star. The one I was really interested and was a good one lol I just got the one I thought it would look good I just wanted you know I was like I just wanted to see you I love this song I love you I don’t have to be like that I don’t think I just want you like you don’t want me to go to get you I’m sorry but I just want to make you feel better and I just want you to be a little girl I love.

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  • Nice cheese go moo

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  • The United has for kids who have a hair in class at least for the next round and the only thing I have is that one of wolf games has a little more to me like a little more and I don’t want it in my life and I think that’s why not to be in a relationship... this is what the middle button got me

    roundtowlroundtowl16 kun oldin
  • jezzball sounds like a disease

    420furby420furby16 kun oldin
  • I loved playing 'love tests' and 'love calculators' on girlsgogames when i was like 8 or 9. I cried when my parents names got a bad score

    Angel LujanAngel Lujan16 kun oldin
    • So I can only hope all these apps are being downloaded and reviewed by children

      Angel LujanAngel Lujan16 kun oldin
  • Yes it was just the same time as the first one I thought it was just the way it is now and it is just like the one shots I don’t think it’s going on so much it’s gonna and it’s not a good thing I don’t think I have to be in here in a little while I’m just like you don’t have ever ever had to do anything I just got a lot done and I’m just gonna do that this time and I’m not gonna do anything for a little bit of time to do anything for me your not really bad I’m not really sure.

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  • I am a legend in this picture you can find attached my resume and cover letter. That is my review of app

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  • Im gonna try what "GET APP TODAY" did

    Rose BudRose Bud17 kun oldin
    • I was just going off the road to get a hold on my way home from the school I have a few things to go back and green I will after work I will be home by the end of the day if you need to me I need you I need a ride home and I can make a schedule with orange and orange juice I can get you some of the time and I will make it in a few days so I’ll make it a day I will be home by about the next few days so I’m just gonna be there for you I love it so I don’t have a time for a while to go back and green and I have to do something else I need a few minutes and orange and I don’t have to go back and forth to go back and get the kids to the school but green and orange and I have to do it in a while and I think I’m gonna go out to eat and orange green and orange brown brown orange brown is it a brown green brown orange green orange orange brown green orange brown brown orange brown yellow orange brown orange orange brown green green brown brown green brown yellow green green orange green yellow orange green green brown green orange orange brown brown orange brown purple green orange green brown green green orange orange brown green orange orange yellow yellow

      Rose BudRose Bud17 kun oldin
  • "I guess I just sorta dreamt it" Y'all ever played Jump Start First Grade? I swear I thought it was a fever dream

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  • Holy shit, I've been trying to figure out this game. I thought I was crazy

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  • The moon is beautiful but it looks good it’s just like the moon and earth and the sun sun moon moon is a beautiful earth earth and earth earth universe universe and moon earth and moon is the sun moon earth and earth moon moon is moon earth and moon.

    Basically Steven UniverseBasically Steven Universe18 kun oldin
  • When I was little I got a “ghost detector” finger print scanner and I thought I was haunted lol

    Basically Steven UniverseBasically Steven Universe18 kun oldin
  • Nice cheese go moo

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  • The only reason why you can’t keep your mouth hurt and I feel bad because you can’t get a hold of you because you have a lot to say I love it and you don’t know what if you want me I love it you can get a hold on you and I can’t find it but you don’t know how much to do it with my mom I love it and it’s a little sister I don’t think I have to be treated with my mom I don’t think I’m going on my hair or so I’m just scared to see it and I’m just scared myself and I’m trying not like you and I’m just gonna go out to my moms and I’m not trying anything to do you want me and you want me out of your life.

    Oculus A AllyOculus A Ally18 kun oldin
    • (I’m typing with middle button now and it says that I have internet connection)

      Oculus A AllyOculus A Ally18 kun oldin
    • What is the best thing in this internet

      Oculus A AllyOculus A Ally18 kun oldin
  • I love pig called Leonard...

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  • ThIs ApP dOsEnT wOrK iM a GuY aNd It SaId Im PrEgNaNt

    SqwerttSqwertt20 kun oldin
  • UZworld has gotten so dry I have started rewatching the only videos on youtube....

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  • I am very interested in this app but I am very interested in this app I have to do it with my MacBook Pro the iPhone version is a great app for iPhone iPhone XS iPhone iPhone 6s iPhone iPhone XS iPhone iPhone 6s iPhone iPhone XS iPhone iPhone 6s iPhone iPhone XS iPhone iPhone 6s iPhone iPhone XS wee

    dextermakesmesaddextermakesmesad21 kun oldin
  • "... because obviously the iPhone isn't designed-" *headphones lag* *"to a ski work."*

    Sun KittySun Kitty21 kun oldin
  • I got a love ap app and I would put people i shipped in it jokingly and I would show them 🤣🤣

    motherfucking t-rexmotherfucking t-rex21 kun oldin
  • Trampoline 99¢!! Egg 99¢!! Kitchen scale app 99¢!!

    Łãÿš Pøtãtø ÇhįpšŁãÿš Pøtãtø Çhįpš21 kun oldin
  • Guys it’s fake - you can’t see your phone on your computer.

    Harry BoiHarry Boi23 kun oldin
  • 8:52 hey guys look he said the thing

    I AlexI Alex23 kun oldin
  • Ok, i liked this video (long story)

    samecsamec24 kun oldin
  • My friend had this lie detector app- And she said “do u like ur mom” and I said yes and the phone said false I actually do love my mom

    Where’s My pizzaWhere’s My pizza24 kun oldin
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  • 8:52 whats your favorite game?

    Nicolás León SchiaffinoNicolás León Schiaffino25 kun oldin
  • Watching this video during the pandemic, and I keep wondering how many people bought/downloaded the body temperature/ pregnancy test apps...

    Rosetta StonedRosetta Stoned25 kun oldin
  • I hate that you brought up playing on the calculator because I really remember doing that. There was nothing else to do! So I was trying to see if I could break the calculator by making a big enough number. And I had fun and I did this more than once

    GaiaIbis LadyGaiaIbis Lady26 kun oldin
  • i used to love those comparability games on girlsgogames, i’d always put mine and my crushes and redo the answer until i got 100% 😭

    sugaishysugaishy27 kun oldin
  • When you put mom and dad into the love calculator and you get 0%

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  • What did I learn from this people are stupid

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  • Don't you just hate it when your dollar is out of thermometers

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  • 6:50 are we just ignoring how this guy had hypothermia and was worried about a fever

    Just some manatee with internet accessJust some manatee with internet access28 kun oldin
  • Green I am griot I have to get a hold on the phone with my mom I have trash in my trash and I will be home by about six so I’m just leaving my my room now I’m just leaving my my room I am going out and I am griot be home safe love bye love love bye you love bye love love you guys love bye bye boo bye love you boo bye love bye love love bye boo boo bye love you boo boo love love you bye love love you guys love bye bye boo bye love love you boo bye love love you guys love bye bye boo bye love you bye boo boo love love you boo bye love you bye boo bye bye love love you bye bye love love you guys love bye bye boo bye love you boo bye love bye boo bye bye love bye boo love you boo bye love love you boo boo bye love love you bye bye love bye boo bye love you boo boo love you bye

    Can I Cashews some cashCan I Cashews some cash29 kun oldin
  • I think your videos are misleading. My girl got pregnant and we never knew it, because we ran the tests on me. We thought she was just getting fat, though the scale apps we used didn't say so. But we ended up with a beautiful black boy (though we're both white) just like Future Baby had predicted. The Nigerian shopkeeper from our corner made her and our baby a lot of presents, and helps her take care of the baby when I'm out for work. When I get back the baby is always hungry and dirty, but that's just because our "baby's mind reader" app says he wants to sleep. So you shouldn't treat people like me as if we were stupid

    Daniel VegaDaniel Vega29 kun oldin
  • Drop scale is real it works with an actual scale ...that you buy and use your phone to record the weights of your food

    NoBody NoWhereNoBody NoWhereOy oldin
  • I liked this twice to show you how much I really liked it

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  • Nice cheese go moo